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Monday, June 16, 2014

I'm a very loyal nail spa client.  Proof?  I was a very regular client of CANS (California Nail and Spa) in Greenhills.  I was their loyal client for I think 7 years?  It has been that long, I was so sad that they closed down.  When they did - I followed my 'favorite' manicurista, a new smaller nail place opened right beside CANS and it was called Nuvo Nails.  I live in Quezon City YET I frequented Nuvo Nails, until my manicurista resigned.  After that - I got her to do home service for me.  I really really loved her because she was very gentle, magaan ang kamay, clean and very meticulous.  Unfortunately, her time management was not.  For I think a year or two, she would always cancel last minute or even just don't show up.  I forgave her all the time, but then I gave her a piece of my mind, I told her that if I made an appointment, I wanted it followed - if she couldn't make it, it would be nice if she told me earlier not on the exact hour.  I usually tell her to come to my place at 10am, but she would text at 10am that she won't be able to make it.  Hassle diba?  But then after that text - well, she ignored me.  I was hurt to be honest, but what can I do right?  Move on.  So since that happened, I have been looking for a nail place that was nearby and that reasonable rates.  I found one along Timog Avenue.  The rates were really cheap - but the problem was - they didn't have a phone, so you'd need to walk in by chance - and the aircon was not cold enough for the place.  I went there for a couple of months, until my friend Kath told me to try her new discovered place near Tomas Morato.  And when I did, I stayed at that place - until a couple of months ago when I tried Vanilla Mint.

I saw Vanilla Mint from my friend Pao's IG feed.  I was excited to try it out since it was nearer to my place - and it was new!  So when it opened, I decided to visit it just to check the place out.  When I entered, I was impressed because the place was huge!  The place I frequented before Vanilla Mint was so small that people were bumping each other on the way in and out.  And I also saw the person who used to do my nails at the cheap nail spa in Timog - so that meant, I knew her style (and I liked it).  So I told them that I'd visit the following week.  And I did, and the rest was as they say it - history!

I think I started going to them on the month that they opened, and I have been a regular customer ever since.  I really liked that the place is clean, spacious, visually inviting and I super loved that one could actually taste the smell of Vanilla Mint!  Their rates are very competitive, and comparing them with the previous place that I went to - they're actually a bit cheaper.  Location wise, its very accessible.  There are also available parking spaces which is a must for me.

I apologize that I have not shared this earlier - but you see, when I come in, I tell myself that I would take pictures, but sessions have relaxed me so much that I forget to take pictures!  This was the only picture that I was able to take - on my way out yesterday afternoon.

I haven't been able to try their massages but two of my friends who did, said that it was good!  I've tried having my eyebrows fixed by threading and I was really satisfied.  They also have waxing services and more.  They even have sparty packages for adults and kids!

So there - Vanilla Mint.  My happy place!  I really really love it there.  I also love that their couches are so inviting and comfortable.  The staff are very nice too!  They're very accommodating, smiley and courteous!

Thank you Lea and Achi Pao's brother for opening this place!!

Vanilla Mint Spa

  • Ground Floor, Rosemont Building, Panay Avenue
  • 1103 Quezon City, Philippines
  • Tel.  0927 831 8686

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