My FRIENDS Tribute

Wednesday, June 18, 2014

I have loved this show ever since I first saw it on cable.  In a foreign channel to be exact, I think it was a Taiwan channel.  I remember that I was in 2nd year in HS when I first caught a glimpse of it, and by chance - I mentioned it to a classmate and it turns out, she knows about the show too!  Jill Krystle Chua - wherever you are in the world, know that I will forever be grateful for that conversation we had in the classroom about Friends!

To those who have been following me since I started, I'm sure you've read my posts pertaining to FRIENDS.  I think I have a handful of them.  It was through this show, that I met friends who had the same thoughts on Friends - that it was real.  We reference the show in real life.  I used to think that it was only my brother and I who did that, but as it turns out - many of us fans do that too!  Its really funny and cute when you think about it.  Hahaha!!  I know it's been years since they last aired BUT I still watch it when I have the chance.

This is still the best show for me, by far.  No show has come close.  EVER.  Hahaha!!  Benchmark!  Super love the gang.  Forever and ever.

For the past year BuzzFeed has been making these - most memorable quotes, episodes on Friends.  And I have been reading them non-stop.  Actually, anything FRIENDS related - I get baited every singe time.  So, I am planning to make a blog post tribute on my favorite show.  I will make an individual post on each the characters of Friends.  Stay tuned and tell me your thoughts!

You be the judge who is my most favorite!  Hahaha..

For the mean time, take this test on How Well You know "Friends"


  1. I haven't watched Friends but I could feel the devotion since I'm a fanatic of How I Met Your Mother naman. :)

    1. Michymichymoo - I'm also a HIMYM fan!! Yey! Sana you can get to watch it, I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Yun lang shempre you have to consider na since late 90's siya the fashion and the looks and the jokes will be different. Hehehe... When you do decide to watch it, please let me know what you think!

      Sad ako for Barney and Robin. Did you like the ending of HIMYM?

      Love, Didi

    2. I'm half-hearted about it. It's realistic, yes, but I was expecting a lot from the couple who gets along really well. Yes, I'll try to download Friends one of these days. :)

    3. Baka mahirapan kang mag DL - but the pirated ones! Hihi.. (Shet, BI ako!)

      love, Didi