Birthday Cakes, Birthday Cakes!

Monday, January 26, 2015

Nope, they're not necessarily birthday cakes (only one was) but I got them all on my birthday!

I celebrated my birthday yesterday - I won't be shy to say it - I turned 35 yesterday.  I'm sure you will all relate, but I don't feel any older than 30.  Well, except of course of certain body aches and pains, being (very) impatient, fearful of certain things, discovery of white strands of hair (quite a LOT of them), and having a hard time losing weight - yes, the battle with the (mega) bulge.  I still feel I'm the same person - only more responsible (I'm sure my mom will give me a high brow!) more mature and with a better (somehow) understanding of life.

So there - it was my birthday yesterday!  Yey!

A few days ago, I received a delicious chocolate cake from Starbucks.

Then yesterday - I got not one, not two BUT three cakes from Anita Li of the Baked by Anita fame.

We had a staycation at F1 Hotel last weekend and Pau gifted us with another cake!

There was a year that I didn't receive any cake from my Panget and I was so sad!  This year made up for the sadness because I got these cakes by chance.  They were not planned (except for the Starbucks) so the surprise was really delightful.

I am smiling ear to ear.

Thank you Starbucks Philippines, Anita Li and F1 Hotel Manila.  You guys made my birthday extra special.  The cakes mean so much, I will never forget this - EVER!!

Happy Birthday to me!! Hihi.. :)
(It truly was a VERY HAPPY birthday)


  1. Happy happy birthday Didi!! Those Anitali cakes look so good!

    1. Thanks Achi Pam! :) They look good and tasted even better!! :)
      If you have time, please come over - I'd like to share all the cakes!! Nalulunod kami sa cakes!

      Love, Didi

  2. How wonderful! I hope next birthday you get double the cake & double the happiness Didi. Love you mwah! :-*

  3. Hope you had a great time, Didi! Belated happy birthday! Kita-kits soon! :)

  4. Happyyyy Birthday!!!! I love the cakes!!! So young and already a fulfilling life!