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Tuesday, February 10, 2015

When I got my first smartphone - I remember being told to make sure to get Viber.  And then my foreign friends said that they use Whatsapp.  So, I got that too!  But between the two, I have always been partial to Whatsapp - but most of those in my contact list are using Viber, I had no choice.

During the last half of 2014.  I have begun to notice that Viber does not deliver all of the messages sent over its app.  I thought it was impossible - but it was.  And then some images and videos take too long to load.  Then private groups began to have strangers in their group.  I didn't think it was possible since it was a *private* group.  Then the ads - the sudden messages from Viber announcing this and that.  As the months passed, the loading of messages took very long too.  There would be notifications that you have an X number of messages - then when it loads, you get 1 out of the X number of messages.  These *late* messages appear days after it was sent.  How very unreliable for a free messaging service right?

Last month, I saw that a friend had the Telegram Messenger.  I decided to give it a try, so I downloaded it to my iPhone.  Then I was told by a friend that there is an app for desktop - so I also got it.  This friend said that Telegram Messenger syncs easily and is very reliable.

I have been using it for a few weeks now and I am very happy with it.  I get all the images and messages sent to me.  It loads faster compared to Viber.  Plus, since it's private - no one can join in your group!!  There are no advertisements too!

I hope that people switch.

Viber is so unreliable already.

Please make the switch and see why:

Try it out and see the difference!!

Images are from the Telegram Messenger

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  1. I noticed when you joined on Telegram! :)

    But I still prefer using imessage/SMS to do our kwentuhans~ ;)