Hong Kong Diaries: Tim Ho Wan in Central

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The first time I tried Tim Ho Wan was in North Point last year.  We were brought there by my Panget's cousin and I think I was the happiest chowing down so many barbecued pork buns!  Since his cousin was under the weather last week, we decided to have 'merienda' by ourselves.  And since we were in Central, I suggested that we walk to IFC.  Central has this massive covered walkways - so we walked on it towards IFC.  It was a relaxing walk - it wasn't crowded when we were there (it was about 2-3pm) when we reached IFC I asked the friendly attendant where Tim Ho Wan was - we were told to go down one level and then another level - and that it was on the MTR building.   So I followed his instructions.

Gosh, this was the tricky part because - well, there were so many escalators going on different directions that I didn't know which to take!  We were going around the IFC Mall and getting lost for about 15 minutes, when finally - we were led to the right path given the right directions.  We were honestly very reluctant as we were tired from all the non-sense 'lost' walking - but then, tada!  We found it!  It was just below the Check-In counters of the Central Station!  Argh....

When we got there, the place was already full.  I saw that people were falling in line and then I just followed.  But then I remembered, I knew that they had a queueing system.  So I asked the foreigners in front of me and they were just as confused as me and were lining up.  Good thing that the people around us knew how to speak in English and told us to wave to a waiter so that he can issue us a paper with a number on it!  And so we did.  Hahaha!!  In less than 5 minutes, we were seated in a common table. 

The food was as usual very good.  I mean for the price that you're paying - they're very much worth it.  I was disappointed though that I didn't get to order the lotus leaf glutinous rice.  It was crossed out in our menu, so I thought it wasn't available.  Turns out - it was available!  But we were too full already.

The price point is really good if you ask me (HKD28.00 up) because most of the dimsum places that I go to (in HK) costs about HKD40.00 and up for an order.  So in Tim Ho Wan, the value for money is really well spent!  Thing is, during peak hours - you'd really need to fall in line and wait for a long time.

Tim Ho Wan
IFC Central Station
MTR Buidling L1
(it's just below the City Check-In counters)

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