2014 FERN-C Ambassadors

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Last week, I was invited by FERN-C to attend the awarding ceremonies of their 2014 FERN-C Ambassadors.  I was excited to see what was in store.  Since my Panget is a huge huge fan of FERN-C, I was more than happy to see what was in store.

FERN-C is the first non-acidic vitamin C in the market.  And my Panget has been a loyal user of this brand since it started.  I'm so happy now that FERN-C is already available in Watsons, South Star Drugstores, Rose Pharmacy, Manson Drug, Generika and the most convenient of all - 7-11!!  Thank you FERN-C for making this product available for everyone!!

In this event, I learned that FERN-C partnered with the leading BPOs in the Metro to support their industry.  As we all know, working in a BPO is stressful, thus FERN-C is showing their support and at the same time helping those in the industry fight stress and boosting their immune system at the same time!  In line with their partnership, FERN-C launched its campaign with the search for the 2014 FERN-C Ambassadors.  With thousands of entries - they picked two (2) ambassadors to represent their brand.

Congratulations to FERN-C and to the 2014 FERN-C Ambassadors!!

The 2014 FERN-C Ambassadors really look their part is are glowing with happiness!

You know what's nice about FERN-C?  Their work environment speaks very highly of them.  They greet everyone 'Good Morning!' regardless of the time of the day.  Their cheery-ness is infectious and I feel that, that's very good!  I'd love to have a working environment with everyone smiley, happy and very positive!

Again, CONGRATULATIONS to the 2014 FERN-C Ambassadors and of course to FERN-C!

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