Didi Reviews: Grandma El's Gentle Baby Lotion

Wednesday, June 04, 2014

Just before the Holy Week, my neighbor Vanessa gave me a bottle of Grandma El's Gentle Baby Lotion.  Since my kids have eczema, I'm always on the lookout for a good lotion for their skin.  This was a welcome for us because of the all natural ingredients.

Every summer, my kid's eczema acts up even more.  The heat becomes unbearable to their skin.  Connor for one, gets rashes all over his body.  He doesn't itch as much as Kailee, but he gets a more rough skin spots, and red rashes all over his body.  These rough spots if not paid attention to, gets thicker - which is bad.  We've resorted to putting steroid creams just to manage it.  I've been wanting to avoid it, but it seems I can't.  What I need though is to lengthen the time in between using steroids cream.  With our previous lotions the time in between was just two weeks the most.  And we were happy with that length of time.

Trying Grandma El's Baby Lotion, I was hoping to just find it as an all natural alternative to the lotions that I have been giving Connor.  But what I found is far more greater than a lotion - I found an alternative to the creams that we put on him.  I didn't believe it at first but when Yaya showed me the progress in Connor's skin - well, I was amazed!

Connor's skin became soft and smooth after two days of using Grandma El's Gentle Baby Lotion!  After using it for a week, all the rough spots were gone!  His skin became soft and supple!  And since it was the summer - the heat was supposed to make his eczema worse, but it was wonderfully managed by Grandma El's Gentle Baby Lotion.

Now, we use it only when there are rough spots on his skin - and we have been steroid free for over a month and a half now!  I am so very happy to find an alternative to medicinal creams.  It was really magic, I swear!  I know there are no medicine in the ingredients so I'm sure that the natural ingredients suited Connor's skin very well.  Thank goodness that it did!

I have previously tried other 'natural' lotions on Connor but they seem not to work all time time, so I stopped trying and hoping that they will work.  But this particular product, changed my views on the 'All Natural' lotion - apparently, it works!

Thank you super Vanessa for bringing Grandma El's to our shores!

Grandma El's Gentle Baby Lotion is brought to you by Borderless Exchange is available in Rustan's and Babyland Stores.

You may visit Grandma El's Facebook Page for more details.

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