Smart Parenting's BEST for Baby Awards

Tuesday, September 30, 2014

I am a person who likes to list things.  I like ballpens so I like writing down stuff on paper!  Lists make life easier if you ask me.  It makes life more organized.  Hahaha!  Yes, the OC in me is typing away!

When I hear of friends who are pregnant for the first time.  I send them my baby checklist and a list of things to bring to the hospital.  I voluntarily send it to them (even without them asking!) because I know it can and will help them somehow.  I can be pushy, but what the heck if it gets to help them right?

My Panget relied on Amazon's bestseller list for babies.  It helped him a lot because it eliminated the process of researching here and there.  Since there was a list, at least your work is cut short and narrowed down - all you need to do is research on the particulars.

Smart Parenting magazine has been around for quite a while now.  And it's so nice that they finally did the Best for Baby Awards! I think it has been a long time coming - and I'm glad they did it this year!

Here are the winners!!

I was able to speak to the lovely and charming editor in chief of Smart Parenting - Mia.  We discussed on how they were able to come up with the nominees and the winners.  The top criteria was that the products should be widely available and easily accessible to consumers and readers.  They used brands that were top of mind and were often the go-to products.  When they were able to pool together the brands - they then did a test that was a lab type of test.  The winners were picked based on the result of the lab tests that they made themselves.

There are some products that I agree and disagree on - but that's just me, right?  I think the general idea is what is good for the majority.  There were brands that wanted to be included but failed the category of availability (since you need to buy them online or through a reseller on FB)  The result that they came out with was very fair in my opinion.  So, I am looking forward to next year's Best for Baby Awards!!

Congratulations again Smart Parenting!!

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