My son is a Vampire! HELP!

Sunday, December 28, 2014

What do vampires do?  They BITE and suck blood.  But I'm just referring to the *biting*

When I was younger, I had a cousin who loved to bite out of *gigil*.  So I remember my brother and I would have bite marks all over our body.  He was notorious for biting - as the yayas would always warn us to keep our distance, as he can and will *bite* us anytime he pleases.  He outgrew it eventually.  Thank goodness.

For the past few days, Kailee has been telling me that Connor tries to bite her.  I told her that if Connor ever attempted to do it again - to run and tell me immediately.

On Christmas Day - we were at SM Aura.  While waiting for my mother in law in All Flip Flops, Kailee and Connor were busy playing on the round chair - they were laughing and running around the chair.  And then I heard a sharp scream, when I turned around I saw Kailee crying and banging her arm on the chair.  She then screamed *Connor bit me Mommy!*  I saw her face and she was in real pain, she was trying to reach her back so I took a look - and then I saw it - it was a bite mark.  It was purple - dark purple.  I hugged her tight and consoled her.  When Kailee calmed a bit, I spoke to Connor - but as usual, he wasn't responsive.  He refused to look at me - so I hugged him and told him not to bite - that it hurts Kailee when he does that.  I told him to go to Kailee to say sorry and to hug her.  But Kailee was too scared - that when Connor went up to her, she ran to me for protection.  Poor Kailee.

Yesterday was a good day because there were only *attempts* to bite.  He was like a vampire, running after Kailee and wanting to grab her to bite her.  He would try and grab her arms, or legs or even pinch her cheeks.  Connor was a madman.  It was scary.  Whenever I reprimanded him - he would calm down and be back to his normal playful self.  No sign at all of the madman like vampire chasing Kailee around.

My Panget and I spoke about it - that we should be consistent in telling Connor that biting is not good.  But then we realize that 2year old toddler wouldn't understand, he was too young to know the difference.  To be honest, I am stumped - I don't know what to do to make him stop.  I just keep telling myself that this is just a phase, a phase that will end - I hope soon rather than later.

This afternoon, while we were in Mega Fashion Hall, Connor was successful in biting Kailee again.  They were playing - and having a wonderful time and then BOOM - Kailee screams again because she got bit.  She ran to my Panget to tell him what Connor did.  But Connor was oblivious that he cause his Atchi serious pain.

Is this what Terrible Twos is all about??

This has got to stop - but how?  

HELP ME.  Please.  I honestly, don't know what to do!

I am seriously considering slapping his hand.  HELP!

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