Miracle Products: Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy & Vapor Soove

Friday, July 11, 2014

When I get sick.  I just let the virus take its course.  I usually am better within a few days.  But ever since I gave birth - well, the incubation time is longer than I what I was used to.  It takes a week or two for me to get better.

Case in point - my current cough and colds.

I had this really bad allergies ever since the start of the raining season.  I was able to contain it by taking allergy medicines - and also with the help of my newly discovered NetiPot.  But after a week - I realized that it wasn't allergies anymore.  It was a full blown colds.

Last week, my Panget said he has cough - and pointed to me as Patient Zero.  Hello?!  I wasn't coughing, kaya!  But then after a day or two - I had cough.  It was manageable - I wasn't coughing so bad.  But, I was blowing my nose left and right.  I think I spent so much on tissues already!  And since I was blowing my nose like crazy - it was drying up and was starting to get sore.  I usually put petroleum jelly on it - but this time, I wanted to experitment - I tried Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy + Prevention - and after a day of applying it - it was cured!  Miracle right?  Since I was convinced of its super powers, I kept it in my room!  Don't be shocked but I now use it as a lipbalm.  Its really a very good and versatile product!  I think it's an all around product - something like VMV's Booboo cream (or ointment)?  Promise, you can use this on scrapes and small scars!  Miracle talaga, promise!!

When Connor was a baby, he used to contract whatever virus that Kailee had - and whenever he had colds, he had a hard time sleeping.  Elders suggested that I use Vick Vapor Rub - but I read somewhere that it wasn't recommended.  I then searched online and found articles by the #SoMoms on Vapor Soove.  I headed out to Trinoma one day and bought myself a bottle to test.  And it worked miraculously on Connor.  Putting it on his chest and back helped him sleep better and help calm him down.  So ever since then, I would keep a bottle or two at home just in case.  Glad that #SoMom Tin - of MFO is distributing this product!!

This time, I was having a hard time sleeping and then a light bulb moment - I had this brilliant idea to put some on my chest, and throat!  It smelled wonderful - and I think I slept so comfortably that night because of the soothing scent.

So there - I am an adult, using kids stuff to get better.  Funny right?  But you see, I personally use these items too on myself.  Just to prove to you that they really work!  One may say that it's all just an observation and all - so here I am writing about my own experiences on these baby products.

Bottomline is - they're gentle and that really work!

Information on where to buy:
Vapor Soove
Grandma El's Products - Rustan's & Babyland Stores


  1. No, it's not funny because I use Vapor Soove too! Feel better soon, Didi!

    1. Thanks Patty! I thought ako lang gumagamit ng Vapor Soove! Hahaha..

      Love, Didi