Four Seasons Hot Pot City at SM by the Bay

Thursday, May 14, 2015

My Panget looooves hotpot themed restaurants, even if he says that its a waste of time since you practically cook the food yourself.  He loves it because he just sits and eats.  I am the one who cooks for him.  He just tells me which food he wants and I will just get it for him and cook.  Lucky guy, right?  (Please feel free to tell him that when you see him!)

I have been seeing feeds of Four Seasons Hot Pot city since February, it's the distance that makes me think twice.  We're at the opposite ends of EDSA.  It's quite a travel to be honest, but two weeks ago - an opportunity presented itself and the timing was super perfect!  We were already scheduled to be in Makati during the morning so after this Makati thing, we went straight to Four Seasons Hot Pot City at SM by the bay!

Traffic was non existent - I guess we were still early.  I was impressed with the amount of time it took us to get to MOA.  The parking lot was so bare - it was strange!  Looking at the time - it was just a little past 11:00am.  I was happy though, since it was still empty and calm.

We were greeted at the door by the friendly staff and was lead to our table.  The interiors were clean, crips and bright - very modern.  I liked that the place didn't look like your usual hot pot restaurant.  There were sections and the chillers were really nice.  It was made to look like a supermarket (I was told this by their head of Marketing), I really felt like I was transported to a Hong Kong supermarket - City Super to be exact - well, except there are tables for diners.  It was such a new and refreshing take on the hot pot dining experience.

I have to say that we were lucky that we arrived early as we still had first dibs on the freshest meats, seafood, and produce that they offered.  Here is Kailee, she was so delighted to see the chillers - she felt too that she was in the supermarket, well except that we needed to cook our food there!

I liked that the place is clean and brightly lit.  The staff were very helpful too and there's a person pushing a cart and going around refilling the soups with sauces.  I was telling my Panget that my in laws would like this place as it's a healthier version of a buffet spread.  The options for meat and seafood is wide, I'm sure there's something for everyone's taste.  They also have a cooked food section and my favorite - the drinks bar!!

This a fresh new twist to a buffet spread, make them feel at ease, showcase the offerings in a chiller - supermarket style.  I say, it's brilliant!  It's wonderful and very exciting!

Congratulations to the Vikings family!  This new addition to the family will definitely make its mark!

Four Seasons Hot Pot City
SM by the Bay
Facebook Page - Four Seasons Hot Pot City

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