Broadway Counterflow Chronicles: Pajero ZGA 800

Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Yesterday when my Panget and Kailee were on their way to school.  This Pajero with plate ZGA 800 almost rammed them head on.  This was along Broadway Street in New Manila.

Broadway is now a TWO-WAY street with signs every so often.  I have faced this problem for a while now, but have chosen to be quiet.  But yesterday my Panget said this particular car almost rammed them.  And since he was with Kailee - I couldn't ignore it.

I am posting the picture he took yesterday morning.

What the Pajero did was NOT right.  It was COMPLETELY WRONG.  Look where he's at and where my Panget and Kailee were..

This is one of the reasons why ACCIDENTS happen.  Drivers don't seem to understand the concept of waiting.  Everyone is rushing, I understand that - but not this way.  Counter flowing is DANGEROUS!!  

I have always said that Pinoy drivers lack DISCIPLINE.  And I mean that in every sense.  They don't know when to stop and when to give way.  I think there are a few Pinoy drivers who actually know the road rules!  I am honestly baffled beyond belief on how tricycle drivers, jeepney drivers, bus drivers, taxi drivers get their licenses when they don't know the rules of driving!  

I literally shake my head every time they overtake, counterflow, stop in the middle of the road and whatever else you can think of.  It's really frustrating - but then those traffic enforcers seem to not see all of them. 


The Book of Mormon at London's West End

The last time I saw a legitimate musical was when Miss Saigon was playing in CCP.  I fell in love with the show and didn't mind to watch it a second or a third time.  I was told that since I've already seen it, so why watch it again?  I can't explain it - but the closest one is - if you have a favorite movie, you won't mind watching it over and over again, right?  Well, that's how I am - I am a creature of habit.

When I learned last year that we were going to London - I was excited.  I knew I wanted to watch a musical in London's West End.  I don't think a London experience would be complete without watching a musical.  My BIL (Brother In law) and SIL were deciding which musical to watch - of course, I suggested Miss Saigon!  Haha.. But they were thinking of something different.  For one, we had a lot of options as there were really so many shows in London.  Then my cousin Andrea - who vacationed in London just recently, suggested that we see The Book of Mormon.  I told my BIL and he agreed - he's been reading too that if you want to see something light and funny - The Book of Mormon is a good choice.  He didn't want to see something heavy and instead wanted something light - so our moods won't be affected during the trip.  My BIL also said that tickets (for any show) were hard to come by.  I wondered to myself, it only meant that - that many people see it?  Wow, are the English and their tourists, very cultured!

Image grabbed from THIS site

So it was decided to go see The Book of Mormon.  Yey!

I had no idea what it was about.  So, I just googled it.  And then I saw *From the creators of South Park* Oh. My. Gosh.  Trey Parker and Matt Stone!  Hahaha  I would never forget those guys, they made South Park - and it was the craze back in the day!  (They always killed Kenny!)   At first I couldn't understand what the story was  (I read the synopsis on Google- I mean I couldn't find the humor - I felt it was a but shallow?)  But I trusted my cousin's recommendation.  I thought, she wouldn't recommend it if it was bad.  Plus a Trey Parker and Matt Stone musical - I'm sure to be entertained, so I just trusted and left it to fate.

On our 4th day in London - we went to see The Book of Mormon.  We took the tube and in no time we were at West End.  It was very busy - lights everywhere, it looked like a toned down Times Square (that I see on TV and movies)  But it was still glitzy and different from where we were staying at.  We walked around and looked for The Book of Mormon theater and got our tickets.  I honestly saw the theater's facade and wondered wow, it must be a deep seated theater to accommodate all of us.  Then we headed off to a restaurant to have a quick dinner.  When it was time, we went to the theater.  I was really surprised to see how small the theater was - it was about 2 cinemas big?  I had the impression that it was massive like that of our own CCP theater and it wasn't.  But the size was just right.  Our seats were perfect!  It wasn't super near and not very far - we were in the middle and I liked that it was in the middle aisle.

Then the show started.

