Vikings: Buffet for every Juan!

Friday, May 30, 2014

There used to be a time where buffets was the in thing.  Hotels were offering 50% discounts for their privilege card holders, it was such a success that I think a lot followed suit.  One of them was Vikings.

I first heard of Vikings last 2011 - their maiden branch was in SM MOA, and friends have been telling me how massive the selection is - that it was comparable to Sofitel's Spirals buffet.  Over the years, I never got the chance to sample their food.

Last April 9, I was finally able to experience Vikings at its newest branch in Megamall's newest wing the Fashion Hall.

It was my first time and it was MASSIVE.


 For those who love love love Japanese!

Cheese!  Who doesn't love cheeeeeeese?! 

A wide selection of cold cuts!! 

Tapas, anyone?? 

 I secretly loved this..  A Nacho Station!!!!

Pizza Station - this was my first stop! 

 Bread Station - I'm sure my son will love this!!

See, it's massive beyond proportions!  I have never seen a buffet spread as massive as this, except of course in the old Spirals (I haven't gone back since they renovated) or in a hotel!  I was also amazed on the interiors - it felt like I was inside a hotel.  The space and the table arrangements were very well thought of - they weren't crowding each other, you had a space to yourself(your table).  It felt so much like you were in an actual hotel restaurant.  The waiters are very courteous and helpful.  There are private rooms and the bathrooms were well maintained.  I just have to say - in the bathrooms, they used a KDK hand dryer - why did I notice?  Well, because it says a lot about the budget of the place - the brand KDK isn't cheap - its a quality product and that means, they spent well for the quality, which in turn for me means that they're not scrimping.  It says so much on the owners, that if they're willing to spend of their interiors - they're spending well on their ingredients too!

The food selection is very good!  They have a wide range of cuisine!  I was very much impressed, there was Japanese, Indian, Italian, American, Chinese, Thai, Filipino and Korean - and that's just at the top of my head!  The dishes look very well thought of and the ingredients were not compromised.  One of my favorite is the Italian - I am a sucker for pizzas and pastas and I enjoyed making my old black pasta - and here is an image captured by my twin!  Looks good right?  Well, it tastes even better!!

As for the Asian side - I sampled the crabs - and wow, they were very good too!  I think I was lucky that lunch time - because there were a few people getting the crabs!  I had them all to myself!  Hahaha!!  They also had a Shabu Shabu Station, I failed to get a picture of it but gosh, I was floored because it seems like they covered all their bases!  Impressive right?

The meat section was also very good.  Look at that selection!  Wow.

What surprised me the most was the beverage spread.  I don't think I've seen a buffet that offers drink inclusive of the food!  And mind you, the selection here in Vikings is extra ordinary - they have a LOT of drinks in store for us.  You can even try out all their drinks!!  Wonderful right?  Where else can you sample that much drinks in one sitting?! My favorite was the Lemongrass and Mint drink!  I kept coming back for more!!  They also served beer!  That's the first time for me to see one in a buffet here in the Philippines!!  They also have a fruit shakes, Milo slush, coffee and a selection of teas!

I always had the impression that Vikings had a similiar selection with the competitor - but I was wrong.  What welcomed me was a huge assortment of dishes that I never knew could be included in a buffet spread that was not a hotel!  I would definitely go back because of the quality of the food, the wide selection of dishes and the ambiance.  Yes, its in a mall but the ambiance makes you forget that you are in a mall, and instead makes you feel like you're dining in a hotel restaurant.  I really liked what Vikings has to offer to us.  I'm impressed, really impressed.

Here's a look at their dessert spread.  Mind you, this is not everything - there's more that I didn't get to capture because I was so excited to eat!!

Aside from the reasonable prices for the quality food, Vikings is offering various discounts for a number of celebrations.  They have the Birthday Promo where the celebrant can eat for free (see conditions on the website), the Wedding Anniversary Promo where the couple can celebrate their anniversary 3 days prior or after and the discount will depend on the number of years married!  The Group Promo where one can eat for free at a different time!  Its really nice that they are able to think of these occasions to entice you back to their restaurants.  Who would have imagined making these?  Amazing right?

They also have private rooms - in case you want your own little nook in the restaurant

Last but not the least - I liked them more because they had kiddie plates and utensils.  It makes Vikings really child-friendly and we need a LOT of restaurants to be kid-friendly.  Look how prepared they are when it comes to the plates and utensils.  Its really good that restaurants are becoming aware of this.  I know its mababaw, but when I saw this - I instantly thought this restaurant is a winner in my book!

Vikings Luxury Buffet
SM Mega Fashion Hall

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