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Friday, August 22, 2014

Sheila is an online friend.  I met her years ago in an online forum, where I met most of my online friends.  But you know what?  We've never met each other in person - no joke!  But in this age and technology - we don't need to be physically in proximity just to be friends.  I have to be honest, I sincerely love love my online friends - why?  Because they are always there for me, one tweet, one FB message, one email and I have my supportive friends who do not pass judgement.  I feel their sincerity and their concern.  They're my support group.  I am so glad that I met them online.  Grateful.  That's why I am also there for them too, forever!!

Thank you Sheila for giving me this opportunity!!

Love, Didi

Please visit her blog at A B & Me

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