Man, we were in for a very entertaining show!  I was laughing like crazy - I had such a blast.  But then I think, my MIL wasn't too happy with the show.  To be honest, if you watch Book of Mormon you need to be open minded.  If you are a religious fanatic, you may feel offended.  But I was very secure in my faith that I found the story funny and entertaining.  My MIL turned to me and asked *Won't the Mormons be offended?*  Well, I think the main aim of the show was to offend them and make fun of them because that's the kind of comedy that Matt Stone and Trey Parker makes - offensive comedy and it's not everyone's cup of tea.

The story was real simple but then how the story evolved, well - it was where the fun began.  I can't go into detail the whole story but simply put - it pokes fun at religion and how it has evolved to *attract* believers.  What are the (radical) things they did to get new *recruits*, how they humanized the teachings to make the locals believe in the sacred text and how religion was made relatable to every human being.  It was hilarious how the Elder Cunningham made the Latter Day Saints *interesting* to an African tribe.  The things he said and didn't say, how he slightly bent the origins and how he left out and added some detail to make the situations more practical and relatable.

It sort of reflects on how every religion currently tries to attract new members.  Strength in numbers right?  The lengths they would go through to preach *recruit*.  I know I will get bashed with what I am going to say - but we are all suckers for religion.  We are easily swayed by this and that.  I am not saying that this is bad - what I'm saying is that we humans, by nature are suckered into religion by certain *interests and promises*.  But that's what religion is all about anyway - right?

The ending was really really really hilarious - sarcastic hilarious that is!  You need to watch it, I swear!!

So if you're planning to watch something light and entertaining and you're one who is not easily offended easily with religion and is secure with whatever religion you have right now, then you need to go see The Book of Mormon.  It will entertain the HELL out of you!  There are a lot of offensive statements, cursing the gods to the ends of the earth, it will not sit pretty with you if you are easily offended.  Remember, this is just a musical - nothing serious and not real (unless you make it feel real).


Welcome - COSTA COFFEE!!

Monday, June 29, 2015

It's here!

I first saw Costa Coffee when I was in London more than a month ago.  It was everywhere - literally EVERYWHERE.  On the street where we stayed - I think there were 3 Costa Coffee stores!  I was told by my London based friends that I should try Costa Coffee because in their opinion - it was way better than Starbucks.  Sadly, I never got the chance to try their coffee because we were always rushing around London.  London is a very pretty city with very friendly, proper and polite people - but that's for another post!  Hahaha..

My friend, Ro - invited me to the store preview of Costa Coffee.  She mentioned to me that I might be familiar with the brand since I recently was in London - and I told her that it was literally everywhere!  Hahaha..

Here is Mark, he is from London!
He's helping out and training the staff for the grand opening today!!

Costa Coffee is brought to our shores by the Robinson's group their first branch is in Eastwood City.  Costa Coffee occupies the space where Serye used to be - it has two (2) floors - the second floor is very spacious and gives you a feel of being in London - the red brick wall and the Union Jack throw pillow sent me missing on my London vacation.  I have very fond memories of London and so it brought back so many nice things to mind. 

Here are some of the food items of Costa Coffee.  

The Swiss Cheese sandwich
This was so good that I wanted more!  Too bad they ran out that day.  I guess most everyone ordered themselves one!  Hihi..  I sweat, this is to believe!

Chewy Cookies!

I honestly forgot which is which but the one on top and the one below are so good!  I ordered a Salted Caramel Cookie and a Brownie Cookie.  I couldn't stop myself from breaking piece after piece of these two wonderful cookies!  I so love chewy cookies so these two are winners in my book!

Beef Pepper Sandwich

Looks can be deceiving as this sandwich has a whole pepper placed right smack in the middle of the sandwich!  We were warned by the ever charming Marj that we may be in for a surprise!  Hahaha.. 

The London Cheesecake

I am not fond of cheesecakes.  I like to make them, but I don't like eating them.  But this one - OH. MY. Goooosh!  This was sooooo good, I mean really good!  I took a few bites of the slice and was blown away.  It had just the right texture, sweetness and tart too!  I wanted to take more bites, but then Cai's daughter Y was already giving me the evil eye.  Hahaha!!

This is Costa Coffee's signature Flat White

It was really good.  The flavors were really balanced.  I brought one home for my Panget to try and he too said it was really good!  How we wish there'll be one Costa Coffee near us!

