Monday, June 23, 2014

Kettle has been in my radar for a long time now.  Ever since seeing it on my IG feeds and posts of my fellow bloggers.  I became curious.  Unfortunately - I've never had the chance to try the restaurant.  It was always full whenever we go.  We were always more the 12th in line.  And since we're always with the kids - their tummies cannot wait.

Yesterday morning, my Panget decided to head to Shangri-La Mall.  While in the car, we were already discussing where to have lunch.  It was Panget who decided on Maple.  But I wanted to try my luck in a different restaurant.  So when we got to the mall at 11:15, the first thing I did was go to Maple - but they weren't accepting reservations - we weren't that hungry yet, so we thought of walking around the mall.  While window shopping - I told my Panget that I will try my luck at Kettle.  So I went up to Kettle and left my name and number - my name was 6th in line.  I met up with my Panget and told him that - he said that it was close to impossible.  So we strolled walked and looked around, as we always do.  After 30 minutes, we decided that we might seriously need to head on to Maple - because Mass in the main wing was ending - so for sure the influx of the lunch time crowd will be expected.  On our way down to Maple - we walked past Kettle.  The kids suddenly needed to go to the bathroom and my Panget went with them, I told him that I'd try my luck!  So, when I got to the podium - I asked what number we were - we were 4th in line.  But then the nice receptionist said that she just gave the bill to a table that can accommodate us - I was thrilled!

There I met Rosh (he was wearing a chef's garb) so I asked for his recommendations on the dishes.  The first thing he recommended was the Buttermilk Fried Chicken - it's THE best seller.  I knew I was going to order that, so I asked for others - and he graciously pointed to and explained the dishes one by one.

Within minutes, we were seated and these are what we got:

Clam Chowder in Sourdough Bread

Whenever I see Clam Chowder on the menu, I almost always associate it with the Clam Chowder that I always order in Dan Ryan's - one that is on a bread bowl.  I have never seen a clam chowder here in Manila that serves in on a bread bowl .  So when I saw the description on the menu - I knew I had to order it. The chowder was very flavorful - but the bread was too soft for me.  Although the softness didn't make a difference in the taste, I poked a few holes in it while scraping the bread while scooping the soup.  But that's just a small thing.  I really liked it and so did Connor.  Kailee ate the bread bowl's cover and even shared it to the Yayas.  Hehehe... 

 Ceasar Salad

Rosh recommended that we get the Kettle salad, unfortunately Cherish - our server said that they didn't have arugula at that time.  So my Panget decided on his favorite salad - Ceasar Salad.  I was happy with the salad, but my Panget said that it lacked dressing, so we asked for more and they graciously induldged us.  I liked the grated cheese on top.  I liked also the fact that they made the lettuce all bite sized.  No one was too big for the mouth! :)  

 Angus Roast Beef Hash

I ordered this one for myself because Rosh said it was good.  And I was happy that it was good!  It's not the best, but it's good enough.  I like roast beef and so I enjoyed this dish very much.  I got fries as a side dish for this - and I think that was a mistake.  I should have just stuck with the rice as side dish because it would be the better partner.  I would have enjoyed it more!

Corned Beef Hash

My Panget ordered this one and was very disappointed.  He found the hash pieces to be very tough.  Initially, when you take your first few bites - the taste was 'wow', but as you eat through the plate, you'd get sawa with the taste.  I have to agree with him on that.  Because halfway through, I had to exchange with my Panget so as to make him happy with his lunch!

Buttermilk Fried Chicken

This dish did not disappoint.  I initially thought that I might need to order two of these but was really surprised (good surprised) to see that the chicken parts were huge!  The skin was fried to a crisp, while the meat was so very juicy!  I saw that there were two sauces - one was gravy and the other looked syrupy - so I had to taste it, and it was honey-ish.  I wondered tuloy on the combination and gave it a try - and I was FLOORED!  I never knew that fried chicken can be given a kick in the flavor with a drop of the honey!!  Wow!  I told my helpers to try it and they loved it too!  Connor are his bite size pieces while Kailee ravaged the skins!  This is dish is really good!  This will definitely make me come back.  I love love fried chicken and this is one that I can have weekly.  No exaggeration, promise!!

One thing I can say about Kettle is that their SERVICE IS IMPECCABLE.  As my Panget mentioned to me -  the waiters were very helpful, confident and knowledgeable on the menu.  He said that you would feel the difference in the service because they move fast and are very efficient and accommodating - it seemed as if they were trained very well in the art of service.  They are very attentive and are all smiles - they're dressed very well too!  In my Panget's own words 'Iba yung ramdam ng service nila'  Also, since we were seated near the kitchen - Rosh, would show me the dishes he was going to serve other patrons.  It was really nice of him to be honest - because I'm sure if it was just another person, he or she would just go on their way and serve the food. They looked really good - presentation wise.  But I'm sure most of the food on the menu will not disappoint taste wise.

So there, to the staff of Kettle - especially Rosh, THANK YOU for your wonderful customer service and food creations.  Our lunch yesterday was extra special - amidst the chaos of the Sunday lunchtime crowd - you were able to attend to our needs perfectly!  Thank you for giving us the attention - we appreciated it very much!

See you soon!!

East Wing Shangri-La Mall


  1. good review. my mouth was watering as i was reading and looking at the pictures and their description.

  2. Hi Anonymous!! Glad you liked my review!! Please do try Kettle if you have time!! :) And do get the Buttermilk Fried Chicken!!

    Love, Didi