Osaka Diaries: Osaka Ohsho

Friday, May 16, 2014

I first learned of Osaka Ohsho in my IG feeds.  Blogger friends have been posting here and there images and reviews of the restaurant.  So one weekend when my Panget and I visited Mega's new Fashion wing, I pointed the place out to him.  But we opted to eat somewhere else because we were going to Osaka - we decided that if we wanted to eat at that particular restaurant, we should then eat at the original place where it came from.

I honestly did not look for Osaka Ohsho while we were in Osaka for a week.  It wasn't on my list of places to go, because at the back of my mind - there was a branch in Manila (Yes, baliktad nanaman ang isip!)  But on our last night, we were already tired and didn't want to queue in a restaurant.  So we decided to just order take away and have them all in the hotel - Fraser Residences.  Our hotel is a serviced apartment - and since were two families, we opted to go for the 2Bedroom Suite - and that meant we had a living area, dining area, a small working kitchen.

We were actually rushing around, the kids were getting restless and so we just ordered randomly.  What was important was to be able to order rice or ramen.  I was in charge of looking for a place to order and so I was running around the street asking here and there if they were offering 'take-away' meals.  And majority of the restaurants and stalls I went to, well - the shooed me away because they didn't offer any take-away meals.  One restaurant particularly stood out because it had an English sign that said 'Take Away Only'  So I immediately queued up, I didn't know what food they offered, what was important was that they had take away.  I had to queue for a good 5 minutes before it was my turn.  So while in queue - my Panget approached me, I told him to look for the restaurant where there are large gyozas on the signage - because I remember reading that it was that particular signage that will make you find Osaka Ohsho immediately.  He was looking around and saying he didn't see any 3D gyoza signage.  And then when I looked up - there it was!  The giant 3d gyozas above!  Hahaha!  I was led to Osaka Ohsho.  It was only when I got to the counter that I learned that, that particular place was Osaka Ohsho.  I guess, it was meant to be!

So I placed an order of 4 of the 6 pieces Gyoza.  The server looked at me dumbfounded, he asked me again to confirm.  I actually had to count to him that it was correct - that I was ordering 24 pieces of gyozas!  He was shaking his head when he heard me.  He had to go out of the booth to point to me the picture of the 6 pieces and then hand signaling 4 with his fingers.  I said YES!  He was in disbelief I guess!  Next, I asked if they sold rice, and he said yes - so immediately, I said to order 3 bowls.  That part was easy.  And then when it came to paying - well, he was still shaking his head!  Hahaha..  After paying, we had to wait.  I was given a number, he said they will call that number so I can claim the take away.  I gave it to my friend Selene because as you know my Panget, having gyozas only for dinner is a not a dinner, he needs to have more than one viand.  So together with my Panget, we walked and searched for a place that had take away ramen but that's another blog post.  Hahaha!!

My goddaughter LOVED the gyozas so much!  I think she ate almost half of the total order!  Yes, she was a gyoza monster (while Kailee is a ramen/noodle & ketchup monster)  I was also in disbelief when I saw her eat them all!  I apologize for not taking pictures of the gyozas, well - the kids were super hungry already.  But they were very good.

Plus points to them because they had take away rice.

Good job Osaka Ohsho!


  1. Cute ng 3D signage. I wonder how the taste compares to the Osaka Ohsho here in Manila.

  2. Have you tried it here Ro?
    My goddaughter said na mas masarap daw sa Osaka kesa dito.
    (pero expected ko na yun!)

    I'll try it one time.. :)
    Glamorous ang interiours here eh!!

    Love, Didi

  3. No di ko pa na try sa Japan dito lang hehe.