The Frostino

Would you believe that Costa Coffee made this specifically for the Philippines?
YES!  Because of our weather - they thought they needed another item on the menu to cater to us Pinoys!  And thus they created the FROSTINO!  They have coffee and non coffee flavors to suit everyone's taste!  Wonderful right?  I loved the idea that they made something to suit our Pinoy palates!  Good job Costa Coffee!

Costa Coffee Philippines is opening TODAY - June 29 at 2:00 - 4:00PM.  Come and order your coffee using a British accent and get it for FREE!  Yes, FREE COFFEE!!  Visit the first branch in Eastwood - Costa Coffee is located in the Citywalk (where Serye used to be, beside Dairy Queen)

Costa Coffee is opening a second branch in Robinson's Ermita in a month's time.

Welcome to the Philippines Costa Coffee!

#CostaLondonStyle !!

Happy 10th, Tempur Philippines!

Friday, June 26, 2015

Tempur makes one of the most comfortable beds EVER!

I first encountered Tempur during my travels.  I was able to *try* it out and it was sooooo magical!  I mean really magical.  Why?  Because it was really soft and comfortable!  Imagine, when you lay on a Tempur bed - it's as if you want to stay in that position FOREVER!  Seriously, you won't want to get out of bed!  Hahaha..  It was a different kind of bed because you feel totally relaxed with it's soft cushion.

Kailee and I were treated to a movie night by Tempur.  Honestly, I was really boggled on how they'd do the event.  I was thinking a LOT of beds?  When we got there, I was really surprised to see actual Tempur beds - and we were told to pick whatever bed we wanted because it was to be our *station* for the night.  We arrived a bit late because of the horrendous traffic around Makati - but instantly, we found a bed and my gosh when we sat down it was soooo soft - more so when we laid down!  It was really soft and I was so very very relaxed - I literally felt like I was on a cloud!  Kailee enjoyed herself watching the movie and playing with friends around and on the Tempur beds!

Forgive the grainy image.. 

The set up was quite nice because everyone was able to enjoy a Tempur bed of their own.  The venue despite being outdoors - had evaporators cooling the air inside the tent.

And it's night time!!

Thank you to the folks over at Focus Global Inc. for bringing in a wonderful brand!
Happy 10th Anniversary!!

I have always believed that sleep is very important, and that comes with choosing the right mattress for ourselves.  They say that when you sleep - the body is recharging and repairing and healing itself.  So if you are sleeping comfortably - it's safe to assume that the recharging, repairing and healing will be much much better.  I know that Tempur beds are quite pricey but you know what?  There's a secret - you can just get the *topper*!  Hihi.. This I learned from a group of friends who were reluctant in selling their current beds.  So they got their toppers and are happy to report that it's the same!  Hahaha.. Sleep is really important.

Tempur has been boasting of giving the most comfortable sleep because their special technology foam conforms to your body.  I remember complaining of having a very stiff bed in a hotel I stayed at while I was pregnant (3 years ago) - I was miserable for 3 nights because it was too stiff!  No matter how I changed my sleeping position, I just couldn't get comfortable - it was then that I realized how important mattresses were to pregnant women!  (I highly discourage pregnant women to stay in that hotel ever)

Here's some info on the kind of Tempur mattresses available in the market:

CONGRATULATIONS to Tempur Philippines!  10 years is a long time!  Here's to more years to come!

Want to try and see it for yourself?  Visit their showrooms at:
Lower Ground - Greenbelt 5
Level 5 Main Wing - Shangri-La Plaza Mall
Building 4 - Bonifacio High Street
Design Center of Cebu - Remedios corner Fortuna Streets, Cebu

Visit their official website at:
You may also check out their Facebook Page:  Tempur in the Philippines

Pria's Kitchen: A la Carte on Demand!

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

I honestly don't remember where I first encountered Pria's Kitchen, but I do remember that I followed her on Instagram.  I then asked Pria to email me her menu - I kept it in preparation for our New Year's Eve dinner last year.

It was only last Saturday night when we celebrated early Father's Day with my in laws did we push through with the order.  My SIL was the one who decided on the menu and did the ordering.  I was very excited to be honest - because seeing Pria's IG feeds, made me salivate every singel time!!

