#BetterMe with Coach Pia: How to Raise Children with Strong Character & Values

Saturday, May 31, 2014

I think it was instilled in me while growing up that it was ideal to have a loving family.  But being Chinese - well, it wasn't as evident as one that you would see in a 'normal' family.  When I say normal, I refer to those we see on TV and in the people we encounter.  I know it's quite silly to refer to the boobtube - but seriously, it was where I saw families loving each other the most.  It was very ideal, but in reality - I think as much as we would like things to be 'loving' there are so many things that get in the way.

My parents were never affectionate, as most Chinese parents are.  They never told me 'I love you' nor did they hug me.  I knew they were very proud of me but they never said it to me.  I think I was hungry for those words of affirmation - but I never got them.  Instead, what I got were not so positive words.  I realized now that they were doing the reverse psychology thing on me.  And I have to say - there were pros and cons.  But mind you, I know how much my parents loved me.  I was very insecure of my twin brother, but then I realized one day that I was wrong to be insecure, that really - my mom loved us both very much but in different degrees.  So much baggage, noh?  Hahaha!!

Now that I am a mom, I would think back on what I disliked while growing up.  I know now, what to avoid.  Its very empowering to be honest, because I know I can change, I know that I am doing something beneficial.

These #BetterMe sessions with Coach Pia are so helpful to me.  I feel very enlightened and I feel that I have better knowledge of what I can do.  To be honest, when I was younger, I used to think that listening to seminars was a waste of time.  But as I became a mom, I yearned for the learning, I yearned to be taught, I was hungry for insights.  And so I thank Your Brand Story and Coach Pia and The One Core for coming up with these #BetterMe sessions - they really help a lot, and I can't thank you guys enough for all the learnings.

And paying it forward, I am sharing to you guys what I have learned, yung mga take aways ko with the session:

How to Raise Children with Strong Character and Values
A.  Stop asking your child what he wants to do with his life.  Start asking who he wants to be.
Connor is my baby, at almost 2 years old I feel that he is still my baby.  He still refuses to talk, but understands what we tell him (simple instructions of giving this to mommy, throw this in the trash can, etc.) and I still refer to him as a baby.  Coach Pia told us to stop calling them baby - because they will think they are still babies.  So when I got home, I stopped calling him and referring to him as a baby.  And instantly - it was as if there was a shift in the planet, he began copying words that I say to him.  I was shocked!  Hahaha..  He also acts like a little boy now, very active and very much a little boy.  Curious and unruly, but still very cute.

B.  Stop speaking to your child about a career.  Talk instead about a calling
I remember when I was young, it was instilled in me that I will be a business woman.  That it was the go to career!  So when I got to college, the drive was there - get a business degree.  And I did, but I did not regret my path - I was good at what I was doing, I enjoyed the business.  It was then that I realized that I had a knack for writing.  I remember my elders laughing at me telling me that there was no money in writing.  Then I started to write,  I started to blog, I did write ups here and there.  I think it was only when I had an article published in Manila Bulletin that my elders realized that I had potential.  Instead of being flattered I felt insulted when they told me 'You write very well, pala!'  There's the pala word.

C.  Stop focusing on grades and start focusing on intellectual curiosity
Encourage your kids on what they're doing.  When they're 7years old and below - tell them that what they did is the best thing that you have seen!  This makes them feel accomplished thus will make them more curious and do more!

D.  Stop speaking to your kids about happiness.  Start speaking instead about purpose.
One line that explains this is - Happiness is a by product of purpose!

E.  Stop emphasizing friends and start emphasizing family
Family is very important and thus - parents should spend time with their kids.  Even if parents are working, they should tailor the 'funtime' with the kids.  If the kids like playing video games, join them in the games - make them feel like you are interested with what they like.  Make sure that you are around during playdates - to supervise them.  The ratio of family time vs friends time should be 5:1.  I know some will say - will this make them clingy to the family?  I have no problems with kids who are clingy in the family, it makes them more aware of how important family is.

F.  Talk explicitly about your values and why they are important to you.  
An example would be if one is stuck in traffic.  I am very guilty of this - I try and teach Kailee to be patient, but on the road - I am very impatient.  I hate traffic, I dislike slow moving cars, I dislike so many things on the road actually.  And when I am frustrated - I verbalize my frustration.  When Kailee hears this - she will be confused!  How can I teach my child to be patient if on the road, I am impatient.  Makes sense, right?  Hahaha!!

