My FRUSTRATION in driving around Manila

Friday, January 23, 2015

Sudden stops because Jeeps take in passengers.
And then again because passengers want to alight.

Overtaking speedy buses.
Buses overtaking all the lanes.

Tricycles, Jeeps, Taxis - counter flowing the roads.

Running the red light.

Blocking an intersection.

Tricycles, Jeeps, Taxis illegally parked on streets.

It can go on and on and on.

I am FRUSTRATED to say the least.  There is no giving way - everyone want to be *lamang* on the road.  And at what cost - MASSIVE TRAFFIC.

Two days ago, I had to bring Kailee to the doctor because she has been itching like crazy.  I assumed that since I left the house at 4:00pm - there would be less traffic.  I was wrong.  I came from QC and I was going to Cardinal Santos in Greenhills.  What usually was just a 30 minute travel became an hour worth of waiting in traffic.  It was a mess!  When I was still in ICA - I don't recall experiencing that much traffic in the area.  It was really, really bad.

This is along Gilmore - see the yellow and white lines?  
Those are the lines that separate the two-way system of the cars.  But as you can see, 
these two cars are there - COUNTER FLOWING.  
I had to take a snapshot.  WHERE IS THE DISCIPLINE IN THAT?  We are all rushing but what makes them extra special to do that?  I wish there is a penalty for doing such.
POLITICAL WILL - I have said that time and again.  No one wants to dirty their hands for election.
Pinoy mentality = DEATH of the soceity.

The other day, I was going to San Juan (again) and I passed Araneta Avenue - it was fast moving.  I was delighted.  But when I crossed Aurora Boulevard and hit the bridge going to N.Domingo - it was terrible!  Jeeps stopping because passengers were alighting in the middle of the road.  Caritons and Tricycles parked on the side road of the bridge - take note, there was a LINE of tricycles.  Was it their *terminal*?  Who made it their terminal?  Argggh!!

I think I have road rage - I can't be patient with these things on the road.  When I see them - I become all negative and curse them all.  I control myself when the kids are with me, but it's so obvious that I am frustrated.  Kailee has uttered time and again that *Buses in the Philippines are stupid!*  Oh my golly.  What is happening?  Is there NO DISCIPLINE?  It wasn't always this way.  I don't know.

The way back home was more terrible!  I made a bad decision on passing the Roosevelt-Quezon Avenue route and was stuck in that particular corner for more than 30 minutes.  WE WERE NOT MOVING.  I don't know if the mall is to blame or the many jeeps that still load an unload even if there's a sign of NO LOADING & UNLOADING.  I think the passengers are to blame too, to be honest because they stand there on the the sidewalk - waiting for the right jeep to take.

I am not shy in honking.  I got this from my Panget.  I will honk as long as I want - I don't care about the noise!  I will honk until the public transport in front of me MOVES.  Yes, I do that - that's what car horns are for right?  And then I get yelled at by the driving saying *NAG-HAHANAP BUHAY LANG KAMI* *We are just trying to make a living*.

NAG-HAHANAP BUHAY LANG KAMI / We are just trying to make a living.

This has ALWAYS been the excuse for them not following traffic rules.  Why?  What makes them special?  What makes them above the law?  Why?  What?  I am always baffled on why I need to give them leeway.  I really don't!  I can't understand it, I won't even try to understand it.  Aren't we all trying to make a living?  Why is that, we try and follow rules - while they don't?  I really don't get it.  I swear to God - I really can't, for the life of me UNDERSTAND what makes them feel special that they can break the rules and get away with it?

Traffic enforcers just stand there.

Yes, they do!  They just stand there.  Why don't they penalize these rule breakers and teach them a lesson?  Is it because they get some sort of *protection* money?  Hayayay.. I am so very frustrated and I don't know what to do anymore!!

I realized that in a couple of years - my life would consist of bring the kids to school and back home.  Are we all to suffer with the traffic?  Gosh.  I don't know.

I don't know!

I like driving - on a Sunday or during Holidays.  Why, because the roads are clear (well, sort of clear - they become fewer) during these times.  I like not being angered with sudden stops or slowing down because they foresee passengers taking their rides.


It simply means one thing and one thing alone.  Yet, most all public utility vehicles have no notion of what discipline is.

It's effing FRUSTRATING.


Oh, and almost ALL public utility vehicles contribute to heavy POLLUTION because these drivers are IRRESPONSIBLE drivers their OPERATORS are irresponsible citizens of the country.

Where is the Philippines headed?

I don't know.

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  1. Though I don't drive, my commute from my house to my office takes because of the traffic brought about by undisciplined drivers. Nakakainis that most roads are used as parking lots. Dapat nga requirement na talaga na may parking space muna if bibili ng kotse, hindi lang bili ng bili.