So here are what we got:

Paella Valencia

This is one of the BEST paella that I've ever tasted.  It's moist, full of flavor (as you can see the prawn, mussels, chicken, chorizo and pork pieces!  They're huge!) and really delicious.  I was impressed when I saw it since I saw the big pieces you can really taste the toppings and there's more for everyone.  What I liked most about this paella was that the ingredients were not scrimped - it had a generous serving of all the toppings.  It blended perfectly with the rice too because you'll get a perfect mix of rice and toppings!  Really really good!

Braised Beef with Gravy and Mashed Potatoes

This dish was also very good.  Kailee and Connor in particular loved this.  I found the taste, just right, the beef had a bite to it - the mashed potatoes was wonderfully soft and the gravy was perfect!  It was just unfortunate that we ordered the salmon dish because this was put on the sidelines.  I suggest that you order this or the salmon and not together, so you can appreciate the dish individually.

Salmon with Garlic Cream Crust

This was the STAR of the night.  It shone so brightly that we were all raving about it after every bite.  We declared this as our favorite that night.  What I liked most about the salmon was that it was cooked perfectly (and not overdone - even if we had to reheat it) AND that it was a fatty salmon.  It being a fatty salmon, made all the difference.  It was moist, soft and very very flavorful.  I think Pria chose this salmon very well.  It wasn't malansa at all, and the garlic cream crust complimented the salmon perfectly - and I mean PERFECTLY!  This dish stole the show.  Hahaha!

Pria's 50 Clove Garlic Chicken

Since we were all raving about the Paella and the Salmon, this dish was a bit ignored by us - simply because it was at the end of the spread.  I am partial to chicken and so I tried it.  I liked the combination of herbs and the garlic pieces, but I found the chicken a bit dry.  But overall - I'm sure this would have been a winner if we didn't get the salmon and the paella.  Hahaha!  

Presentation wise, it was a winner.  The dishes were prepared with love, good quality ingredients and they looked very professional and perfect!  I liked that even if we had to reheat the dishes - they were still very good and not overcooked.  We were so happy with the food and we couldn't stop raving about them all night!  For sure we will order again.  There are so many more dishes to try from Pria's Kitchen.  I'm excited!!  

We definitely found a gem in Pria's Kitchen!

*We paid for this meal

Pink Cake by Annlee's Kitchen

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

This is a shameless plug for my future sister in law.  She's the master baker behind Annlee's Kitchen and she makes really good cakes.  I'm not biased, I'm just telling the truth.  Her cakes are really good - you know why?  Because she uses only the finest of ingredients, makes them herself and doesn't use substitutes!

Last March, when Kailee celebrated her birthday - she made us a cake.  It was very pretty.  I gave her free hand on the design, with just one small request - to make the cake as pink as possible!


Very pretty right?  Kailee was just so happy!  Look at her smile!! :)  The cake was made beautifully and it smelled so good toooo!  We were all very excited!!  Of course, I had to slice the very pretty and well made cake - and look at the surprise inside!  MORE PINK!  Hahaha!  That's three (3) layers of PINK cakes!  Galing diba??  Look at the detail!! OMG.. I can't help gushing..

The cake was soo good!  Even my mommy friends all agreed too!  Would you believe that we almost finished it all?  Even the kids wanted more!  I had to leave some to let my mom try it.  And guess what - after a few days - the cake still tasted so good, it was still soft and moist!

If you're looking for a cake maker - please contact Annlee of Annlee's Kitchen!  I swear, you won't regret it!  She's very nice and very professional!!

To see her works - you can click the link below and see the images on her FB page.  Oh!  I forgot to mention, her Apple Pie was included in Yummy's Best Desserts List last 2013.  She's also included in Yummy's Pie directory (scroll down to the end)

#Better Me: Effects of Childhood Psycological Trauma on Parents and Kids

Monday, June 22, 2015

When you say trauma, one immediately thinks of a very bad experience that scared the bejeezuz out of you at one point.  But it's actually not - trauma means *scars* scars that we brought on by certain situations and instances.  Like say when toddlers cry - there is an emotional scar - it may be small, but it's still a scar - thus, it's called *trauma*

Last week, I was lucky enough to meet and listen to Christine Foong-Wong speak on the topic *Understanding childhood Psychological Trauma and it's effects on parents and children*  I learned so much in a short time, and I'm sure there will be more learnings if you attend her session on June 27, 2015 at the Ortigas Library.

