EATs London: Crosstown Doughnuts

Sunday, May 24, 2015

After our lunch at Burger and Lobster SoHo we decided to take a walk.  And walk we did, I honestly had no idea where, but we walked.  I was glad that I wasn't navigator that day so, it was just follow where everyone else was going.  I was just pushing the stroller with Kailee in it.

We then walked this food street, I honestly forgot the name.  And then we came across this chocolate store on the corner.  But it wasn't the chocolate store that caught my eye - it was the doughnut store next door called Crosstown Doughnuts.

I am a sucker for doughnuts and so I decided to check it out.  The shop was small (for my standards) so it was a bit crowded inside.  I decided to wait outside, but it was taking a while.  And then I saw a lady behind the counter wave at me and invite me in.

The smell of the shop was marvelous.  My eyes were treated to so many different doughnuts.  I was too excited and happy that I took too few pictures.  Forgive me for them:

This is what the inside of the store looked like.

I ordered these little doughnuts and they were so good!  They were really soft and yummy!
I was happy that the doughtnuts did not have the taste of the oil that they were cooked in!
Major plus points!  Also, the lady behind the counter said that they make the doughnuts FRESH everyday!  Hooray!!

I ordered the sugar doughnut and the cinnamon roll.  Both were good.  The sugar doughtnut was really simple, if you like plain ones - then this is for you!!  The cinnamon was absolutely delicious!  I ate it the next day and it was still soft and very good.  I was so happy it did not go rancid as other doughnuts do. 

I'm glaad that I was able to try these doughnuts.  Well, the curious cat in me was too greedy and wanted to eat and enjoy homegrown London food!  Their packaging was also very nice, they're plastic lined paper bags that is perfect for a piece of doughtnut!  It was refreshing to see that they don't scrimp on packaging like Filipinos do.  It adds to the luster of the brand - very nice!!  I liked it.  My Panget liked it, Kailee liked the Strawberry Mixed Berry doughnut I got her.

Here is their Facebook page:  Crosstown Doughnuts


  1. Ang sinful! I want n kape!

    1. Sinful nga when I think about it!! Yes, Panget said it was perfect for coffeee!!

  2. Now I want doughnuts! hehe...kakagutom tong post mo! 'Wish they had one in Davao! :)