Ukkokei Ramen Ron

Saturday, August 02, 2014

I've heard about this restaurant for YEARS.  My friend, Kath is such a fan of this place and would always tell me to try it out!  I've been meaning to try it out, but the times that we've tried - the place was either closed or there were no available parking spaces.

I think Ukkokei belongs to the earliest and first ever wave of the ramen places here in Manila - because even before (I mean ages before) the ramen craze, they were already open.  I was told that this was the place to go for your authentic Japanese ramen fix - and its too bad that it was in Makati because I live on the opposite side of the city!  It was always been a dream to eat there - and it still has remained one.

But just this Monday night, since it was a holiday the next day - we decided to have dinner there to celebrate my mom's salubong (Chinese) birthday.  I was really really excited, Kath repeatedly told me to get the Tan Tan Mien.  So it was the first thing we ordered.  While waiting for our orders to arrive - I was looking at the restaurant.  It looked really simple, the interiors were just ordinary.  There were tables on one side of the restaurant and there were Japanese booth on the other.  I liked that their female staff is very attentive, they would say 'Hai!' whenever you called their attention.  I think I was testing their patience because every so often, I would call their attention to order something.  I didn't give out all the orders at once - we kept on adding and adding (much to our confusion) but mind you, all the orders were spot on.  Except for one - the Shio Ramen for Kailee that arrived really late so I gave it to the Yayas instead to share (on top of their Karaage Chicken and Rice dish)

Anyways, here is the Tan Tan Mien:

It looked really scary as I was not very fond of the tan tan kind, but I had to give it a try since Kath was raving about this and I was curious too as this dish was only available during dinner time and it was for a limited number of bowls per night.

My GOSH - what I tasted was indescribable.  It was really really really GOOD!  I swear, for a moment there I forgot my favorites!  My tastebuds were treated to a delightful mix of the wonderfully made broth, and a kick in spice.  I couldn't stop drinking the broth and momentarily forgot that it was steaming hot!  This is the BEST tasting ramen that I have ever tried in Manila, the BEST!  Now I know why many friends say that Ukkokei still is on top of their charts.  Now, I understand.  Now I too, believe!!

We also tried the Curry Tan Tan and my gosh, it was the creamiest curry soup that I have tasted in my life and it sooooo reminded me of the ramens that I had in Japan!  Yes, I swear - I tasted the soup and it brought back memories of when I was in Japan.  That good, that good!

For a moment there, I forgot my favorites - as in literally forgot them!  I was thinking 'Why was so and so my favorite - THIS should be my favorite!'  Hahaha..  It was only after a while that I realized that for every ramen enthusiast, there will be a favorite.  There is really no ONE best that can suit everyone's taste.

I would like to clarify - that my favorite is still ICHIRAN Ramen.  But Ukkokei's Tan Tan Men is really really good!!  The soups is rich and the power of the flavor is unmatched - if you compare it to other ramens.

I would brave traffic just to have this ramen.  I swear, it is that good!

Ukkokei Ramen Ron
Pasay Road, Makati


  1. Lets go!!! bigla nagcrave ako!!!!

    1. Sige Kath!! I'll hitch with you!! Tara!

      Love, Didi