When I first encountered the topic, I thought - wow, it's quite a heavy one to digest.  But then as Christine spoke, it made perfect sense.  We are who we are because of the experiences that shaped us.  They may be bad and they may be good - but in total - they're all life experiences.

I have to admit, when I was younger the thought of attending *Parenting* seminars was a waste of time.  I always assumed - why do I need to listen to talks?  My parents were able to raise me well and they didn't attend any talks of forums.  I had this *mayabang* thought that I didn't need help!  But when I had children of my own, it dawned on me that I wanted to become a better parent to my kids because I wanted them to be better than I am.

It was a strange realization to be honest.  Because I was used to the set up that *Parents are always right, no matter what*  but then I realized that I want my children to be better people.  And if I want my kids to become better people, then I have to become a better parent myself.  I think I admitted to the fact that life is a continuing learning process - and I wanted to make less mistakes when it comes to parenting so I was really open to the idea of listening to talks and attending seminars.  It was pure luck that I got invited to #BetterMe sessions with Coach Pia.  And with just one session - OMG - it has changed my outlook and how I relate to my kids.

Last week, was an eye opener - really.  I listened to Christine Foong-Wong speak on the topic *Understanding the effects of Psychological Trauma on parents and children*  I thought I was doing alright,  I mean armed with the skills and techniques I learned from lecturers.  I was confident, but what I didn't know was - there were MORE things to learn, more topics to touch on.  I know growing up, we've learned to take in the good and leave out the bad things that we learned from our parents.  I personally swore that I will be careful with the words I use around my kids.  But that wasn't enough.  Words apparently aren't enough.  I was surprised to learn that emotions can be passed on too!  Can you believe it trauma can be passed on to up to the 3rd generation?  Who would have thought that your grandparent's trauma may have cause you to be a certain way?  It was such an eye opener.  Kids we have always thought are resilient - I mean, I always thought that when it comes to kids - they're not aware, but apparently - they are!  They can't explain it but they feel it and it scars them - it causes psychological trauma.  And this trauma they carry for the rest of their lives - unless, it's dealt with.  We have been so used to *coping* with the situations thrown our way, and thus - we develop a defense mechanism of sort, to deal with certain situations.  It's not wrong, but there is a reason why it happens.  Why do we always need to cope?  Why do we always need to protect ourselves?  To understand yourself better - ask yourself this  *WHAT HAPPENED TO ME WHEN I WAS YOUNG?*  For sure you'll understand yourselves better.

What impacted me the most was when Christine said that - memories are sometimes suppressed, because of the trauma we experienced, these memories are hidden.  But what we don't know is that - when we forget certain memories - our bodies never forget them.  There is an instant *recall* when we're told of certain events.  I never thought of it that way.  I guess that's one of the reasons why whenever I hear of a certain topic of conversation - I suddenly just cry with no apparent reason!  I may need go deep and ask myself - what happened to me when I was young!

This session was very enlightening for me.  I would love to join her workshop unfortunately - I have prior commitments.  But in case you are interested - I promise you, this will be worth your time and money.  It's one step closer to your journey as a better parent to your child.  Click on THIS LINK to sign up.  Their rate now is P8,000.00 for 2 people already.  Actually - it's P8,000.00 for one person but you can bring one (1) friend.  So in short - it's a 2 for 1 deal.  Hehehe..

Thank you to Harvey & Manila Fashion Observer, Spectrum Education and Baron 3 Garden Residences for this opportunity to hear Christine Foong Wong speak.

Comfort Food at Terrace 45

Wednesday, June 17, 2015

When you've lived in a certain city for a long time.  Looking for a place to eat is hard - why?  Well, for one, you feel like an expert and tell yourself that you've eaten in most of the places you know.  What you don't know is that - there are new restaurants sprouting in the area.  I admit, I've become complacent on the restaurants in the area - I know my favorites, but what I don't know are the new ones.  Take for example - Terrace45!  I learned of this new place from my friend who lives in Makati!  Ang layo diba?

A few weeks ago, when my Panget and I took Connor out on a date - we were looking for Terrace45.  We couldn't find it.  Apparently - they're closed on Sundays.  So, we were forced to go somewhere else (and it turned out so lousy)  Then last week, my Panget decided to try our luck - and since it was a Saturday - perfect!