G.  Talk about why you make certain decisions based on your values
To our children, to make them understand - we should do it the 'Storybook' way.  Make up stories so they can refer to your stories are examples.  Storybooks help kids' imagination.  They will absorb it better and faster!

H.  Resist lecturing
I have time and again been guilty of this - and when I stopped lecturing and asked Kailee to use words to express to me what she felt.  She was able to tell me why she was sad, why she felt hurt.  Let your children verbalize what they are feeling.  And in this process, share your personal opinions sparingly. 

I.  Make it relevant to their world
As parents its normal to protect our children.  An example from Coach Pia was school projects.  When we see our kids prepare school projects, for us - they're not the best looking, thus we help them out to be able to pass 'our' standards.  This should not be the case because, how will our children learn?  And to them, what they did was the best that they can produce (at that time and at thier age).  We tend to help them out - and the thing is, its not a problem - but instead an 'issue' for us because we weren't satisfied with the outcome, we are protecting our kids from failure and embarrassment.  We need to let them go through it - and let the teachers decided if its good enough of not.  In our world and in our heads - its not, but in their (kid's) world - that the best of their abilities already.

In line with this - we as parents would like to protect our kids and our families.  And what better way, with the help of Lysol Philippines.  They recently launched hand washes / hand soaps!  I am hand wash
addict and I dislike using bars of soap when we wash our hands, I don't know if it's just me but I feel that when one washes dirty hands, some of the dirt is left on the bar of soap - and instead of cleansing the next user's hands - the soap becomes contaminated!  Sorry for breaking the bubble guys, but I just can't imagine what it would be like.  Hahaha!!  That's why I think liquid hand soaps are the perfect way to use soaps - sans contamination!!

This is the Skincare variant.  There are two others, Original and Fresh (Citrus)

They also have a new product - my favorite of all!  I spotted this early this year in Unimart and instantly bought one for my kids.  True enough the scent is oh so wonderful!  I love the smell!  I think this is my favorite scent of all the Lysol variants available in the market!  Its very useful for me since I have little kids in my household!  Perfect right?

I am hosting a giveaway - a Lysol Gift pack!

Simply answer the question:
What Lysol product/s do you currently use for your household and why?

Leave your answer on the comment section, with your name and valid email address.  Please make sure that you are able to pick up the prize in Quezon City!  I will not ship the prize.  I will announce the winner on June 5!!

Thank you LysolPh!

Vikings: Buffet for every Juan!

Friday, May 30, 2014

There used to be a time where buffets was the in thing.  Hotels were offering 50% discounts for their privilege card holders, it was such a success that I think a lot followed suit.  One of them was Vikings.

I first heard of Vikings last 2011 - their maiden branch was in SM MOA, and friends have been telling me how massive the selection is - that it was comparable to Sofitel's Spirals buffet.  Over the years, I never got the chance to sample their food.

Last April 9, I was finally able to experience Vikings at its newest branch in Megamall's newest wing the Fashion Hall.

It was my first time and it was MASSIVE.


 For those who love love love Japanese!

Cheese!  Who doesn't love cheeeeeeese?! 

A wide selection of cold cuts!! 

Tapas, anyone?? 

 I secretly loved this..  A Nacho Station!!!!

Pizza Station - this was my first stop! 

 Bread Station - I'm sure my son will love this!!

See, it's massive beyond proportions!  I have never seen a buffet spread as massive as this, except of course in the old Spirals (I haven't gone back since they renovated) or in a hotel!  I was also amazed on the interiors - it felt like I was inside a hotel.  The space and the table arrangements were very well thought of - they weren't crowding each other, you had a space to yourself(your table).  It felt so much like you were in an actual hotel restaurant.  The waiters are very courteous and helpful.  There are private rooms and the bathrooms were well maintained.  I just have to say - in the bathrooms, they used a KDK hand dryer - why did I notice?  Well, because it says a lot about the budget of the place - the brand KDK isn't cheap - its a quality product and that means, they spent well for the quality, which in turn for me means that they're not scrimping.  It says so much on the owners, that if they're willing to spend of their interiors - they're spending well on their ingredients too!

The food selection is very good!  They have a wide range of cuisine!  I was very much impressed, there was Japanese, Indian, Italian, American, Chinese, Thai, Filipino and Korean - and that's just at the top of my head!  The dishes look very well thought of and the ingredients were not compromised.  One of my favorite is the Italian - I am a sucker for pizzas and pastas and I enjoyed making my old black pasta - and here is an image captured by my twin!  Looks good right?  Well, it tastes even better!!

