OMBU: Modern Filipino Restaurant

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I have been passing by this place for more than a year now.  I've been getting flyers on my car when I hear Mass at nearby St. Paul the Apostle parish.  I've seen IG feeds of the food they serve courtesy of the #SoMoms.

I've been quite curious actually but never brought myself to try the place out.  I finally got to try it a few months ago!  And I'm happy to have an addition to my list of good Pinoy food restaurants in my area!

The place is really clean - from the outside as well as the inside.  The interiors are modern, they used ceiling to floor glass windows to encase the restaurant which is brilliant if you ask me!   Natural light during the day and the place looks very well lit and inviting at night!  I also liked that the place is very quiet.

Here's what we ate:

Crispy Crablets
These were really good, I liked that they were crispy and not makunat.
Kailee and Connor enjoyed munching on the crablet legs!

Chicken Binakol 
The soup was really refreshing and we liked it so much.  I secretly hoped that we could ask for some more soup!  Hahaha.  This was something different for me, because the usual Pinoy food restaurants would just offer, nilagang baka, sinigang and tinola.  This was a wonderful change to us.

Salted Egg Tempura
I loved this so much!  It was the perfect combination!
This is a must order when you visit! 

Dilis Fried Rice
I am such a fan of dilis fried rice!  I am so happy that its available in Ombu!
I can eat this alone without any ulam!  Hahaha.. 

Gising Gising
I honestly never knew what this dish was.  It was very good for me since I love string beans!
I especially liked the mix of the string beans, ground meat, coconut milk with a bit of spice! 

Crispy Pata
What Pinoy food fare is complete without Crispy Pata!
They fried it perfectly - crispy on the outside and juicy and soft in the inside!

Salted Egg Pasta 
Since I already had the salted egg tempura, the flavor of this one didn't bounce as much anymore.  I was told that this is one of their best sellers.  It was good, but it didn't hit the spot anymore because of the earlier dish with the same ingredient.  Sorry!!

Frozen Brazo
I do not need to expound on how good this is!  I am a huge huge fan of Frozen Brazo!!

I enjoyed my dining experience with Ombu because the food was delicious and the staff was very attentive.  Mind you, we were there with other patrons, one would notice that the number of staff was quite few – but this didn’t deter their service, in fact they were very efficient attending to our every need as well as the others.  I was dining with kids – thus we were quite demanding with certain things like water and utensil – yet they were helping us with a smile on their faces!  I liked that even if the staff’s number was kept to a minimum, the service wasn’t – this speaks very well of the training of their staff – and since the staff is the frontline, it speaks very highly of the management and the owners and how much they value customer service.

If you are looking for a new place and you’re craving for Pinoy food.  Please do visit Ombu – I’m sure you’ll enjoy their fare and their wonderful customer service.  The place is very nice and inviting – I really liked the interiors (it looks so clean kasi!), you can even have a small party there!

I’m so glad for this opportunity to try this restaurant out.  I now have a new place in mind when craving for Pinoy food that is really good, reasonably priced and that is near to my place, plus - with ample parking space too!

Mother Ignacia Avenue
Quezon City


  1. Visited Ombu a few months ago, we tried almost the same dishes. I was pleasantly surprised that a lovely restaurant like this can serve dishes at reasonable prices. :) I can't wait to go back.

  2. Michymichymoo!! Diba? I was surprised as well! I really liked the food so much. Glad that you did too! I also really loved that the restaurant looked super clean! I would like to help this restaurant nga get the PR it deserves eh - kasi I feel its so underrated, sayang..

    Thanks so much for visiting my blog!

    Love, Didi

    1. I agree, it's so underrated. To think na maganda ang interiors and masarap talaga ang food nila compared to the other restos in the area. :)

    2. They deserve talaga the word of mouth! Super happy ako with the food talaga..

      Love, Didi

  3. This is at the ground floor of the hotel di ba? I love gising-gising but that sinful crispy pata is calling out on me :)

    1. Yes Badet! Below Sequoia Hotel! :) Let's Crispy Pata with Peachy!! Taraaaa... Malapit lang!!

      Love, Didi