Nathaniel's Lasagna is goooooood!!

Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Last year, I saw an IG post of Jin of a lasagna that she ordered.  My MIL and BIL asked me to order a pasta dish for our New Year's Eve dinner,  and I asked them if they wanted lasagna.   I was so glad they said yes because I really wanted to try Nathaniel's lasagna.

The transaction was very easy.  I sent him a text message and called him right after and that was that.  I asked him first if he could still accommodate my order since it was kind of last minute, I ordered it just before Christmas.  He said yes, and I was so relieved!  Had he said no, I would need to look for another home cook!  Hahha..

So on December 31 - I drove to his place in New Manila and it was Nathaniel himself that handed me my tray of lasagna.  I put it in the passenger side of the car and the aroma was pure torture!  It smelled soooooooo good!  I really had to control myself - no joke.  I kept taking peeks and opening the foil cover.  You would laugh when you saw me that day.

This is what the lasagna looked it.  This was the only decent image I got to take because we ate them FAST!

I really liked his lasagna because it was really meaty, meaning I could taste the chunks of meat and mushroom.  I felt that the meat wasn't scrimped.  It had just the right amount of layers and bechamel sauce (that's what they call it right?).  I loved it instantly with my first bite and honestly, it changed my appreciation of lasagna.  It wasn't dry at all.

I made sure to save myself a portion as leftover.  So I can enjoy it again!  Hahaha.. I kept it in an airtight container and ate it a week after the new year - it still tasted the same.  It may have tasted even better as I remembered it.

To be honest, it was quite pricey - but with the first bite, I understood why it cost P1,800.00 a tray (good for 10pax).  The quality of the meat is good, very flavorful and packed!  And you know me, I wouldn't mind paying as long as it's good food - and this one is really good!  And I think it was worth every penny.  If you like lasagnas - you must try this!!

Thank you Nathaniel for taking my order and for making this really really really good lasagna.  I'm sure to order again!!

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