Didi Reviews: Trukid's Happy Face & Body Lotion

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My next door neighbor Vanessa has been my supplier of Kailee and Connor's baby wipes.  Whenever I needed to replenish my stash - I would just text her and she will send my orders immediately.  I would then ask my helper or guard to bring over the payment to her.  It was only recently that I learned that she also distributes organic baby stuffs!

She sent me this Trukid All Natural Happy Face & Body Lotion to try.

It was perfect timing because we were on our way to Osaka.  The packaging is very handy and I love the fact that you can turn the pump in one way so there'll be no accidental spills.  Since it is a Face and Body lotion, it was all in one!  I tried this on my hands and found it really nice because the lotion gets absorbed easily too!  There is no greasy feeling.  I love the very light scent too!

When we got to Osaka, it was a bit cold (weather became cool during the last 2 days) - and the weather made Kailee's skin very dry.  When we arrived in Osaka, the wind and weather made Kailee's cheeks red and dry, she was scratching non-stop.  So that night, I applied Trukid's lotion on her body and face.  I applied it liberally.  And when she woke up the next day, the signs of dryness was gone.  No more redness in the face and no more dry scaly patches in the body.  So everyday, I would apply this lotion on her face and body twice a day - once before bedtime and another time before we left for the day.  I also brought with me a small container with Trukid's lotion, just in case her skin dries up again during the day - but, I never got to use it!  Hahaha...

For the six days that I used Trukid's Happy Face & Body Lotion - there was no rashes whatsoever.  I was so happy that Kailee's skin was softer and she wasn't scratching as much.  Her face, especially her cheeks were not dry.  Since I also have sensitive skin - I tried using it as a moisturizer on my face for a couple of days - and I must say, it really works!

Since we came back - Kailee has been using it and I'm happy to report that her skin is very soft and she rarely scratches!  So even in this hot weather, this product still works!!

I have been looking for a good product for the face AND body for Kailee - and I have found it!  Thank you neighbor Vanessa for this product!  Thank you for brining this to the Philippines!!  Its very rare to find a product that is for both the face and the body!  Glad you found this Vanessa!  Good job!

Here's the back label:

FYI - Kailee has very sensitive skin (she has Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis) so her skin can't just take any brand of lotion.  We've tried so many brands like J&J's, Aveeno, Mustela, Human Nature - they all make her skin itch.  They will work for a day but the next day, she will be scratching like crazy and rashes will appear.

TruKid products are available in Rustan's and Babyland.
The price for this particular variant is P450.00
Vanessa B. +639177959980


  1. Ooohhh! Thanks for this review. :) I shall go get and try.


    1. Do try it!! :) Its really good! :)
      I super like it that you can use it in the face!

      Love, Didi