Slammin Mini Burgers: I got Slammed!!!

Friday, November 14, 2014

Since I love french fries - it's not surprising that I love Belgian Fries.  I remember first seeing it in Xavier so many many years ago.  Hahaha!  Then, they opened a stall at Promenade - and whenever I was there, I would order the Belgian Fries with dips of course.

I honestly forget where I first encountered Slammin (formerly Slammers) - but I remember it because it looks very similar to those White Castle burgers that I saw on TV!  I first tried it in Trinoma and I really liked it.  So whenever my Panget and I would watch movies in Trinoma - I always ordered from Slammin (formerly Slammers) - I always get their chicken burger - Crispy Chix.  Hihi.. Feeling *healthy* hahaha!!

Some months ago, I got an invitation to try out Slammin in the new wing of the Promenade.  I was really meaning to go but somehow - I never found the time, but last week - I finally did! :)  I honestly wondered where they were located then I realized there was still a part of the new wing that I haven't seen - and this was the place facing the Missouri Street.  So i went there and they were located just by the entrance!

They're menu is pretty straightforward and simple which I like because everything is there!  I personally almost always get the chicken - Crispy Chix or Go Fish.  I am not a *burger* person, but I enjoy it once in a while.  I saw though that they had this Black Box series, and I felt that it was calling to me to try them, it was the *Strawberry Jam* *Pineapples* & *Salted Caramel*

I was honestly torn between Romeo & Juliet and the Big Kahuna.  I didn't know what to get, I think I was taking too long to decide.  Hahaha!!  Good thing, Andrew - said that I could get a sampler of the three - and I did!!  Yey!  I also ordered a double Crispy Chix and a double dipper fries.  I NEED to mention this as I was impressed with how Andrew handled my order.  He was really very helpful but what he did was extra special (for me) as I doubt any normal staff would do something like this.  You know what he did?  Since I was bringing home the mini burgers - he LABELED them for me.  Labeled them!  I was honestly surprised because I saw him writing and then cutting a small piece of paper and then getting tape and taping them on the black boxes!  When I tool a closer look - he was labelling them, so I'll know which burger I was going to eat.  He really didn't need to do it - but he did and that earned extra points from me!  Well trained, very well trained! :)  He said he didn't want to confuse me - and I really appreciated what he did.  Very nice customer service!!

Since I took them home - the drive back was torture as the mini burgers smelled soooooo very good!!  Kailee finished ALL of my fries and I didn't want to mess up my driving, so I had to practice self control even if I was so tempted to take a bite into the mini burgers while in traffic.  It was 35 minutes of *self-control* it seemed like forever!!  I think this was the Burger gods' revenge to me for not dining at Slammin.  Hahaha!!

When I got home, of course - I took pictures of the burgers.  I left for a few minutes to freshen up and when I got back to the dining table - my Panget was busy eating one burger!  Argh!!!!!!!  I wanted to have first bite on all of the burgers!!!  Grrr....

I was so sad because I just had one bite of the Romeo & Juliet and I loooooved it.  I really hated my Panget that he ate that one.  Grrrr....  We then halfed the Big Kahuna and the John Candy.  I really liked the Mini Burgers, they looked small but they were very filling.  My Panget who is very critical of burgers at first didn't think much of the burgers even saying they were small.  But when he took a bite of the Romeo & Juliet - he was all praises!  He kept on telling me how good it was (which angered me more since I just got 1 bite out of it!) Hahaha...  He said that the burger was small but the taste was very good - he told me that whoever developed this burger did his R&D.  My Panget is usally NR when it comes to burgers, but with this one - just a few bites into the Romeo & Juliet he was say *It's good!* over and over and over again.  The Big Kahuna was also good as I liked pineapples in my burger and so that didn't need much pushing.   The John Candy too as a surprise - I never thought that sauteed onions would make a difference in taste - and it did!  The salted caramel added to a taste that I couldn't describe - I honestly wasn't able to pin it - but when I saw the flyer - it was the salted caramel.  I loved that they didn't scrimp on the bacon and sauces.

John Candy
See the sauteed onions and the cheeeeeeeeeese?

The Big Kahuna
Sad that the pineapple can't be seen..

Romeo & Juliet
ahhhhh.. the strawberry jam!  the strawberry jam!!

These mini burgers look small but packs a a huge punch.  It's filling but isn't too much to make you *suya*.  I enjoyed eating small burgers because its not as messy plus, you get to tell yourself that there's one more piece waiting for you!  Hahaha...

Looks can be deceiving they say.

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