Helping Elders..

Monday, September 08, 2014

Yesterday, I got the shock of my life inside a Daiso store in Magnolia.

I've always been exposed to Pinoys that are very helpful to their elders.  We are all witness to it.  We were all taught to help and assist our elders right?  So this incident really shocked me.

There was an elderly woman - let's call her Lola.  She was lined up in front of me at the cashier.  Then there is a girl - the cashier behind the counter.  Then another female staff that looked like the supervisor or manager collating unpurchased items beside me.  Then a male staff fixing stocks behind the counter.  Lola, after she paid and was given her purchases in a big plastic bag, she asked if she could borrow the cart to bring her purchases.  The supervisor behind me said that it wasn't possible.  The Lola said 'Mabigat kasi' 'The bag is quite heavy' and she was ignored.  I then called the attention of the supervisor, I told her 'Baka pwede niyong tulungan si Lola, ihatid niyo lang' She then looked at me and then proceeded to do what she was doing.  I was ignored!  I then told the cashier - 'Pwede niyo bang tulungan si Lola?'  Still I was ignored.  I was so shocked!

Didi: Parang hindi niyo ako narining (speaking to the cashier)
It took her a few seconds to reply
Cashier:  Narinig ko naman po kayo, pero ako po, hindi ko po siya maihatid kasi nasa cashier ako
Didi:  Obviously ikaw, ihindi mo siya matutulungan, eh - ayan o (pointing to the male staff behind her) siya pwede niyang ihatid si Lola.  Siya (pointing to the supervisor) pwede rin niyang ihatid si Lola!
Cashier:  Eh, Ma'am tatlo lang po kami!
Didi:  Marami bang customers?  Ano ba naman na tulungan niyo siya?  Ang lapit lang ng exit ng mall dito diba?
Male Staff:  Ma'am, may ginagawa po ako. (showing me that he was stacking tissue packs)
I just shook my head in disbelief and told them 'Sana yung mga Lola ninyo, kung nangangailangan ng tulong, may tutulong'

I was so shocked!  I mean for a country that is supposedly 'hospitable' and are the most friendly - Lola certainly didn't experience that yesterday.  And to think she bought items from the store.  I was in disbelief that I reported it to Rowena of the Daiso Philippines.  I mean, what I saw - that wasn't customer service.  There was no compassion or the urge to help an elder!  It was so embarrassing for the company.  I mean - the supervisor was just doing nothing - the male staff was just stacking things (tissue paper actually) at the back of the counter - and they're so very busy that they couldn't stop to help Lola?

You would ask - Anong paki-alam ko?  Well, she's an elder that needed help and was ignored.  What is happening to our society?  Total ignorance and zero compassion?  Most stores that I have been into would lend a helping hand.  If you purchased something heavy -  they would even offer to help bring out your purchases. So what's up with these three staff of Daiso Philippines in Magnolia?  Wala lang biglang paki-alam?  Sigh.

Customer Service?  Non existent in that particular store.

I received a call from Rowena of Daiso Philippines and she apologized on behalf of the store.  My point was that - there was an elderly that needed help.  And the staff ignored my requests to help.  And that to me was very wrong.  So I had to call their attention.  Call me pakialamera or whatever but I don't care - my point is, one should help - especially a customer!  A customer who bought items from your store!  Staff from True Value (in all branches) are so very helpful - staff in the Daiso Stores that I have been in are very helpful too!  So I was really surprised when this happened.


  1. So sad to read about this incident. Glad you reported this to the admin. Nakakadisappoint naman yan. :(

    1. I mean it would be okay I guess, if hindi Lola yung humingi ng tulong eh. But still, alam mo yon - they should still be helpful. Sad talaga :(

      Love, Didi

  2. Did anyone help Lola in the end? Kawawa naman.