As for the Asian side - I sampled the crabs - and wow, they were very good too!  I think I was lucky that lunch time - because there were a few people getting the crabs!  I had them all to myself!  Hahaha!!  They also had a Shabu Shabu Station, I failed to get a picture of it but gosh, I was floored because it seems like they covered all their bases!  Impressive right?

The meat section was also very good.  Look at that selection!  Wow.

What surprised me the most was the beverage spread.  I don't think I've seen a buffet that offers drink inclusive of the food!  And mind you, the selection here in Vikings is extra ordinary - they have a LOT of drinks in store for us.  You can even try out all their drinks!!  Wonderful right?  Where else can you sample that much drinks in one sitting?! My favorite was the Lemongrass and Mint drink!  I kept coming back for more!!  They also served beer!  That's the first time for me to see one in a buffet here in the Philippines!!  They also have a fruit shakes, Milo slush, coffee and a selection of teas!

I always had the impression that Vikings had a similiar selection with the competitor - but I was wrong.  What welcomed me was a huge assortment of dishes that I never knew could be included in a buffet spread that was not a hotel!  I would definitely go back because of the quality of the food, the wide selection of dishes and the ambiance.  Yes, its in a mall but the ambiance makes you forget that you are in a mall, and instead makes you feel like you're dining in a hotel restaurant.  I really liked what Vikings has to offer to us.  I'm impressed, really impressed.

Here's a look at their dessert spread.  Mind you, this is not everything - there's more that I didn't get to capture because I was so excited to eat!!

Aside from the reasonable prices for the quality food, Vikings is offering various discounts for a number of celebrations.  They have the Birthday Promo where the celebrant can eat for free (see conditions on the website), the Wedding Anniversary Promo where the couple can celebrate their anniversary 3 days prior or after and the discount will depend on the number of years married!  The Group Promo where one can eat for free at a different time!  Its really nice that they are able to think of these occasions to entice you back to their restaurants.  Who would have imagined making these?  Amazing right?

They also have private rooms - in case you want your own little nook in the restaurant

Last but not the least - I liked them more because they had kiddie plates and utensils.  It makes Vikings really child-friendly and we need a LOT of restaurants to be kid-friendly.  Look how prepared they are when it comes to the plates and utensils.  Its really good that restaurants are becoming aware of this.  I know its mababaw, but when I saw this - I instantly thought this restaurant is a winner in my book!

Vikings Luxury Buffet
SM Mega Fashion Hall

Exclusive: Starbucks Reserve

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Starbucks Reserve is a store where partners are all Coffee Masters.  Why is this so?  Well because the products, like them are hand-picked because of their excellence.  Starbucks Reserve offers coffee enthusiasts a selection of rare, most exotic and extremely limited coffees from unusual locales around the world.

Here is their exclusive debut to Starbucks Reserve Philippines:

My favorite it the Zambia Peaberry Terranova Estate because among the four - it's the lightest and I love the hint of Vanilla.  We were informed that this is the LAST batch of coffee beans thus this is the rarest coffee bean among the four.

These exclusive coffees are only available in Starbucks Reserve stores.  And here in the Philippines, there are currently two (2) Starbucks Reserve stores that are open.  One is the Tomas Morato branch while the other is at the 8 Forbes Town (near Burgos Circle).  There will be three more Starbucks Reserve stores to be opened this year and they will be at Keyland Center, Central Square and Signa.

Of course, there are also the select Exclusive Food to pair with the select coffees:

Apple Cinnamon Scone 

Black Pepper & Cheese Scone 

Blueberry Scone 

Carrot Muffin 

 Double Chocolate Muffin

Granola Cheese Muffin

I am very much looking forward to tasting more Starbucks Reserve coffees!

Congratulations Starbucks Philippines!

In line with this, I am giving away a little something from Starbucks!  To join, simply share this link to your Facebook pages and leave your name, email address and the link to your FB share on the comment section.  I will use random.org to pick the winner on May 27, 2014!  One entry per person please!

Didi Reviews: Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy+Prevention

Saturday, May 17, 2014

Diaper Rash creams - well, I hate them - why?  Because they're so sticky as hell and its so hard to remove from your fingers and hands!

When Kailee was born - I used Vaseline's petroleum jelly for babies because it was recommended by a friend.  But in a month's time, I had to switch to Desitin because Kailee developed a rash in the bum.  I remember it as if it was yesterday because the Desitin I received from my friend smelled so bad.  I even asked her if it was normal - and being a first time mom, I guess we thought it was normal.  I had no choice but to use it on her - and it was effective, but it was such a hassle to put and remove!  When that ran out, I asked my sister in law Sasa to buy me a tube of Desitin, and I was happy that the scent was nicer.  But there was still the problem of the stickiness.  I really hated that.  Whenever we put it on Kailee, there was always the problem of cleaning it off our fingers and cleaning off her bum every time you change diapers - very messy!

