Our experience with Ready Steady Go Kids - Tennis

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

I have to admit - I am NOT a sporty kind of person.  I don't dislike sports, I appreciate it but I won't do any of it.  I will remain a spectator forever and cheer - and that's it.  My Panget is the exact opposite.  He's very much into basketball and it shows since we have a court in the house, so he can practice shooting.

When I was introducted to Ready Steady Go Kids - my eyes and thoughts were opened.  What if the kids wanted to do sports?  The only problem was - which sport?  I know for a fact that during summer, some offer sports clinics - but they're only confined to one sport the whole time.  What if my child doesn't like that particular sport?  Should I just go ahead and make them take the classes even if they're not interested?  With Ready Steady Go Kids - the kids will be introduced to ten (10) - yes, 10 different type of sports!  Football, Tennis, Basketball, Hockey, Golf, AFL, Rugby, Athletics, Cricket and T-ball.  Wonderful, right?

One particular session - both kids learned Tennis.  It's quite close to the heart because my in laws distribute HEAD tennis rackets.  So when I saw the rackets they used - our hearts fluttered a bit!

Here is Connor holding the HEAD racket and a tennis ball!
(Sorry if he's looking dazed.. Hahaha!!)

And here is Kailee with her racket and tennis balls!
(She looks madungis because she practiced so much!)

And here is Kailee with her Ready Steady Go Kids friends!

This video below is a proud moment as a mother.
I was so impressed because Kailee was able to *learn* Tennis.
Watch the video and see how natural she is with sports!!

I am very happy with this sports program - as you can see in the video, Kailee is a natural.  I wouldn't know of this, I swear!  If she wasn't exposed to this type of sports play - we wouldn't know!  With this program - it's possible for Kailee to learn Tennis full time.  What do you think?

It's also nice to see familiar friendly faces in the crowd.  I've caught up with relatives, school mates and blog friends.  I'm so happy that Ready Steady Go Kids is coming around and is getting the buzz it deserves. 

If you're interested to put your kids into this program - please do contact Ready Steady Go Kids.  They have a Facebook Page so you can see their activities.  You can also call them to inqiure.  What's good is that they have a trial class for your kids.  Call them at (02) 631-1497 or send them an email at info@readysteadygokids.com.ph !!  I'm sure your kids will enjoy their time with Ready Steady Go Kids.  Kailee and Connor get so excited every Friday because they know that the next day is Ready Steady Go Kids time - and they'll have loads of fun!


  1. Kailee is so cute. :) She's so nice pa. My son, Ziggy, likes her. He's the one wearing the red shirt on the last photo. :)

    1. Hi Janice!! Please say hello to ZIggy for us! Kailee likes him too! Hahaha.. He's very cute and active!! I hope to bump into you and Ziggy soon!!

      Love, Didi