Terrace 45 isn't hard to find.  Just go along Scout Santiago and for sure you'll see the signage.  If you're coming from Timog - the restaurant will be on your left, right on the corner of Scout Lozcano.  If you're coming from the opposite side - the it will be on your right, just on the street of Scout Lozcano.  They have ample parking space (which we loved!)  It's well lit and you won't miss the restaurant because of the signage.  

I didn't take pictures of the facade (I am always guilty of this) as we were hurrying to meet our reservation time.  When we entered the place, it was refreshingly new and well lighted.  It was homey - exactly how you'd want your terrace at home to look like.  It was clean and I loved that it the interiors were generally white - very clean if you ask me!  And you know how much I love clean!

We were seated immediately and given menus - their menu is simple and straightforward.  The dishes had descriptions on them and so we didn't have a hard time deciding.  I asked a friend ahead of time what to order, and so I had an idea what they were.

Pumpkin Soup
I must say, that this is a different pumpkin soup.  It is pumpkin soup but it tasted quite different.  I'm sure they added something in it - but I couldn't quite guess what it was.  My only nephew Mav loved this so much that he finished a whole bowl!

Ceasar Salad
My Panget, my MIL and SIL all loved this salad.  It was very good actually.  I like the crispness of the veggies and they didn't scrimp on the salad dressing.  It was actually tossed perfectly in the sauce that every piece had enough dressing that you won't need to ask for more.

Pork Rind Poutine
Whats not to love about this dish?  Fries - check!  Gravy - check!  Cheese - check!  
Chicharon - check!  I never thought this combination would work, but it does!  I love how the chicharon added flavor to the fries and gravy also the crunch of the chicharon when you bite into it with the fries!  Oh so goood!  I wasn't ashamed to finish the last few pieces on the plate!  Haha!

Slow Cooked Beef
This was the winner of the night simply because Kailee and Connor loved it so much!  I was hoping that the serving was bigger - as I found it hearty enough for sharing.  I was very excited to try this but I had to (reluctantly) share it with my kids because they love beef!  Hahaha..  The beef was flavored perfectly and slow cooked to perfection as it was sooooo soft!  This was easily my favorite and the kids favorite too!  You know what I think of when I tasted it?
I thought how perfect it would be eaten on a rainy day.  

Spice Rubbed Ribs
There was only one complaint from my Panget on this dish - he wanted the ribs to be bigger!  A full rack!  Yes, the ribs was perfectly seasoned and the meat was very soft that it fell off the bones!  It was grilled to perfection (really) and the flavor was just the right amount and not too overpowering.  It was very tasty but it was very *bitin* Hahaha!! :)  Too bad they did't have a full rack - please have a full rack in the future!  Please?

Grilled Pork Chops
I have to be honest, I don't like pork chops!  But I was told that this is their best seller.  And since my Panget was still hungry (and bitin) from his ribs - we decided to order this.   And I tell you, this dish did not disappoint.  It was also grilled just right, the meat was very tender and juicy.  I've always thought that pork chops in restaurants were overcooked and tough - but this one was quite the opposite.  It packed a punch in terms of flavor plus the combination of the dirty rice was amazing!  Eat them together and it tastes even better!  Hahaha.. I guess that was the trick!

We had a good dinner at Terrace 45 last Saturday.  Plus the fact that Connor and my nephew enjoyed playing inside the restaurant - they were having such a grand time that they were squealing in delight.  I was thankful that the owners (I assumed they were) were nice and understanding enough with the noise!  Hahaha..  I apologized for the noise and they were very friendly and were nice even saying it was alright and found the boys cute.  Hahaha!!

I liked it too that the menu isn't pretentious - they serve exactly what is written on the menu.  It was simple but as I said - the dishes packed a punch, and I appreciate small restaurants like this.  They try and serve hearty meals that is comforting and filling, something that is very rare in the area.  Their staff too were impressive as they knew the menu well.  Ask them and they can immediately answer - I feel that, that alone says a lot of the establishment, it means they serve from the heart.

So if you're looking for comfort food in the area - try Terrace 45.

We're sure to come back!!

(P.S.  I really hope that they make an option of a *to share* size for the Slow Cooked Beef!  And also a full rack of the ribs!  Hahaha.. Oh!  Their white/plain rice is soooo good and really white!!!)

