Livestock: A Piggy Experience

Monday, August 11, 2014

I first learned about Livestock through blogger friends.  It was perfect for us, because the location is really nearby.  At last, I have a new restaurant in my list!

Fast forwards weeks later.  My MIL (Mother In Law) was telling me of this new restaurant of that my FIL (Father In Law's) friend, Uncle Gab that recently opened.  She mentioned that it was near ABS-CBN, I immediately volunteered - Livestock?  And she said yes.  She then began to tell me that this restaurant was put up by Uncle Gab's son and that it was called Livestock because they owned a piggery, the biggest one in Bulacan.

Brilliant right?  Since they owned a piggery, what better way to showcase your product by putting up a restaurant!  I then learned just last Saturday from my MIL that Uncle Gab's son studied culinary arts (where he met his wife) and I thought it was such a perfect combination (that he and his wife put up a restaurant!) the owners can have free hand on the menu!  Also, as it turns out - Uncler Gab's family, well we see each other during Christmas because of my FIL's Tennis group Christmas Party, that I really enjoy attending because of the lechon - the lechon that they donate every year!!  Haha!! Small small tiny world!

I remember being told that Livestock's Crispy Pata is very soft and juicy, that one can use a popsicle stick to put it apart.  I knew that I had to see it for myself.  And so, here's the video:

Melts in your mouth Crispy Pata
It was really soft as you can see on the video above.  The skin was very crispy too!  My Panget liked this more than the Crackling Pork Belly - and I can see why.  The Crispy Pata was juicy and wasn't too fatty.  It was really soft despite being fried perfectly.  Connor and my nephew Mav were so enjoying nibbling on the bones!  The Yayas said too that this dish was very good!

Lechon Tom Yum
I liked this very much, my Panget would have liked it more spicy - but I thought it was great!  I wished though that it would stay warmer?  I don't know if there will be an effect if you put a tea light underneath?  (Heck, what do I know - right?)

Crackling Pork Belly
My MIL liked this dish because of the herb-y lemon grass.  The meat was very tender too and the vinegar sauce added a perfect kick to the flavor.  Once you bite into the skin - crackle crackle crackle!  It was that crispy!  And despite being aired out - it was still crispy and not chewy!

Gab's Fried Chicken
This is really GOOD fried chicken.  I mean, I love fried chicken but this one's really really good.  The seasoning is perfect AND its crispy!  Kailee and Connor ate so much!  Kailee ate 2 pieces and my MIL was so shocked!  It only meant that it was that good - because Kailee's quite picky with chicken.  I tried it too and it was very juicy.  All the Yayas liked this dish too!  It was a very simple dish that was very flavorful - plus, I like that you can order it half or whole - and it comes chopped already!  And may I say - super loved the gravy!  Hahaha..  As you know, I am a gravy person..  I was kidding with my MIL - that she can tell her friend Gab that their fried chicken at home is very good!

Adobo Bagoong Fried Rice
The bagoong was really subtle and I liked that it wasn't too salty.  I confess that since I am a gravy person, I poured the gravy on top of the rice - and it was soooo good!  Hahaha.. 

Salted Egg Fried Rice
The yellow-ness made the difference.  The flavor of the salted egg was there but it wasn't too much, it was just right and it complimented the dishes very well!

Mushroom Duxelle Fish Fillet
My MIL liked this (and the Pork Belly) the best.  The mushroom sauce took the ordinary fried fish fillet a notch higher in terms of taste.  I wish we can order more of the sauce!  Hehehe..

We knew we went a bit overboard with Pork - but since it was a Piggy kind of restaurant, what the heck right?  I think I failed to mention earlier in the post that we ordered an appetizer - and staying true to being a Piggy experience - we got an order of the 3 Kinds Chicharon.  Deadly indeed!  I apologize for the hazy shot!

The place is big if you ask me, the AC is cold, there is parking available and they serve alcoholic drinks (they're a resto bar).  Interiors are nice too - you'll know instantly that it was well thought of.  They also have an al fresco dining area and a second floor that can accommodate 80 people (it can be split into 2 rooms that can accommodate 40 people each).

So, if you're looking for a new place to eat in Quezon City- try Livestock!

Sgt. Esquerra Ave.,
(beside Packo's)

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