EATs London: Burger and Lobster SoHo

Friday, May 22, 2015

My SIL (Sister In Law) told me that her friend recommended that we eat at Burger and Lobster.  I researched and found a branch near our place, but the it didn't have reservations.  Since I was with my in laws, my daughter and my pregnant SIL - I looked at another branch that was willing to take reservations.  I saw that Burger and Lobster SoHo accepted reservations during lunch and dinner for parites that are more than 5.  Perfect!  So I sent them an email.

I had to send them another email because my first email didn't go through.  I corresponded with Alan and he was really nice and funny.  They had two lunch seatings - one is 12:30 - 2:30 and another is 2:30 - 4:30.  We only had 2 hours to gobble up everything we ordered, that's their condition with reservations.  I thought 2 hours were good enough, so I booked the 12:30.  I was also told that they only gave 15minutes waiting time, or they'll give away my table if a walk-in party of 7.

We were getting a bit late because we couldn't decide how to get to SoHo from Westminster Abbey.  Finally we split into two groups one taking the taxi and another taking the bus.  I called Burger and Lobster SoHo on the way to tell them we were running late - and we arrived exactly at 12:30, goodie!!  Alan welcomed us and showed us to our table.

When I asked for the menu, one of the staff smile at me and said *I guess this is your first time, we only serve three (3) things - a whole lobster (steamed or grilled), a lobster roll (cold lobster sandwich) and burgers (and fries).  How very simple, noh?  We we all ordered our preference.   Our table had at least one item on the menu, and I was lucky that I got to try all of them.  

This is the BURGER.
The size is just right for my Panget and it was really good.  We were asked how we wanted the burger cooked - we said medium and it was.  It was quite messy to eat, but it was really good!
Kailee loved the burger, she asked for more from her Dada.  This was the only burger in the table.  Hahaha!!

This is the LOBSTER.
I was expecting something bigger since we were seated beside the aquarium.  But this was the usual weight that was served.  It was really good!  I needed to share though with my Panget, haha!  I chose the grilled one and it was very flavorful.  When I say flavorful I meant it tasted like the sea - and sweet!  We were given neck aprons to protect our clothes and also some crackers to help us get most of the meat out of the shells.  I enjoyed picking out the meat (as I usually do) and eating it with my hands.  There was a sauce that was served with it and complimented the lobster very well.  We had Kailee try it and it she liked it too!!

This is the LOBSTER ROLL.
It was a cold sandwich lobster sandwich.  My SIL commented that it was very buttery, and I had a bite and it was really buttery.  Something I really really like.  I learned that lobster rolls are made with lobster soaked in butter - so that's why it tasted buttery.  It wasn't as messy to eat but if you don't fancy butter, then you may opt to get something else.  I would get this next time if I had the chance. 

Each dish costs GBP20.00 + tax

My BIL was very happy that we decided to push through and eat here even if we were running late.  I think it was worth it too.  The food was good (and simple!), the staff is very friendly and accommodating too.  The place is kid friendly in terms that they can provide high chairs and place you in a more quiet space of the restaurant.  They immediately thought of where I could put my stroller conveniently.  They were serving Kailee with endless chips (fries) to her delight.

I highly recommend trying this place out when you're in London.


  1. I've been wanting a real lobster roll for two years now! Wala kasi dito :s at nung pumunta kme East Coast eh wala sa season. Howell. Soon hopefully!

    1. Tukayo! :) It's so good kasi buttery... If you like butter! Hahaha.. Season season din pala noh? Good Luck!!! :)

      Love, Didi