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Wednesday, August 06, 2014

What exactly is a Kouign-Amann and how do you correctly pronounce it?

I've searched Google and learned that Kouign-Amann is pronounced as Queen A-Mahn.  And that it is a hybrid of a palmier and a croissant.  Since I like the texture of both - I wanted to give it a try.  The first Kouign-Amann that I tried was made by Krispy Kreme and it was terrible!  I was told that the real Kouign-Amann was lightyears different from that of Krispy Kreme but I never had the chance to try any.

Until now, that is.

Yesterday, we were in Greenhills.  We had lunch at Zao which was surprisingly good!  I'll make another post for it.  And as we were walking to Milky Way - I saw that Eric Kayser was open, I was curious because my good friend Kath said that Eric Kayser's Olive Ciabatta was really good!  So I got one of those, one pastry picked by my Panget and then I saw they had the Kouign-Amann!  I immediately asked the person behind the counter if their Kouign-Amann was any good - and as expected he said that it was, so I got myself a piece.

Look at that beauty.

Gosh, it tasted even better than it looked!  The texture is oh-so perfect, the sweetness was marvelous!  I like my sweets sweet.  Even Kailee thought it was very good - she was asking how come it was all 'balat', hahaha!!  'Balat' for Kailee menat crispy.  It was the perfect combination of crispy, chewy and flaky.  I loved it!

Now, I'm a fan of Eric Kayser and Kouign Amann.

Eric Kayser
Promenade, Greenhills

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