#45 Scout Lozcano Street
corner Scout Santiago
Tel. 374-5486

*We paid for this meal

EATs London: Rock & Sole Plaice Fish and Chips

Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Whenever I travel, there is one thing that I look forward to the most - the food!  Yes, there's a reason why I'm this big.  Hahaha!  I love to eat!  I'd rather spend my money on food that on shopping.  True story!  For me, it's all about filling my tummy with good food!  Hahaha..

I was very excited to have some fish and chips in London.  I was literally trying to order fish and chips in most restaurants that we went to.  Hahaha!  I didn't mind eating just fish and chip because as they say - When in Rome, do what the Romans do!  I like fried food (who doesn't!) and of course, I live on potatoes, I would be happy just eating fries.  Seriously.

My brother in law was nice enough to look for an original fish and chips place.  He was our *tour guide* and he brough us to this place in Covent Garden.  He says that travel books credit this place as the oldest one in London.  True enough, according to the restaurant's history - this is the oldest place in London that serves fish and chips and they are still using the same recipe from 1870.  The restaurant is called Rock & Sole Plaice.  It's quite a charming place - it's simple and s.  There's indoor seating, but we chose to stay outdoors - it was a welcome change for us since it was really cold!  We were warmed by electric fan like appliances above our heads (they were connected to the heavy duty umbrellas) that was giving out *hot and warm air* for the first time (in our lives, I think) we were all happy with the hot air blowing at us!  Hahaha..

The menu was pretty straightforward as it served mainly fish and chips.  The only difference was - there were a LOT of different fishes.  It was the MOST number of different fishes I've seen being served as fish and chips.  I was so accustomed to what we have here - which is always just cream dory, but here in Rock and Sole Plaice, they have more than 5 kinds of fish!  Wow!  Since we were clueless - we asked our server to recommend 5 kinds of fish and chips to share amongst ourselves.  We got Cod (this is what all restaurants  in London use as their fish and chips - can you believe it?  COD!), Haddock,  Rock, Skate, Halibut.  Now, I don't remember which is which - but they were ALL very good.

They all look similar BUT they tasted very different from each other.  The texture was different, some were soft melt in your mouth while the others were firm and had a good bite to it.  I remember one fish having a bit of fish bone that we had to move it away from Kailee - we were very careful with that particular fish - but it was still delicious.  The fish were all fried to a crisp, I mean really a crisp!  The batter doesn't seem to sog - it's crispy all the way, I mean till the last bite - it was still crispy.  The batter wasn't overwhelming - in fact, it complimented the taste of the fish - brought out the flavor and texture of the fish more.  It was the shell that kept in the secret - and when you cut into the fish or bite into it - the fish's texture and unique flavor is a surprise to the taste buds - it's like a slow revelation of the wonderful fish and chips!  I swear, it was a delightful experience.

I felt that I learned so much on while eating here.  The history, the area and most importantly - a lesson on the different texture and taste of different fishes.  I don't think I would ever eat Haddock, Rock and Skate in Manila!  I don't think they're available - hahaha!  So I was glad that my BIL brought us here.  The place is quite charming, the servers very helpful and cheery.  The chips - oh, the wonderful chips that were soooooo many!  Kailee and I loved them.  Oh, they also served vinegar - I love the combination of vinegar and fish & chips.  It was the first time my mother in law ever heard of a vinegar dipping sauce for fish & chips and she liked it.  For me, the vinegar brings out the flavor of the fish more.

So if you happen to go to London - do visit Covent Garden and have a meal of authentic Fish & Chips at the OLDEST fish & chips restaurant in London - Rock & Sole Plaice.

EATs Paris: Pizza Di Loretta

Saturday, June 13, 2015

Montmarte is a very charming place in Paris.  It's quite a distance from where we were staying but we were told it's a must to see the area.  I had no clue what was in Montmarte - well, except for the Moulin Rouge and being a huuuuge fan of the movie, I wanted to see the real thing.  And we did.  But that entails another post.  Hahaha!!  But before we walked to the Moulin Rouge, we had lunch first.

We had lunch in a small pizza place.  I was craving for pizza and we just so happened to pass by one.  My Panget searched on Yelp and saw that it had good reviews.  I didn't get to take pictures of the facade anymore because we were really hungry.

