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Monday, June 02, 2014

I am all for affordable healthcare.  Its just but right for everyone to experience affordable healthcare.  Here in our country - healthcare is tiered depending on the paying capacity of a person.  More often than not, public hospitals have less than spectacular machineries and equipments, what more doctors and nurses right?  Its a sad fact.

I was so happy to hear about QualiMed from an online friend.  I first saw her post online and was startled to see that an X-Ray and ECG costs below P200.00!  Where was that service available?  I was surprised to learn that it was from QualiMed - a joint venture of the Ayalas with the Mercados and the place was located in PGH!  Look at that pricing!

I was invited to see the facilities and man, it was so impressive!  I mean seriously impressive!  QualiMed in PGH is located in the Faculty Medical Arts Building (FMAD), the building looks old from the outside but once you enter - its like you warped into the future because the facilities are all very modern!  There are digital displays all over the place and the place looks spankingly new from the inside!  It actually didn't really look like a hospital from the inside.  You'd see subtle hints of the old faculty building - like the grills and the flooring but all others are new.  They renovated the place to give it a modern feel but not taking away the old look of the place.  Very nostalgic if you ask me.  They were able to use the space very well.

X-Ray Room

QualiMed took us on a tour of the place and showed us what they had to offer.  The facilities are very clean, modern and very well organized.  I liked the organized part.  I hate it when hospitals make you queue and wait so long for your turn!  Imagine the hell of lining up at the cashier, and then again for the documents and then again for the results.  In QualiMed - you are queued for automatically and given an estimated time when you can expect to get the documents and results of the tests.  No need to jump from counter to counter just to finish your transactions.  This is a very good procedure because it cuts the time and the effort of knowing what to do next.  All you need to do is follow the numbering - of which counter to proceed to for the next transaction.  Whats great is that they have monitors all over the place flashing the sequence.  Would you believe that even inside their cafeteria, they have a monitor?  So as not to hurry you while you eat!  You can check from time to time if its your turn by just looking at the display monitor.  Brilliant right?  (I hope someone in the government follows this system)

This particular monitor is in the cafeteria. 
This was such a brilliant idea for those waiting for their numbers in the queue.
No need to be physically present in the queueing!
What a relief right??

I never knew that there was a machine that can measure how much radiation you have on the body!  This was developed because some patients are given radiation treatment for cancer, this will help the doctors determine if it is safe to give another dose or if they need to stop.

Physical Therapy for adults.  They may look like a kid's toy but these things help 
adults in their motor skils training.  

This is my FIRST time ever to see this machine in person and LIVE!
I've always seen them on TV shows only.
I was most impressed by this machine!!

I remember Dr. Edwin Mercado mentioning that their doctors are all salary based instead of the per consult fee - that way, they doctors are always present.  Hearing this, impressed me even more!  At QualiMed doctors are always available to see to your needs.  They also offer vaccinations at a UNIFORM price, uniform price!  Can you believe it??!!

QualiMed has three keypoints that I personally think are very good:

Most often than not, we are guinea pigs and I personally feel that there are some doctors who just will tell you to take unnecessary tests just to rule out so many things immediately.  Instead of them examining you properly and with care - they will just leave you to take tests.  Where is the genuine care for that?  With QualiMed - you are assured that you will be examined properly and not make you take unnecessary tests

What if affordable healthcare if its not easily accessible to everyone?  QualiMed is available in a number of places, including Malls.  I have seen previous set ups in malls and am impressed because they have used it as a facility so that they can accessed easily.  Traveling very far to a facility takes up a lot of time and effort - so being accessible means being able to address to more concerns for patients.

Medical care should not be over the top - or else, why provide them at all?  This is where being socially responsible comes in.  Everyone deserves to have quality medical care - and that is why QualiMed is here.

QualiMed is here to provide us with Appropriate care that is Affordable and is easily Accessible to the patients.  QualiMed is suggestive of the out-patient procedure - whatever they can do, they will - and they will do their best to eliminate having to ask patients to stay in their facility overnight.  They do surgeries, blood test, CT scans, X-rays, MRIs and more!

QualiMed is available at the following branches:

  • Daniel O. Mercado Medical Center in Tanauan, Batangas 
  • QualiMed Manila in Taft Avenue, Manila (PGH)
  • QualiMed Clinic in TriNoma, North Avenue, Quezon City 

Soon to open locations are:
QualiMed Clinic in Fairview Terraces
QualiMed Hospital in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan
QualiMed Iloilo
QualiMed Bacolod
QualiMed Sta. Rosa, Laguna
QualiMed Hospital in San Jose Del Monte, Bulacan

QualiMed accepts major credit cards and is accredited with a number of HMOs.

For more information call (02) 708-0000 or log on to www.qualimed.com.ph.

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