Road Rage

Monday, November 10, 2014

I have Road Rage.

Yes, I curse every Bus, Jeepney, Taxi, Tricycle that is hassling us private car drivers on the road.  I super hate them!  But know what, I used to be *NR* with them, I think, I got this hatred from my Panget.  His disdain for them rubbed off on me.

These public transport service(men) seem to not know the rules, etiquette and I think they also don't know how to read and respect the street signs.  They would just stop whenever they wanted - alight and drop off passengers on a whim.  They drive like madmen and causes traffic and the most scary accidents.  What's up with that?  I mean, that's not right!

Everyday - private motorists need to abide by the rules of these public transport.  We are at the helm of their mercy.  We suffer their being disorderly and disrespectful of the road rules.  Then there are MMDA officers who just look on to the traffic that these silly boys create - they do not apprehend, and just do nothing.  They see the buses violate traffic rules YET they ignore them.  Instead of telling the buses to move in an orderly fashion - they just let them be.

I caught this MMDA officer, just texting away - even if there were a LOT of buses that were obstructing the right of way.  Private cars and other vehicles slow down uneccessarily and try to weasel their way out since the buses are in front of them trying to sneak in the lane late!  

Then a few weeks ago, I saw tarps say that buses can travel the tunnels on certain days.  HELLO?  It's like giving these buses carte blanche!  I doubt that the drivers will care if they're odd or even numbered - they'd risk passing these tunnels assuming that no one will apprehend them - and I'm sure no one will.  Sigh.

My head is shaking in disbelief.

Have you see a mad bus driver run on EDSA?  It's like the bus is on steroids!  The buses moves from side to side and suddenly stops when they feel like it.  They overtake lanes and then suddenly tries to sneak their huge bodied buses in a lane!  THEY DON'T HAVE DISCIPLINE at all, I mean really at all.

I remember once more than once, I confronted a Jeepney driver - I told him to move his car properly so other motorists can pass - he just yelled back at me *Naghahanap buhay lang ako! / I'm just trying to make a living!*  I mean, yes - everyone is trying to make ends meet - BUT not like that!  Not that way, right?  I got so irritated that I thought to myself - why do these drivers feel so entitled, that they can do whatever it is that they want?

Another Road Rage issue?  Those endless street parties that close the road just because some person is having a party.  I mean is it even legal to suddenly decide to close the street and hire a videoke machine for everyone to enjoy?  Government officials even *sponsor* the tables and chairs and tents with their names plastered on!  I took this picture yesterday afternoon, because I was suddenly stopped in my tracks because *someone* was having a party.  I had to take another road, and I hated it because the road was already too small for cars to pass because of the so many many many tricycles that are parked on the street!  Sigh..  Is there an ordinance for this??  I remember my Panget telling me that alcohol cannot be served on the streets (this is considered illegal and one can be arrested for such), but I'm sure with these street parties - drinking sessions is always be present.

I honestly want to complain, but I'm sure that my complaint will fall on deaf ears.

As much as I'd like to *fight* against this, I am just but one person.

Here are some pics that I took over the past few months... Argh!!

Above is a pedestrian lane - YET, tricycles ignore it.

Street Party??

This is the DILG building along Q.Ave and EDSA - it's a busy street YET look at the images above and below - DOUBLE PARKING! There's actually a sign that says NO LOADING AND UNLOADING - yet no one seems to follow it!

Tandem WITHOUT helmets..

Below is a MAJOR intersection, but look at where the tricycle is positioned.  ENTITILED!

Look at the MMDA office who is... TEXTING!

And yes another STREET PARTY..

This was last year - Ganito kami sa Makati.
What the H are you doing in QC and where are your wheels?


  1. Another of hubby's pet peeves are the motorcycle drivers. Kung mag-change ng lane, parang walang pakialam sa ibang sasakyan.

    1. Michelle! Isa pa pala yan!! They also feel that they're VERY VISIBLE. Eh kung sila nga hindi tumitingin eh! There was one time, I signaled to my right kasi I was turning to enter our gate. I made sure to turn on the signal light para kita. May isang magaling na motorsiklo na di ako pinansin. I didn't see him din kasi when I turned wala pa siya. Then BOOM! Nabangga siya sa akin - when I opened the window - sinigawan pa ako ng *Di ka kasi tumitingin!* Sinagot ko ng *Ikaw ang hindi tumitingin! Kanina pa akong naka right signal! * Hinayaan ko siya sa floor. I am mean.

      Love, Didi

  2. Hi Didi!

    "Yes, I curse every Bus, Jeepney, Taxi, Tricycle that is hassling us private car drivers on the road"
    I can't express how much I agree with you. There's no discipline in our roads anymore, and the worst part of it is the people don't realize it.

    I like your story and I hope many will read about it, so that we can do something to change things.

    Cheers! :)
    Candid Cuisine

    1. Hello Candin Cuisine - you know what I realized? This sort of *no discipline* has been instilled in us since we were young, but it's up to us to know to change from the *nakasanayan* to what is really right/correct

      I hope too that many will get to read it. Maybe you can help sharing it? Hahaha!!!

      Love, Didi