The pizzas that they made were rectangular instead of a round one.  Plus, they sold it by weight.  It meant that I can have the pizza cut to as big as I want it to be or as small if I just wanted to take a bit and taste it - and they will just weigh it.

Here are the pizzas that we got.  I was very distracted when I saw the arugula as I love it so much.  But in France, they call it *rocket* hahaha!  I don't know what the pizzas are called, but I just pointed to them what I wanted and how big I wanted them to be cut.  I based my choices with first impressions.  So the prettier ones, the ones with more *filling* or looked appetizing were the ones I got!  Hahaha..  Sorry, judging them all by their cover!!

Since I love rocket (arugula), it's obvious that this was my favorite.  I was very happy that they didn't scrimp on the rocket.  As I was biting into the pizza - the rockets kept on falling off the pizza, I didn't mind because it was so good!  I loved the combination!  The tomato sauce was so good too!  

I picked this because I was blinded with the prosciutto plus Panget's instructions to get the one with the *most* filling.  Haha!  This was also good because of the mix of mushroom and cream!  OMG this was also deadly.  My Panget was blown away with the combination too!

Is it obvious that I got this?  Well, yes - primarily because of potatoes.  This was a very simple pizza it's just with salt and pepper, some herb and then drizzled with olive oil.  I liked the simplicity of this pizza.

This is their cheese pizza, it's the most basic and the reason why I got this was because Kailee ate her pizza without toppings.  I was hoping that she would like it since it's not the typical *panlasang Pinoy* tamato sauce.  I was surprised that she ate it all!  She said she loved it after taking her first bite!

The pizza with the pesto sauce is my Panget's favorite.  This I have to admit is the tastiest of them all.  When you first bite into the pizza, there is an immediate smorgasbord of flavors!  Would you believe that my Panget actually stopped eating,  looked at his pizza intently, looked at me and told me how good it was?  He even offered me to try it, and that NEVER happens, EVER.  After finishing his slice, he asked to get more from the counter because it was that good!  I was looking at the pizza while it was being sliced and noticed how simple the ingredients were - but together they made a deadly combination.  The seasoning and the fresh ingredients I'm sure, made all the difference.

We left the pizzeria very happy.  We thanked the wonderful staff - they were really friendly and warm and tried to speak in English with us.  My impression that French people are rude were dispelled by the gentlemen over at Pizza Di Loretta.

So if happen to be in Montmarte - make sure to try this place.  It's really really really good!

Pizza Di Loretta
Montmarte, Paris

Sip 'n Go Strawberry Cheesecake & Caramel Triple Coffee Jelly Frappuccinos!!

Thursday, June 11, 2015

Sip 'n Go with the newest Starbucks Frappuccinos!

Strawberry Cheesecake Frappuccino

This is one of my FAVORITE Starbucks drinks and I'm so happy that they brought it back!  Yeeehaaaa!!  I love that there are biscuit buts that give the drink a bite!  Hihi..
(Tall - P175.00 Grande - P185.00 Venti - P195.00)

Caramel Triple Coffee Jelly Frappuccino

I am very excited to try this as I loooove coffee jelly!  Ever since Starbucks brought in coffee jelly,
our Frapp experience has never been the same!!  And guess what, the whip cream is an espresso mix!  Cool huh?!
(Tall - P175.00 Grande - P185.00 Venti - P195.00)

Here are some of the new food items that I am looking forward to trying!

S'mores (P70.00)

The American *treat* is now available for us to try!  So glad it's not going to be messy!

The Clubhouse (P165.00)

I personally love Starbucks sandwiches because they're tasty and filling.  I'm excited to try this and I'm sure it'll easily become one of my favorites!

Turtle Brownie (P65.00)

A fudge brownie with caramels and pecans!  Yummeh!

Ham & Cheese Danish (P95.00)

Do you like puff pastry?  Who doesn't?  Here's one with ham and cheese!

Hawaiian BBQ Sausage Wrap (P165.00)

When I read Hawaiian it only means one thing - pineapples!  And this wrap it!  I'm sure it'll be a refreshing new treat!!  Excited to try it too!

Look below as there is now coffee grounds especially for Iced Coffee!  Thank you to the folks at Starbucks for thinking of making one just for iced coffee!!  Yipeee!

Now, here's a bonus treat for us this June 17 and 24!!