EATs London: Rock & Sole Plaice Fish and Chips

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Whenever I travel, there is one thing that I look forward to the most - the food!  Yes, there's a reason why I'm this big.  Hahaha!  I love to eat!  I'd rather spend my money on food that on shopping.  True story!  For me, it's all about filling my tummy with good food!  Hahaha..

I was very excited to have some fish and chips in London.  I was literally trying to order fish and chips in most restaurants that we went to.  Hahaha!  I didn't mind eating just fish and chip because as they say - When in Rome, do what the Romans do!  I like fried food (who doesn't!) and of course, I live on potatoes, I would be happy just eating fries.  Seriously.

My brother in law was nice enough to look for an original fish and chips place.  He was our *tour guide* and he brough us to this place in Covent Garden.  He says that travel books credit this place as the oldest one in London.  True enough, according to the restaurant's history - this is the oldest place in London that serves fish and chips and they are still using the same recipe from 1870.  The restaurant is called Rock & Sole Plaice.  It's quite a charming place - it's simple and s.  There's indoor seating, but we chose to stay outdoors - it was a welcome change for us since it was really cold!  We were warmed by electric fan like appliances above our heads (they were connected to the heavy duty umbrellas) that was giving out *hot and warm air* for the first time (in our lives, I think) we were all happy with the hot air blowing at us!  Hahaha..

The menu was pretty straightforward as it served mainly fish and chips.  The only difference was - there were a LOT of different fishes.  It was the MOST number of different fishes I've seen being served as fish and chips.  I was so accustomed to what we have here - which is always just cream dory, but here in Rock and Sole Plaice, they have more than 5 kinds of fish!  Wow!  Since we were clueless - we asked our server to recommend 5 kinds of fish and chips to share amongst ourselves.  We got Cod (this is what all restaurants  in London use as their fish and chips - can you believe it?  COD!), Haddock,  Rock, Skate, Halibut.  Now, I don't remember which is which - but they were ALL very good.

They all look similar BUT they tasted very different from each other.  The texture was different, some were soft melt in your mouth while the others were firm and had a good bite to it.  I remember one fish having a bit of fish bone that we had to move it away from Kailee - we were very careful with that particular fish - but it was still delicious.  The fish were all fried to a crisp, I mean really a crisp!  The batter doesn't seem to sog - it's crispy all the way, I mean till the last bite - it was still crispy.  The batter wasn't overwhelming - in fact, it complimented the taste of the fish - brought out the flavor and texture of the fish more.  It was the shell that kept in the secret - and when you cut into the fish or bite into it - the fish's texture and unique flavor is a surprise to the taste buds - it's like a slow revelation of the wonderful fish and chips!  I swear, it was a delightful experience.

I felt that I learned so much on while eating here.  The history, the area and most importantly - a lesson on the different texture and taste of different fishes.  I don't think I would ever eat Haddock, Rock and Skate in Manila!  I don't think they're available - hahaha!  So I was glad that my BIL brought us here.  The place is quite charming, the servers very helpful and cheery.  The chips - oh, the wonderful chips that were soooooo many!  Kailee and I loved them.  Oh, they also served vinegar - I love the combination of vinegar and fish & chips.  It was the first time my mother in law ever heard of a vinegar dipping sauce for fish & chips and she liked it.  For me, the vinegar brings out the flavor of the fish more.

So if you happen to go to London - do visit Covent Garden and have a meal of authentic Fish & Chips at the OLDEST fish & chips restaurant in London - Rock & Sole Plaice.

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