Hooked on The Strain

Saturday, August 30, 2014


I just discovered a new TV series and I am so very much loooooooving it!

It's called The Strain.

How did I get to watch it?  Well, it was in our HD.  I was bored and I wanted to watch a new show.  I was browsing the folders and the I decided to just re-watch White Collar (because I so love Neal Caffrey) when I saw a new title - The Strain.  I got very curious and decided to watch an episode.  And the rest they say is history.  I saw all five (5) episodes in one night.

That is how much I enjoyed the show.  I was so impressed and hooked on the pilot.  I don't think there's a show (this year) that got me hooked on the pilot alone.  I couldn't explain it - but I was HOOKED.  I was looking forward to every scene, I was giddy and concentrated at the same time.  I was so excited - really really excited and I wanted to know what happened next.

When my Panget got home - I gushed about the show.  I told him that he would love it, and that it was super duper nice.  He just said one thing 'Guillermo del Toro'.  It was only then that I knew why he had that particular show on our HD.  My Panget has this talent for picking out TV shows - and this one, he has in our HD.  The only reason he has it is because of Guillermo del Toro.  My Panget is a huge huge huge fan of this man.  My Panget has watched ALL of his movies and is surely going to watch his future films - with me in tow (whether I like it or not).  My Panget then proceeds to tell me that this was a book that was made into a TV show.  I didn't know that Guillermo del Toro wrote a book!  I then googled it and yeah - he did write it.

Isn't it exciting?  I don't want to go into detail because I might spoil it for you, but I swear to you - if you're a fan of sci-fi/vampire/suspense thriller - then please please, do watch this show!  I promise you, you won't be disappointed!  Every episode makes you more curious.  I really wish I can be patient enough to compile the next few episodes so I can have more than an hour's worth of episode to watch.  I keep waiting for another scene after the episode fades to black. Dammit!  Self control!!


Oh, and Sean Astin is there.


  1. We're watching it but I'm not that excited. Heheh! na hook ka nga. LOL

    1. Sheila!! Sobrang hooked, grabe.. Hahha!!
      Kilig levelz sa hooked!!

      Love, Didi

  2. I thought I won't be able to handle watching it because of the grossness. Kaya naman pala. :D

    Have you and Panget watched Utopia (UK)? You have to watch it, too if you haven't. It's a comic book sci fi conspiracy. Visually stunning, very well written. You have to watch it before the USA adapts it next year. ;)

    1. Ayaw ni Panget ng Utopia kasi daw puros dialogues! Hahaha!! Gusto niya may 'action'! Hahaha.. But I'll see, sana may DVD akong makitang binebenta!!

      love, Didi

  3. awww me too. glad to know a fellow fan. found it out from this article. super excited for tomorrow