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Saturday, December 06, 2014

I am not very particular with the issue of gasoline.  Just as long as I have a full tank or at least half a tank of gas while on the road - I was okay.  It was important to me to have AC and that I would be able to reach a particular destination without trouble.  I wasn't aware that there were different types of gas - the only thing I knew different was there was diesel and gas, that's about it.  It was only recently when I really started driving around that I became conscious of the gas that I was consuming.  I remember changing from Petron to Caltex to Shell.  My Panget is a Shell loyalist - and he has convinced me to switch.

More than a month ago, I - together with the SoMoms had an *out of town* trip.  It was my first ever out of town trip alone with Connor and with the SoMoms (my newfound friends!).  So I was very excited.  The plan was that I will drive to Tagaytay, but on the last minute, my ever thoughtful Father-In-Law (Bless him!) sent over his driver and a car to take us.  He *worried* about my driving skills since Connor (his unico ijo apo) was with me.  I welcome it with open arms!  I was disappointed but hey, I won't get too tired - right?

My FIL's car of choice was an A4 Audi - this baby ran on diesel.  Would you believe that?  A sedan than runs on diesel?  I couldn't!  I quizzed our driver Ruel on the car's efficiency and he was witness to how fuel efficient this powerful machine was since he drove this most of the time out of town.  He was telling me that we would only consume less that P2,000.00 worth of fuel on a full tank.  I was secretly doubting him - and I got the shock when I saw the reading.  He was correct!

The drive was very smooth, considering we were on diesel, but I guess the engine also had something to do with the smoothness.  With Shell's Fuel Save Diesel the A4 performed the best - they were complementing one another - a good fuel to run a good engine!

I am sharing to you the 10 Good choices for fuel-efficient driving that Shell gave us:

1.  Drive smoothly and avoid high speeds.
Maintain a steady speed and keep your steering as even as possible. Avoid braking or accelerating too quickly as this burns more fuel. The faster you go, the more wind resistance you encounter, forcing your car to consume more fuel. 

My Panget used to tell me that Jeepney drivers would consume a lot more fuel because they kept on speeding up and suddenly breaking - and I didn't believe that.  Apparently, it's true!  Hahaha...  

2.  Plan your trips.
Always know which routes to take and plan trips accordingly. Try to combine small trips so you spend less time on the road and consume less fuel. For instance, schedule a trip to the mall and a friend’s house if they happen to be in the same vicinity.

I so believe in this.  I gather that since you are already in one place, might as well visit whoever is in the area.  Since we were already in the South, I planned to have lunch with a friend who lives in Alabang.  She cancelled last minute, so instead I went this restaurant that I have been meaning to visit for almost a year already (but never had the chance to).  My friend Tina, The Phenomenal Mama was convoy-ing, so I had to drag her and her daughters with me.  We visited Mama Lou's in Nuvali - I apologized to Tina ahead of time, but since I was already in the South, I knew I had to visit.  And boy were we all glad we visited!

 3.  Avoid carrying excess weight.
Your fuel efficiency can drop for every 100 lbs (45kg) you carry in your car. Consider removing your roof rack if it is not in use.

I honestly had doubts about this!  But apparently, it's true!  The heavier the car, the more fuel it consumes!  Take for example a sedan vs an SUV - of course, the engine is bigger.  But let's say you have more that you can carry on your car - your car drags more weight thus more work for the engine!

4.  Maintain the right tire pressure.
Fuel efficiency can be reduced even if tires are under inflated by just one psi. Maintain the ideal tire pressure of 30 psi. Check tires at least once a week or whenever you visit your favorite retail station.

My Panget had all the tires of our cars checked the day before we left.  He said it was important because a low pressured car would be heavier to drive, thus you'd step on the gas deeper.

5.  Do preventive maintenance and check-ups on your vehicle.
Fuel efficiency is affected by how well a car is maintained. A dirty engine increases fuel consumption. Start by using a high quality lubricant, changing worn out spark plugs and replacing clogged air filters.

6.  Check your fuel cap.
Make sure the fuel cap is properly screwed on after every fill up to prevent fuel from evaporating.

My Panget just bought an expensive fuel cap and I was wondering why.  He then explained that if the fuel cap is loose - the fuel evaporates.  I didn't know that not screwing it on properly will make you lose gas!  Aya!

7.  Avoid excess idling.
Idling is a surefire way to burn more fuel. Turn off your engine if you have to stay for more than 10 seconds.

This is very new to me.  But apparently, there are a few new cars that *stop* when they're idle - to save gas!  I thought it was dubious - but it's true!  While we were in Kyoto - the bus we rode would turn off his engine every time we hit a stoplight and then turn it back on when the light goes green!  My Panget pointed it out to me.  I remember my dad when I was young would let the car run for more than 5 minutes he said *pinapainit ang kotse* and I thought it was silly - and it really is!  Hahaha..

8.  Keep your windows closed.
Driving with windows open slows the car down. Close the windows when there is no need to open them.

This is new to me because I remember my Panget telling me to close the AC when I'm running low on fuel.  Hihi..  I guess this tip refers to when you are in a steady speed - and the wind with slow you down.  Hihi..

9.  Avoid rush hour.
Getting up a bit earlier can be a chore, but avoiding rush hour means spending less time stuck in traffic.

Traffic does cause you extra fuel.  This is very very true.  No explanations needed!!

10.  Make a good choice and fill up with Shell FuelSave.Shell FuelSave, a regular priced fuel, contains active efficiency ingredients that can help improve your fuel efficiency from the very first tank. When combined with fuel-efficient driving habits, Shell FuelSave can help make your fuel last longer. 

This is the reason why my Panget is a SHELL loyalist.

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