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Thursday, December 04, 2014

The last time I was in Tagaytay - I think I wasn't married yet.  Yes, it has been that long - too long.  Well, to be honest - when I still didn't have kids, I was always game for an out of town trip.  It was always a *go* for me.  But now that I have kids, I'm sorry to say - that the thought of going on an out of town trip with them, repels me.  Why?  Simply because of all the things you need to pack and take along with you.  I have to be honest, now that I have kids - I bring with me *everything* as in everything!  Then I need to know that the place we're going to is conducive for kids or is kid friendly.  I mean, you don't bring your child to a nudist beach or a place that needs a long uphill hike.  Now that I have Kailee and Connor - it's all about them.  It's all about keeping them entertained and wanting them to have fun and enjoy the trip as well.  A lot of elders tell us that kids won't remember anything - but I beg to disagree.  I believe they gain a lot of things, even when they're young.

I'm very happy that nowadays, hotels and resorts pay equal attention to making their little guests enjoy the experience.  Hotels have invested in creating a play area and other *entertaining* activities to attract more families to their place.

Together with the SoMoms, we celebrated our Halloween Extravaganza at Hotel Kimberly.  I've read reviews that Hotel Kimberly has a petting zoo, a farm and a nice play area.  A friend of mine even went as far as saying that her kids didn't want to leave the hotel the whole time!

Photo from Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay Website

I have this idea in my head that getting to Tagaytay will take at least two (2) hours (and more!) - but I was wrong.  From Shell SLEX it only took us a little more than a hour, and we were not rushing!  Location wise, I like the Hotel Kimberly is away from the hustle and bustle of the main highway.  I like the quietness and the serenity that if offers.  The place is pretty big too!  I actually like the size - the size is honestly perfect, it's not small yet it's not overly huge.  Guests can wander around without having to bump into another guest's private space and moment.

They have not 1 but 2 swimming pools!
And see that venue?  It has a capacity of 200 people, perfect for intimate weddings!

I really love how *green* this place is.
You can just sit here admire the scenery sip a cold drink or have quiet time and read.

Here, kids can do more than just swim.  They can have a picnic.  There's a huge playground. They can interact and feed animals such as rabbits, chickens, ducks, turkeys, rams and peacocks (I was impressed they they have a LOT of animals).  This type of interaction for me is great for the kids and adults.  I mean, let's be honest - where else can you experience this type of activity in the city?  And in one place?!  And being a few hours away from Manila - Hotel Kimberly is the perfect place for a small *getaway* literally outside of the city.  It's not a staycation but a vacation YET it feels like a staycation because of the proximity.

Here is Connor enjoying *nature*!
Since we don't go out of town a lot, he was able to experience running endlessly on the grassy area

Here he is feeding the chickens and the ducks!
So glad that he wasn't afraid of the animals!  Kailee would've freaked out!

One of the rare picture of Connor looking at the camera while enjoying the animals!

Connor is a curious boy and I was a proud mom that he went and took a close look at the rabbit!!

This is just a partial view of how vast the area is in Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay

I have said time and again that customer service for me is very important.  Hotel Kimberly's staff is very friendly.  You know how particular I am with customer service and I have to say that based on my (high) standards - Hotel Kimberly passed with flying colors!  Once you enter the premises, you'd feel the genuine warmth and welcome that they have.  Everyone has a *genuine* smile on.  The staff is very accommodating and assists you in every way that they can.  They will offer you refreshments and will lead you to the waiting area.  We were greeted by the charming Jeff Chan, he showed us his place and was very giddy to let us roam the place and see for ourselves that Hotel Kimberly had to offer.  By way of his actions, it showed me how proud he is with the place and how he knew that we would like it there.  I have to mention three (staff) names - EDGAR, CHITO and JON JON.  All three of them went above and beyond what was tasked of them.  They showed exceptional warmth and they were really very helpful.  To me a smile goes a long way, a simple greeting, the willingness to help and serve makes us want to come back for more.  Edgar for example while we were having an activity on the playground was all prepared with his water and serving them to everyone.  Chito was assisting everyone in the pool, his smile is delightful and sincere.  Jon Jon was ever ready with his helpfulness and might while we were setting up the game room.  These three are really keepers.  They made my stay more enjoyable and memorable.

Connor looks lost.  Hahaha!!
This is a queen size bed with an extra bed for Yaya Belen to sleep in.
The bed was comfortable and the aircon was very cold (which I loooooved!)
Oh!  Did I mention that they have *free* wifi??

Connor climbing the cabs.  Haha!!
Sorry, he's very malikot..

The size of the rooms are good as you can see the images above.  They're not tiny where you'd have a hard time going around the room.  The size is actually perfect for 4 people.  Let me say that the bathroom is spacious enough, it  .  But overall - I'm happy with the De Luxe room that we got.  The aircon was really cold, which is very good for us since Connor has skin asthma.  Amenities are complete too!  What I think needs to be added are the location of the electric outlets.  I understand that there might be a limitation on this so, it's alright.  Maybe they can just offer to lend some extension cords?  Hehehe..

Overall, I enjoyed my stay in Hotel Kimberly.  I would definitely go back and stay here if we decide to come to Tagaytay.  I like that it's a family oriented place where the parents can lounge and have *me* time while the kids can run and play and enjoy the playground and the mini petting zoo.  I think it's the closest thing you can get to nature without going too far away.  I really loved that they focused on the *family* and what you can do together without going too far away.

I almost forgot to mention the food!  The food is good!  It's Pinoy fare but good!  I especially loved their bagoong!  I kept on asking more.  The price range is also okay, it's not very expensive as the servings are big.  If there are only a few guests - the opt for ala carte, but I think if the hotel's capacity is filled up they offer buffet too!  Our breakfast buffet was really nice - I liked the selection - well, the bacon most especially!  Hahaha..

Sorry for the weird angle!  This was our breakfast buffet.
Not bad right?

Below were some of dishes we had for lunch, they were all very good!

We all had our tummies filled full!


And I will not forget to mention - look at the parking space below:

YUP!  It's that big.  I'm impressed that they thought of every single detail!

GOOD job Hotel Kimberly Tagaytay!
I hope to see you sooooooooon!!

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  1. What a kid-friendly place. I think this was the hotel my mom was telling us before. Maganda nga raw. :)

    1. It's super kid friendly. As in iwan mo sila they won't get bored!
      Hindi siya masikip very spacious!!

  2. Wow, Beautiful place to hang out.

    1. Its really a nice place. Really simple and very well thought of.

  3. we've been thinking of hotel kimberly for a while now as a more affordable alternative to a tagaytay visit. hmmm, the prices seem competitive. :)

    1. Hi May!
      Price is competitive nga.
      Plus there are things to do for the kids like the mini zoo, pool and playground