So every time we travel, I make sure to bring diaper rash cream.  I do not like to be in compromising situations thus I need to come prepared.  For the past year, I have been bringing with me Desitin, its such a hassle because what I got were packaged in a big pot, so I still need to transfer its contents to a smaller pot, just so to make it handy.  And again the problem - the icky feeling of cleaning it off my fingers and her bum.  I hate the mess it makes, I dislike the hassle of using so much wipes just to clean it off and then re-applying!  I swear, this is the task I hate the most because of the mess it makes and the hassle to take it

Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy+Prevention - P465.00

As I mentioned previously - Vanessa sent me Grandma El's stuff to try on my kids.  She sent me a tube of Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy+Prevention.  It was perfect timing because we were off to Subic a few days after.  But while in Subic, I never got to use it.

I brought it with me to Osaka because it was small and handy.  I didn't need to transfer the contents, I just had to bring the whole tube.  On our second day in Osaka, I noticed some redness in Kailee's bum.  She's already toilet trained mind you, but yet there was a redness - so as a precaution, I had to apply some on her bum.

Grandma El's is a breath of fresh air.  Its very easy to use!  Just press on the tube lightly and the product will immediately come out.  It has the perfect consistency - it looks like petroleum jelly but doesn't have its heaviness.  Its spreads easily as Desitin but is not as messy.  It glides on the skin and leaves a very thin film on the area.  Its not gooey and not sticky.  I noticed too that a little product goes a long way!  It has a very light scent that doesn't overpower.  Its very light on the skin too!  And my favorite part - its very easy to clean!  Actually, since Osaka was cold, I didn't mind spreading whats left of the products on the dry spots of my hands.  Yes - it was that light, that I didn't mind!  The skin absorbs the product and yet you see the thin layer of film protecting the skin.  I was really impressed with the product!  After a few hours, I checked Kailee's bum it was still okay - the skin absorbed the product!  You know that the product is still there and doing its job protecting her bum!

If you're looking for a diaper rash cream that isn't messy or stinky and is easy to apply then, I recommend you try this product!  Its really very very good!  Try it to see!  This product will change the dynamics in your diaper changing routine, I swear - you'll love it!

For those who like to know the ingredients, here is the back portion of Grandma El's Diaper Rash Remedy+Prevention.

Grandma El's is distrubuted by Boderless Exchange and is available in Rustan's and Babyland stores.

GIVEAWAY Alert! Olive Body Scrub

Friday, May 16, 2014

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Osaka Diaries: Osaka Ohsho

I first learned of Osaka Ohsho in my IG feeds.  Blogger friends have been posting here and there images and reviews of the restaurant.  So one weekend when my Panget and I visited Mega's new Fashion wing, I pointed the place out to him.  But we opted to eat somewhere else because we were going to Osaka - we decided that if we wanted to eat at that particular restaurant, we should then eat at the original place where it came from.

I honestly did not look for Osaka Ohsho while we were in Osaka for a week.  It wasn't on my list of places to go, because at the back of my mind - there was a branch in Manila (Yes, baliktad nanaman ang isip!)  But on our last night, we were already tired and didn't want to queue in a restaurant.  So we decided to just order take away and have them all in the hotel - Fraser Residences.  Our hotel is a serviced apartment - and since were two families, we opted to go for the 2Bedroom Suite - and that meant we had a living area, dining area, a small working kitchen.

We were actually rushing around, the kids were getting restless and so we just ordered randomly.  What was important was to be able to order rice or ramen.  I was in charge of looking for a place to order and so I was running around the street asking here and there if they were offering 'take-away' meals.  And majority of the restaurants and stalls I went to, well - the shooed me away because they didn't offer any take-away meals.  One restaurant particularly stood out because it had an English sign that said 'Take Away Only'  So I immediately queued up, I didn't know what food they offered, what was important was that they had take away.  I had to queue for a good 5 minutes before it was my turn.  So while in queue - my Panget approached me, I told him to look for the restaurant where there are large gyozas on the signage - because I remember reading that it was that particular signage that will make you find Osaka Ohsho immediately.  He was looking around and saying he didn't see any 3D gyoza signage.  And then when I looked up - there it was!  The giant 3d gyozas above!  Hahaha!  I was led to Osaka Ohsho.  It was only when I got to the counter that I learned that, that particular place was Osaka Ohsho.  I guess, it was meant to be!

