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Friday, August 08, 2014

I love to write.


As you know, I have a collection of pens.  And I use them, all the time.  I scribble, I doodle, I write.  But really - I write, on paper, on scratch paper, on notebooks, on stationary.  Looking back, I was thinking - who or what made me start writing?  To be honest, I remember being in HS, and I think it was my friend Kathlyn.  She was what you call very poetic.  She kept a journal filled with poems.  I think during sophomore year in ICA, we were all encouraged to write, we were made to make a journal out of notebook that our teachers would check on weekly.  I think as a teacher - I'm sure a LOT of students didn't participate while others, well - they found their knack for writing.  I found out that I had so many things to say, but I couldn't say it out loud.  So I kept journals.  Journals that I valued and treasured.  Mind you, I bought fancy notebooks to write on - and I kept them.  Until Typhoon Ondoy struck - now goodbye to the volumes of journals I made during my teens.

I then started this blog in 2005.  As an outlet of my writing.  I think I was internalizing Doogie Howser, MD.  The PC with the first ever font, typing his thoughts and realizations.  I felt the same way to be honest - and I do still feel the same!  Hahaha..  If you were born in the 80's I'm sure you know who Doogie Howser, MD was.  So I was internalizing that TV character -  I started just blabbing away, typing away my thoughts, feelings and experiences.  I never thought that I would still be here, still writing, still blogging.  But I am.  And I am thankful.  Very thankful.

Writing has kept me sane through the years.  Whenever I as feeling down - I would just start typing and I would type as long as I can until I felt good.  Whenever I was happy, I wanted to write - I wanted to document things, when I was sad - my thoughts wanted to come out and so I typed away, reasoning with myself in words.  It was just then that I realized that words are very very important.  They helped me express so much of my feelings - good or bad.  Writing was my medium.

I was not encouraged to write, in fact - I was laughed at, at times because I was told that there was no money in writing.  But I never dreamed to having it as a career - I thought of writing as a way of expression but don't get me wrong - I admired people who made it their career.  Journalist, novelists - wow.  If I can just pick their brains!

I think people started noticing that I had 'skills' in writing when the Friendster Testimonials were the in thing.  Years after that, and years after I started blogging - I had my first ever published work - it was a narration of my experience in Hong Kong, and it was published in the Manila Bulletin.  My mom was so proud of me, that she texted all of her friends to read it!  I have kept a copy of it here in the house - as a remembrance.  I wish though, that I can find a link of that article in Manila Bulletin's archive - I am still requesting for it, but I guess it's gone.

So, why am I doing this particular post?  Simply put, I make this post now - to encourage whoever reads it - that writing is not something that's embarrassing to do.  Writing is very powerful.  Words are very powerful.  You can change the world with the use of words - Jose Rizal started a revolution with the pen, and as they say - it's mightier than the sword, and I so believe that.  Not everyone has the talent to write.  If you do, hone it, practice, learn, share and most of all, document it.  You will see how much you have matured by the way you write - by the way you use words.  I honestly was cringe-ing when I was back reading my blog posts!  Hahaha..

Remember - your thoughts matter.  You are important.  So find your inspiration and start typing/writing!

Love, Didi

What inspired me to do this post? It's reading this article by my friend's son:

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