Yaya Diaries: Yaya Babylyn Part 2

Thursday, December 11, 2014

We all have a LOVE-HATE relationship with our Yayas/Helpers.  They give us unending headaches and sometimes - heartache.  I have written my fair share of headaches & heartaches - but well, what can I do?  I need them in my life - and that's the trade off.

It's been quite a while that I've written about them.  Nope, it's doesn't mean that I've found the *one* it simply means, I got tired of writing about them.  But last night, I got a text message from Yaya Babylyn - it seems she forgot who I was.  This is the second time she did that.  And I wanted to share how brave and bold and direct they are - with the matters of the flesh.

The first time was this message:  Please note the date.

How bold of her right?  A bit of screw loose in the head?  So I ignored her.  But then I realized, this woman - gosh, she's really something.  I mean to boldy ask someone to have sex with her?  I guess sex in indeed a pleasure for her.  According to my Sister in Law this Yaya Babylyn has 2 kids at least!  Wow.  And then again last night, I think she wanted to have another *thing* with the owner of my number - but then I replied to her and I guess, she was surprised?  I dunno, what do you think?

Now, with that reply.  I really wanted to know - ANO ANG DAPAT KONG INTINDIHIN?  What should I understand?  I was very confused - I mean, in her mind - what did she do?  I think she felt that she didn't do anything wrong!  What the hell right?

I don't want to be mean but then when we come across these kind of people, I cannot help but feel angry, irritated and confused because what didn't I understand about her situation?  I'm fuming now - because as I recall, she asked for an advance from me so she could commute to my place and I willingly gave it to her.  But what happened?  She never showed up?  She even told me that she'd return the money - that I don't rush her with it!  It's been months but no news from her at all.  I don't send her messages - I just let it be.  Friends have told me to let it go - at least its just P1,000.00 - But still right?  I could have just given this amount to my yayas instead - they're more deserving!

I've learned to accept the fact that the P1,000.00 will be gone forever.  I don't think she will ever return the money.  I just thought to myself that she needed the money so bad that she needed to *dupe* me.  I just hope that when the time comes that she's really in need, karma won't bite her back.

I took to FB and found her.  So I posted the link of my previous post.  I got an inquiry from her neighbor asking if it was true - I told the neighbor to ask Yaya Babylyn herself.  I knew she would deny it - to save face!  But I can't believe it - I mean - for her to say *mababawi pa ba yung nilagay sa FB*?  I did not concoct that story, why should I?  Just look at the text message above - is there a way to make that up?  I don't think so!  I took a screenshot as proof because I had a feeling she will sing a different tune.

I know I will be mean but are these people's brains wired so differently?  I don't understand why they feel so entitled?  Did society do that?  Make them feel entitled because of their status in life?  That we owe them something more?

I am so very confused and irritated.  Boiling mad even - I mean, the nerve!


  1. I don't mean to be judgmental, pero minsan talaga kung sino pa mas nangangailangan, sila pa mas mataas and mas mayabang. Like you, i have had my share of yaya horror stories.
    Happy holidays!

    1. Hi Joanne! I also don't want to be mean, pero I do agree with you. Minsan nga iniisip ko, na parang we owe them so much? Pero kung tutuusin - we feed them, we house, we treat them like family and love them - YET they don't value us. Paano ba natin sila dapat tratuhin? Sana may guidelines nga eh. Para alam nila ang alam natin.

      In the end, it's sad to say but it's PERA PERA lang. Trabaho lang, walang personalan.

      Thanks for dropping by Joanne!

      Love, Didi

  2. Na-stress ako dito, Didi. Grabe naman yan. @_@

  3. I can tell A LOT of tales from our experiences from our previous yayas. much worse pa dito ang mga naging experience namin. believe it or not.