Osaka Diaries: Revisiting Ichiran Ramen

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We fell in love with Ichiran Ramen when we visited Tokyo last year.  And since learning that we would be going to Osaka - I made sure to know where Ichiran was in Osaka.  It was going to be a sure restaurant to eat at, no matter what.  It was along the Dotonbori River - I looked at the map online and saw that it was fairly in the same area as our hotel, Fraser Residences.  I informed my Panget that it might be a long walk - but we knew that wherever it was - we had to dine there again.

And two Tuesdays ago - it happened.  It rained the whole day that Tuesday - and I was telling myself that getting to Ichiran was quite impossible.  But when I asked my Panget and my friend Selene - well, they both said to go ahead with the plan.  Bahala na!

So we walked it - while it was drizzling.  Imagine a good 15 minute walk to the Dotonbori River.  It was no joke.  We had to cross three (3) major roads to get to Dotonbori River.  The kids, Kailee and Alleya were dressed in raincoats, sitting pretty in their respective strollers, while we - Selene and I pushed them to reach Ichiran while holding our respective umbrella.  I honestly don't know how we did it, but we managed!  Hahaha.

Since Ichiran was located along the walkway of the Dontonbori River, from the bridge - we still had to go down to the walkway.  And the path where Ichiran was located didn't have a ramp, it was stairs!  So we had to carry the strollers down the stairs to reach the walkway.  Alleya had to get out of her stroller and walk, while Selene carried the stroller down the stairs.  I told myself that the ramen should really satisfy Selene or else, she will kill me!  It was quite a distance from the bridge and when I saw a waiting shed, I told my Panget and Selene to stay put while I fell in line.  I would call them if I was near already.  And so I fell in line under the rain, it was all for the love of Ichiran Ramen, or else I wouldn't be stupid enough to fall in line under the rain!  While in line, I met a Aussie-Chinese couple (they were behind me) I told them that they could go ahead since they were only two people, I think they were so happy that they called me 'You're such a good person!'  Hahaha!  Kinilig ako!  Then they proceeded to ask me if I had eaten here previously - I said that I did in their Tokyo branch and that this was my first time at this branch.  They asked me if it was any good, I told them that it was the BEST ramen that I have ever tried in my life!  Hahaha..  In less than 20 minutes of falling in line and conversing with the couple, we (my Panget and I + Selene and the kids) were seated comfortably in Ichiran's signature counter style individualized booths.

Before we were seated, we had to order via vending machines.  This time, my Panget and I made sure to order all that we needed:  dried seaweed, extra pork, extra noodles, tamago, and dried mushrom.  We had our tickets and we were all excited.  I think I was the most excited!  I had to order extra noodles because Kailee was sharing with me.  I'm sure I'll be hungry if we share a bowl of ramen.  Kailee is such a noodle monster thus, we will both be hungry for more.

It was a good thing that the hands behind the counter (no much physical contact, I don't even know what the server looks like!) knew how to speak English, because he was confused when I handed him all the tickets!  Hahaha..  The tickets were all in Japanese, and so he had to translate for us.  I had to separate the orders to make sure that they went to the correct person (me and my Panget's order).  In less than 5 minutes, our orders arrived.  Look at that beauty!!

As usual, we weren't disappointed.  Selene declared that it was the best that she has tried!  I am so happy that she loved it!  I would have been killed (or die of guilt) if it didn't pass her standards!

Ichiran also has instant ramens - I bought these last year and they were so good!  So this trip, I made sure to bring home some!

So for those going to Japan - please make sure to try Ichiran Ramen!  They have branches all over Japan!  Ichiran also opened their first branch outside of Japan last year - that particular outlet is located along Jaffe Road in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  The best part about Ichiran is that they're open 24/7.  Yes - 24 freaking ours!  No need to worry if you'll be able to make it on time because it'll be open anytime you go!


  1. Hi! Do you know where I can get english instructions on how to cook the take home ramen of ichiran?:)

    1. Hello Anonymous! I hope you subscribed to my blog's reply. Please shoot me an email at - I'll teach you!! :)

      Love, Didi


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