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Monday, June 01, 2015

Confession - I've never had my clothes or beddings laundered professionally.  Serious!  I've had my dresses, gowns, Panget's coats & barongs brought to a dry cleaner but that's it.   It has always been my mom's laundry woman who does it for me.  I bring her my laundry every morning, and by the end of the day, they're laundered and pressed!  In college, I did a research paper on one of the pioneers in the laundromat industry, but I never got to try their service because there was no need.

Then an opportunity came to try out Suds Laundry!  I was glad that they had a branch nearby.  I was told that they had this *PACKSmart* - a vacuum pack service that can help save space in the closet!  I was first thinking - it was a perfect time to have our coats and jackets dry cleaned, but then I remembered - I wanted to try out their *PACKSmart*.  So I opted to bring the heavy duty ones instead of the clothes.

Suds Laundry in Kamuning is located along Kamuning street, beside Mercury Drugstore and across Delgado Hospital.  It's nearer to the Tomas Morato street.  You won't miss their signage as it's in orange!  First impression was that - it didn't look crowded (I used to go to their competition to have items dry cleaned, and it was so crowded with clothes and etc.)  It wasn't a very big space, but it was enough that patrons can comfortably wait in.  When you enter the first thing you'd notice is the smell - the wonderful smell!  I can't explain it but it smells oh so wonderful.  It's not matapang or the soapy smell, I swear - it was such a heavenly scent for me.  I loved it so much!  They have a second and a third floor - I really liked their idea on space because it makes the service less *cramped* looking.  If you see the store, the place is brightly lit - the machines are visible from the reception area and the place looks very sanitary!

This is their weighing scale - I find it quite useful and practical.  At least it's not *manual* right?  It's digital so I'm sure it's quite accurate.  Look at the machines behind the glass - I liked that they made it visible to customers - so we can see what's happening behind the counter.

I wasn't able to take pictures of the items that I brought it.  But I will mention them.  I brought in my whole sofa's seat covers - as in everything!  I brought two comforters (ours and the kids), bed sheets, blankets, pillow cases and even a duvet cover.  I really brought my A game to test out the service.  The staff was very helpful and knowledgeable.  They immediately weighed and classified the items that I brought it.  It was impressive that they have a computer and so the nice lady staff input all the details in the computer and voila - I got a printed receipt with the total amounts.  Cool right?  I was asked if I was in a rush, of course - I said no, so they gave me a pick-up date that was about a week after.  I was okay with that, I was then told that the reason why it took so long was because they still needed to press some items.  I was happy that they were honest enough to tell me that the service would be taking a few extra days because of the difficulty, I appreciated their honesty.  

And so after a week, I came back and picked up the stuff!

These are the seat covers of my sofa packed normally.
(Unfortunately, they didn't have the Smart Pack service yet at that time)

These are the bed sheets, pillow covers, blankets and the comforter so neatly packed!

These are all the items I had laundered:
the duvet cover + sofa seat  + pillow cases + bedsheets + blankets
I like how they packed it in tightly using a plastic cover.  It keeps away the dust!
Nice, right?

I was very happy with the service, it was just unfortunate that at that time, the PACKSmart wasn't available yet.  Nevertheless, I got a wonderful service from the staff of Suds Laundry Kamuning.  They even had a male staff assist me to my car to load these items up.  And when I entered the car, the heavenly scent of the newly picked up items was filling up the car, it was so wonderful!  I was smiling from ear to ear and I kept repeating in my head how good the smell was - and I was lucky to be driving my Panget's car at that!  When I got home, I asked the helper to immediately unpack the sofa seat covers and put them on.  Within minutes, my whole living room smelled so good!

But it didn't stop there - in less than an hour, my whole house smelled so wonderful!  The scent spread throughout the house!  It even reached the kitchen and the hallway upstairs!  It smelled so good.  I don't usually hang out in the living room, but the scent was so inviting - so I found myself in the living room during lunch time everyday for about two weeks!  Hahaha..  Yes, the scent lingered on that long.  I can't repeat how much I loved the scent of Suds Laundry service!!

After a week or so I got to meet Caloy Ang, the owner behind Suds Laundry.  We had a wonderful conversation with him and Irma over lunch.  I got to know him and his family and also the story behind Suds Laundry!  Their story is very inspirational - who would have thought that just because of a need, they were able to make a business out of it!?  I also told him that I loved the scent of the store and the newly laundered items.  I asked what it was and he just smiled and told me that the scent was actually an accident.  That they were just experimenting with a combination of soap and softeners and then they got good feedback on the scent and decided to maintain it.  Galing noh?

I told them that the PACKSmart service was unavailable and they assured it that it already was and that I should go back to try it.  It took sometime to go back, but I finally did!  It was indeed space saving.  Imagine, I brought comforters, blankets, pillow cases, and bed sheets - they were all put in a black garbage bag for easy carrying.  They weighed it and voila, that's it!  The PACKSmart has two sizes, the regular and the large.  The large pack is prices at P175.00 per bag.  I told the staff to use the largest back and pack everything they can, if some item don't fit, then it's alright.  I assumed that all the items wouldn't fit.  This PACKSmart system allows you to save space and at the same time keep your linens clean and protected from dust and bacteria circulating in the air.  It stays fresh too!  so imagine the space that you save, plus its still very clean and once you open it - it smells newly laundered!

So when I picked up my stuff days later, this was what greeted me:

I even asked the staff *It na ba lahat yon?/ Is this EVERYTHING?*  To which she smiled and said Yes!  Look how thin it has become!  Imagine - blankets, duvet cover, pillow cases, bed sheets!
 I was amazed!  It was so flat now (but still heavy!)

This is a side by side comparison against their normal packing service.  Look at the HUGE difference!

This what the PACKSmart looked like lengthwise.

So there you have it!  I was so happy with service that I am excited to bring back my sofa seat covers and some blankets!  I would surely avail again of the PACKSmart for the blankets.  I am looking forward to the Suds Laundry smell back in my whole house!  Hahaha...

Try their service to be impressed.  By the way, they also do pick ups and delivery!  Call the branch nearest you to inquire on the schedule and also PACKSmart!!

Suds Laundry (Kamuning Branch)
#12 Kamuning Road (beside Mercury Drugstore), Quezon City
Telephone +632-4167883
Official Suds Laundry Website  (click the link to see their Branch Directory)
Facbook Page:  Suds Laundry

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