Tim Ho Wan at the Mega Fashion Hall

Thursday, August 28, 2014

I first encountered Tim Ho Wan during last year's Hong Kong trip.  I enjoyed the food very much, especially the BBQ Pork Buns.  It was good and filling, too bad that we had to go all the way to North Point to enjoy it.  Last year too, I think the first international branch opened in Singapore.  I also was able to try it with some friends during our New Year Singapore trip.  And a few months back - Tim Ho Wan finally opened its doors in Mega Fashion Hall in Megamall.

When it first opened, there was a long long queue to get it.  I like queueing - because its so civilized and polite.  There is no 'palakasan' when it comes to queueing - you really need to wait.  But one time, we went to Megamall early - and when we walked passed Tim Ho Wan and we were shocked since the line was so very very long and there was a sign that said that they will be opening at 12noon!  So imagine the wait - you queue immediately at 10am and wait until it opens at 12noon and wait for your turn.  Madness, madness!!

So last Saturday morning - I decided to queue.  I mean, I had nothing to lose because my Panget was renewing his passport and I dropped the kids off at Active Fun.  And so I was slowly walking towards Tim Ho Wan when I noticed that it was already busy!  It was only when I stood in queue that I noticed that they were already open.  When the staff asked how many was in my party - I just said that I was alone.  Hahaha!  So they gave me a table immediately.  The first thing I asked was, was there a limit to the BBQ Pork Buns order, and the lady said it was 3 orders per person.  I sat on the table and ordered away.  A few minutes later, I received a call from my Panget - he was done!  OMG - that was fast!  It was surely less than 30 minutes!!  So I told him to go to Tim Ho Wan because I was already seated.  So while waiting for the kids - we ordered and ordered and ordered.

The famous BBQ Pork Buns of Tim Ho Wan

We ordered like there was no tomorrow since they were only dimsum.  We were still eating when I noticed the time.  I picked up the kids and the server Mark, graciously allowed the kids to sit on our table (he gave us more chairs and another table to connect to ours - nice right?  And we ordered some more and more and more.  Hahaha!!  You won't believe our bill - I was shocked, but what the heck - we were all happy and filled to the brim with Tim Ho Wan yumminess!!

Lotus Leaf Glutinous Rice
(sorry, I forgot what it was really called!  Too hungry and excited!!)

I would like to make a special mention to Mark - our server.  He was very attentive, helpful and very efficient.  His efficiency and warmth made a big difference to our experience at Tim Ho Wan.  Thank you Mark, we enjoyed our meal and your service to us and the kids.  Thank you for indulging our every request and additional orders.  Thank you very very much!!

So, there - I will suggest you go when the mall opens so you won't need to wait in line for a long time.  I'll be sure to visit again, during opening time!  Hehehe...

Tim Ho Wan
Mega Fashion Hall

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