DIDIscoveries: Johns Cookers: Southern Fried Chicken in Examiner

Wednesday, November 19, 2014

We pass by Examiner on a regular basis and so we are witness to so many things - existing eat-all-you-can restos, new small restos popping up here and there, car washes that are open 24/7 and of course the ABS-CBN warehouse (or sort of) that is the main *sorting* ground when there are relief operations.

So, two weeks ago - we suddenly noticed that the place that Cassava Creme used to occupy is now Johns Cookers!  We slowed down to see the place it was very well lit and new (obviously!)  My Panget told me that we should try it sometime - it was perfect because that day, we didn't have a helper, so I thought to buy some take out.

I dropped by the place right after I heard Mass in a nearby Church.  I was greeted with smiles.  The menu was fairly standard - they were offering burgers and chicken.  I asked for their specialty and they told me that it was the fried chicken.  You know how much of a sucker I am for friend chicken - and so I ordered.  Initially didn't know how much to order but then decided to get 2 sets of the 6 pieces Fried Chicken.  I had to make sure that everyone was well fed.  So I placed the order.

While waiting for the order, chatty fatty me struck up a conversation with the staff.  I asked them if this was their first branch.  I learned that this was their second branch, their first branch was located in Kingspoint in Novaliches and that they've been open for 3 years now.  I was telling the staff that if they've been open for 3 years, that meant that they were successful.  The staff also told me that they also have a coffee shop right beside the Kingspoint branch.  I was curious so I asked her - why open a branch in Examiner (since it was far away from Novaliches) she said that the owners lived in a nearby village.  For a staff, she knew the history and the product.  Very good!

A few minutes later - a couple with a cute little girl walked in.  The staff were all smiles and she introduced them to me, they were the owners.  I met Ryan, his lovely wife Ann and their pretty little girl (I'm sorry but her name escapes me) - since they were there, I decided to ask them about the restaurant.  I'm really chatty - so I apologized in advance and told them that I like asking questions.  Hahaha!!  They were very accommodating answering my every question.  So to Ryan and Ann - THANK YOU for being so nice to me.

Johns Cookers started out in Kingspoint, Novaliches - according to Ryan and Ann, one of Ryan's brothers was in the food business and was familiar with how one works, so based on his knowledge and experience the family put up Johns Cookers and it was successful.  I asked them why it was named Johns Cookers - Ryan said that he and his brother were all named John (but they all had different second names) - that's why it was decided to name it Johns to symbolize the sons of the family.  I asked why they picked this location (I'm sure you'd say I ask a LOT of questions!  Hahaha.. But seriously, I do!!) they mentioned the proximity of the place from their house plus, they had regular customers along West Avenue and their neighbors in the village order from them too!  So they decided to risk it and open a branch nearby.

We had a good long conversation - in the minutes that I waited for my order to arrive, I got to know Ryan and Ann and they're really nice and warm people.  I always believe that we meet people not by accident - and I would like to think that what we spoke about in those minutes would help them in their current struggle.  So to Ryan and Ann, if you're reading this - you and your daughter are in my prayers.  I sincerely hope that we bump into one another again soon!  It's my philosophy in life to share information - whatever I know may be helpful and useful to others and I am one who is not selfish when it comes to sharing information & knowledge if need be, so I hope what I shared with you both will help you guys somehow - kahit konti lang.  It was so nice to have met you guys.

When my orders arrived, I had to go - it was nearing dinner time and I know my kids were hungry already.  Since Johns Cookers is nearby - I was home in minutes.  The aroma of the Southern fried chicken filled the car and I was so tempted to try some!  I honestly had big expectations - I mean southern fried chicken.  I was familiar with what it should be (based on my experience and knowledge) so I was hoping and praying that it would meet my expectations.

So, what is southern fried chicken?  Well, for me - it's fried chicken with batter.  It should be fried to a crisp, golden brown, soft and let's not forget - the gravy!  Hahahaha..  So when I got home, I hurriedly called the kids and my Panget and opened a box of Johns Cookers Southern Fried Chicken.

This is the ONLY picture I got to take because everyone was excited to EAT!!

This was what welcomed our sights and our senses.  The aroma was wonderful and we were all excited to taste it.  I took one piece and oh my gosh - it was so very soft and juicy!!  I loved that the chicken wasn't overpowered by the batter.  The chicken meat was so tender, the batter was just the right amount of crisp - I like that it wasn't very crispy to the point of burning, it was just right.  The flavor was good based on my palate - I don't like too much seasoning as there was the gravy to complement the flavor.  My Panget would love more punch, he's partial to *spice* thus wanted more spicy flavor.  The kids loved it - Connor had two (2) pieces while Kailee was drinking the gravy and didn't want to share!  Hahaha..  I gave the yayas 4 pieces to try, and they loved it too!

Everyone was happy and satisfied - imagine, the 12 pieces of chicken were all devoured.  There was nothing left - nothing.  Even the gravy - Kailee and I finished them off!  It was a wonderful take-out dinner, wonderful!

So, would we be ordering again?  DEFINITELY!  We'd love to try out their burgers next time.

The place is small, so a big group might be hard to fit.  But know that they deliver!  Yes, they do! I'll post the flyer as soon as I have it scanned.

For the price a 6pc. Fried Chicken will cost you P250.00.

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  1. 6 pcs of fried chicken for 250pesos?!? Wow!!!! Hope they'll open near my office para fiesta mode kami. hahaha!