Didi's Baby Checklist

Saturday, June 21, 2014

When I got pregnant I was so asking every mommy friend of mine to give me a baby checklist.  Most friends were clueless - but some were very organized and sent me a list.  I've read all of them and I loved them so much.  They helped me!  So when I had a friend who asked me to give her a list, well - OC/Organized mode set it and I was typing like crazy.  I know if you read through the list, you'd say I'm very OA (Over Acting) with some of the things, but well - its MY list, so.... Let me be OA.  Indulge me please!

My friend Shen - you inspired me to share this list of mine.  Thank you!  See you soon with baby CC!!

Please keep in mind that this is only meant as a guide.  Your needs may be different than mine, so you can just take what you need and cross out what you don't.

In case you'd like a copy, shoot me an email with title BABY CHECKLIST PLEASE so I can send you the file.

Hope this was helpful!!

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