The invasion of the Viber groups

Friday, October 03, 2014

I only learned of Viber when I got my iPhone last 2011.  It was a 'must' app that I needed to get.  I had no clue what it was for except for messaging.  It was a free message platform - provided that you are online.  Years passed and I rarely used it.  I have to admit, I am partial to Whatsapp - I can't explain it, but I like it better.

So I used Whatsapp and Viber whenever I was traveling (provided that I had a wifi connection or was on data)  It was convenient all right and that was it.

Last year, when my pediatrician's secretary lost her phone - what she did was (to save money in sending SMS) she sent a Viber message to I think most of her patient's parents saying that her assistant lost her phone and what the new number was.  At first, I thought it was brilliant.  But then when I my phone started getting notifications every few seconds - it got irritating.  Apparently, my pediatrician created a group message that included ALL the numbers she input in the message - AND it would reply to all those included in the message.  So imagine if I replied, everyone included in the message would be notified and would get to read the reply.  Oh my - I left the group.

Some months later, I was again included in certain groups.  There's this one particular group that I super dislike getting notifications.  It was because, I wasn't interested in what happened in that person's life.  This person would send pictures and updates on her everyday doings.  I guess some people might say it's fun - but for me, it's NOT fun.  It's like forcing EVERYONE to see those messages.  So I left the group, only to be added again a few days after.  Oh my.

I see the good points of having a Viber group.  It would help disseminate important messages all at once.  I was told that this is the most practical thing to do now - join (or create) a viber group when your kids go to school.  You'll be part of their class' Viber group!  This way, you will know if classes are suspended or what the assignments are for that day.  Well, that's the good thing about it.  What's bad about it is that some Viber members abuse it to the point of polluting the viber group with uneccessary messages!  I have been hearing horror stories of getting messages everyday of how the traffic is going to school, just simple everyday greetings of 'Good Morning' to everyone and everyone replying, being overzealous in their kids' assignments/homeworks.  The list goes on and on.

Viber notifies you of EVERY little detail.  When someone sends a message or if a contact has joined Viber.  Oh my - it's like your phone is ringing off the hook!

I think I'm getting old because - even if I see the point of these groups - what I think about when joining a group is - how many messages I will be receiving and I'm sure there will be messages that will extend to the wee hours of the night!

I mean, I see the point of faster communication - but it poses the question - does everyone in the group want to be informed?  I really hope there is a way to filter these messages.  Because too much of something is bad.  I hope I am not alone in this, or am I?  Hahaha!!

I may have to accept that I am on KJ fellow.  Hahaha!!

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  1. Just like me, I hate notifs. But with viber, you can mute it naman. hehehe.