Garlic and Lemon by Karen

Monday, September 15, 2014

Obviously, I like to eat.  So when I see food pics on my IG that interests me - I get curious.  This is what happened when I saw Michelle of MyMomFriday's IG post on Garlic and Lemon.  It got me so curious that I ordered.  Karen is such a pleasant person to text with - she suggests and is very candid.  A few days after placing my order, the goods arrived and here they are!!

The picture above is the Wonton.
It was frozen when it was delivered and I suggest you place it in the freezer immediately too!!
Just be careful in thawing because when I thawed mine before cooking, the skin was sticky and was falling off the wonton ball.  But nevertheless - it tasted good.  Below is a my version of a wonton noodle soup.

The wonton was good enough.  I wish though, there would be more shrimp - since I knew that when one says wonton - it should be made of shrimp with a little meat.  I guess here in Manila, it's the opposite!  Hahaha.. But it's good and I like that's is a good sized wanton that is packed with meat and flavor.

Above is the Tafo Puff.  I have to admit that I hated this when I was younger, I didn't know better!  Haha.. These can be steamed according to Karen, but for me - oil is better!  Hahaha.  Yes, I love oil.  So I fried these babies and below is what happened.

The Taro Puff kinda crumbled, but it was okay.  It's not the best, but it's good enough for me!!  Of course you won't be able to compare this side by side with a restaurant Taro Puff - but I think this can hold on it's own.  The taro is rich and if you like taro, then this is for you! I wish there were more meat though, but that's just me.  My Panget liked it and ate most of it.  Hahaha!!  He likes taro very much!

This one is really really really good!  The Skinless Longganisa!  I was so excited to try this and I loved every bit of it!  The taste is so perfect, the right combination of sweet and garlicky!  It was very very tasty!  I swear, you can ask my helper at home - I had to ask her to cook more for me when I first tried it!  I initially asked her to cook 3 pieces but it wasn't enough!  She had to cook more!!  This is Karen's gem, this one you should really really order!!  My Panget liked it but wished there were more garlic, but for me the taste is just right, tamang tama ang timpla!

Look at that beauty.  WOW!  It's pretty right?  But I swear, it tastes even better than it looks!! :)  You guys need to try it!!

You may call, text, Viber or message Karen of Garlic and Lemon on FB to inquire and to order!
Here' is their Facebook Page - Garlic and Lemon.  I'm so happy that I found her!!  Now, when I'm not in the mood to cook or is missing a helper or two, I won't have a hard time thinking of what to prepare!  Hehehe...

Thank you Karen!!


  1. We all love her longganisa! It's a monthly order, hehehehe...
    I am a "Taro Puff Girl" hahaha... what I did to make it more crispy is to dredge it lightly in flour and then coat it with panko/crumbs pa - so it did not crumble when fried, and it looks a lot better. Have not tried her wonton, but I always order the siomai, and newly discovered Beancurd Roll!
    Thanks for the linkback! ;)

    1. Thanks to you I discovered Garlic and Lemon!! :) So thankful that I saw your IG post! The longga is a winner talaga!! :) I will follow what you do with the taro puff. Pero in fairness, I liked the crumbly taro - more crispy parts! hahaha...

      Thanks for visiting!!

      Love, Didi