Play with Oreo at the Fun Farm, Sta. Elena

Saturday, March 07, 2015

I am not an out of town person.

Well, I used to be - but since having kids, well - I have to admit, the novelty of going out of town was gone.  I disliked the packing and unpacking - and since kids need more stuff, and I'm a trooper of always being *prepared* - I get a bit cuckoo.

But then I realized, time away from the city and the comforts of home, going some place outside of town is - wonderful and re-energizing.  The bonding is more natural, it makes me appreciate what I have.  I get to see my kids in a whole new light and enjoy their company without distractions.  I now finally understand the meaning of the saying *Stop and smell the roses*.

Last week was our first time to visit the Fun Farm at Sta. Elena.  I was skeptical at first since I'm not what you call an outdoor-sy mom.  Thankfully - the weather was perfect, it was not as hot and the wind was cool - I was amazed at the size, it was huuuuuge!  I was half expecting it to be small, but it was big.  I was also expecting the place to be crowded - but the management was able to control the number of guests (you need to book ahead - they don't accept walk-ins, I think this is a great idea - to be able to manage a good sized crowd).  It was perfect!

There was a play area that has a zipline for kids, a sand box with slides, rabbit and hamster feeding, horseback riding and a carabao with a cart that goes around the area.  There were small horses and lots of grass areas for the kids to walk and run and have a picnic.  It was very outdoor-sy!  It was back to basics - there were picnic tables and shaded areas that were spread out perfectly!  I like that they made the areas scattered - so you can have some privacy with your group.

(Thank you so much Michelle of My Mom Friday for the pictures below!)

Here is Connor enjoying the sand with his Kuyas and Ates

Look at those red rosy cheeks!

Connor loves animals.  I realized this when we went to Hotel Kimberly last year.  He is not afraid of animals and enjoys interacting with them.  When he first saw the carabao, he immediately wanted to go sit on the cart - but then the carabao started moving, he got scared and wanted to get out!  I guess, it was something new to him.  We then walked around and saw the other kids feeding the hamsters and rabbits!  Connor was given carrot sticks by Miguel (Mish's son) and without batting an eyelash, fed them to the hamsters!  It was so natural to him!  Connor looked so cute pushing the small carrot sticks into the screen mesh to feed the hamsters.  Then, I showed him the rabbits and he also fed the rabbits!  He was so enjoying himself that he kept on asking for more carrot sticks!  I wanted to show him around so we walked to where the small horses were, but then he kept wanting to go back and feed the hamsters, so we did.  It warms my heart so much to see him enjoying and having fun.  At least I know that he is an animal lover!

Here is Connor inside the hamster pen with Ate Gelli and Kuya Miguel

Connor is one boy that you need to reason with to share.  I need to talk to him and give him a reason to share, but look at him here!  He is offering Oreos!  I was shocked to see this!  I guess, he was too happy with the animal feeding that he too wanted to share his Oreos to someone else!

I am very competitive - yes, I just don't admit to it, but I am.  Hahaha!  So I like joining games.  And so, when volunteers were asked for the game, I stood up immediately.  We had an Oreo stacking game using - chopsticks!  Coooooooool!  We had a very smart team leader that was instrumental to our win - Miguel!  He taught us *strategy*, very very clever!  We had a group of 3moms and 4 kids - and we all enjoyed the game so much!

Here we are getting ready to #PlaywithOreo

And here is the winning team of #PlaywithOreo stacking game! Woohooo!!

Oreo is definitely one of the snacks that I pack whenever we go out (and out of town/country) - why?  Simply because the kids love it - and I love it too!  It's the easiest snack that I can pack that has a dual purpose!  It's such an easy snack to love and carry around - I love that they've come out with snack packs.

 I have fond memories of Oreos growing up and I'm so happy to see my kids enjoying this well loved snack as well.  Not only are Oreos for eating, you can also enjoy playing with them like what we did at the Fun Farm in Sta. Elena.  This #PlaywithOreo experience actually made me realize how much fun they are to eat and play with.

I know it's not yet officially *Summer* but I am so looking forward to having more #PlaywithOreo moments with my Kailee and Connor.  The possibilities are endless!

Before, I forget - there's a new Oreo flavor in town - the Oreo Strawberry!  And since its PINK - Kailee would for sure enjoy with newest flavor.  There's really something with pinks - I am drawn to them too!  Hahahaha...

Click this link to view the #PlaywithOreo video!


Thank you to Lawrence del Mundo and Michelle of My Mom Friday for the photos!!!

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  1. nice place! should put on my places to visit this summer :)

  2. Cool place! Where is this located?

  3. Been an animal lover for quite some time and the Fun Farm is a nice place to visit with kids while teaching them to value life- animals. But I wonder aside from rabbits- what other animals are there? -MacySantos

  4. I've heard so much about this farm.. We really have to visit the farm, soon..

  5. This Fun Farm in Sta Elena, Cabuyao is just 3 towns away from our place. Will visit this Laguna farm soon.

  6. Naku my youngest will have a great time sa sand dito!

  7. Oreo fun! My boys love Oreos too.

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  9. Looks like such a fun day! Feeling ko I won't win that Oreo Stacking game hahahah! I miss making chika with you Didi!

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