Modus Operandi: Text, Solicitation, Donations

Monday, June 02, 2014

There are so many ways on how to make money through modus operandi.  One way is through a text scam which I'm sure so many of us have experienced one way or another.  We have been receiving numerous texts claiming to be relatives from abroad, us being winners of a raffle draw and the likes.

For the past few years, we too have been victims of other types of moduses.  We've received phone calls from certain policemen and military people asking for donations, councilors writing us letters asking us to donate 100 sacks of rice to their constituents.  I think the bottom line is that they resort to asking for money because they find it effective.  They can either strong arm you with a scare tactic or be in your debt someday.

I have also experienced relatives of those who passed away who knock on our doors to ask for abuloy.  They come prepared because they have the death certificate with them.  But how can we confirm right?  There are also those barangay basketball leagues that ask for donations because they need money for the uniforms and prizes and parties!

This morning, this is what came knocking:

I really dislike getting these kinds of things.  I am irked by them simply because its easy money for them.  Why do you need to have a party if the budget can't provide for it?  Should there be a party every year?  How are we to know that these are real solicitations, right?  They are asking for money and mind you - they are not a small amount!  Based on the picture above the person doing the rounds has collected at least P1,200.00 already.

I remember about 5-6 years ago, the garbage collectors always knock on our doors after they get our trash.  They ask for money.  My mom gives them P20.00 but then one time - the person asking complained to us.  They were angered by the amount!  I then told them, in the first place - why should I give you money if you already receive a salary?  When he heard this, he just walked away.  There was even an instance where I asked them why they ask for money - they said that they weren't getting paid (And we're responsible for that?) I called the City Hall to confirm - and they said the garbage collection fee that was being paid in the business permits is different.  When I asked how different, they were clueless too!  They just said 'Basta, iba siya'  Sorry, but that answer was not acceptable for me.

I called the barangay to inquire on this.  And I don't know - I guess by the sheer stupidity, the person from the barangay simply asked 'Is there a signature?'  I asked - signature of whom?  He simply repeated 'Just a signature'?  GOSH!  After a while, he told me to call a number on the 2nd floor - he said that they can answer my query.  And so I tried calling.  The number was ringing off the hook!  Are there no people on the 2nd floor of the barangay hall??  Gosh....  I am speechless!!

I'd like to report these kinds of this BUT I'm sure they'd fall on deaf ears even if I call the city hall.

So there, be careful ha!! :)

Let's not be victims of these kinds of scams..


  1. Yikes. Wala talaga minsan magawa ang mga tao. I think you should report this in City Hall in person at least they will know na may ganito po palang modus. Thank you for this post Miss Didi.

  2. Hi Pau! Ang problem is walang time to go to City Hall in person, plus - I'm sure they will ignore me. But I'm putting it out there so that people will know diba?

    Knowing is half the battle ika nga ng GI Joe!

    Love, Didi

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