So I placed an order of 4 of the 6 pieces Gyoza.  The server looked at me dumbfounded, he asked me again to confirm.  I actually had to count to him that it was correct - that I was ordering 24 pieces of gyozas!  He was shaking his head when he heard me.  He had to go out of the booth to point to me the picture of the 6 pieces and then hand signaling 4 with his fingers.  I said YES!  He was in disbelief I guess!  Next, I asked if they sold rice, and he said yes - so immediately, I said to order 3 bowls.  That part was easy.  And then when it came to paying - well, he was still shaking his head!  Hahaha..  After paying, we had to wait.  I was given a number, he said they will call that number so I can claim the take away.  I gave it to my friend Selene because as you know my Panget, having gyozas only for dinner is a not a dinner, he needs to have more than one viand.  So together with my Panget, we walked and searched for a place that had take away ramen but that's another blog post.  Hahaha!!

My goddaughter LOVED the gyozas so much!  I think she ate almost half of the total order!  Yes, she was a gyoza monster (while Kailee is a ramen/noodle & ketchup monster)  I was also in disbelief when I saw her eat them all!  I apologize for not taking pictures of the gyozas, well - the kids were super hungry already.  But they were very good.

Plus points to them because they had take away rice.

Good job Osaka Ohsho!

Osaka Diaries: Revisiting Ichiran Ramen

Thursday, May 15, 2014

We fell in love with Ichiran Ramen when we visited Tokyo last year.  And since learning that we would be going to Osaka - I made sure to know where Ichiran was in Osaka.  It was going to be a sure restaurant to eat at, no matter what.  It was along the Dotonbori River - I looked at the map online and saw that it was fairly in the same area as our hotel, Fraser Residences.  I informed my Panget that it might be a long walk - but we knew that wherever it was - we had to dine there again.

And two Tuesdays ago - it happened.  It rained the whole day that Tuesday - and I was telling myself that getting to Ichiran was quite impossible.  But when I asked my Panget and my friend Selene - well, they both said to go ahead with the plan.  Bahala na!

So we walked it - while it was drizzling.  Imagine a good 15 minute walk to the Dotonbori River.  It was no joke.  We had to cross three (3) major roads to get to Dotonbori River.  The kids, Kailee and Alleya were dressed in raincoats, sitting pretty in their respective strollers, while we - Selene and I pushed them to reach Ichiran while holding our respective umbrella.  I honestly don't know how we did it, but we managed!  Hahaha.

Since Ichiran was located along the walkway of the Dontonbori River, from the bridge - we still had to go down to the walkway.  And the path where Ichiran was located didn't have a ramp, it was stairs!  So we had to carry the strollers down the stairs to reach the walkway.  Alleya had to get out of her stroller and walk, while Selene carried the stroller down the stairs.  I told myself that the ramen should really satisfy Selene or else, she will kill me!  It was quite a distance from the bridge and when I saw a waiting shed, I told my Panget and Selene to stay put while I fell in line.  I would call them if I was near already.  And so I fell in line under the rain, it was all for the love of Ichiran Ramen, or else I wouldn't be stupid enough to fall in line under the rain!  While in line, I met a Aussie-Chinese couple (they were behind me) I told them that they could go ahead since they were only two people, I think they were so happy that they called me 'You're such a good person!'  Hahaha!  Kinilig ako!  Then they proceeded to ask me if I had eaten here previously - I said that I did in their Tokyo branch and that this was my first time at this branch.  They asked me if it was any good, I told them that it was the BEST ramen that I have ever tried in my life!  Hahaha..  In less than 20 minutes of falling in line and conversing with the couple, we (my Panget and I + Selene and the kids) were seated comfortably in Ichiran's signature counter style individualized booths.

Before we were seated, we had to order via vending machines.  This time, my Panget and I made sure to order all that we needed:  dried seaweed, extra pork, extra noodles, tamago, and dried mushrom.  We had our tickets and we were all excited.  I think I was the most excited!  I had to order extra noodles because Kailee was sharing with me.  I'm sure I'll be hungry if we share a bowl of ramen.  Kailee is such a noodle monster thus, we will both be hungry for more.

It was a good thing that the hands behind the counter (no much physical contact, I don't even know what the server looks like!) knew how to speak English, because he was confused when I handed him all the tickets!  Hahaha..  The tickets were all in Japanese, and so he had to translate for us.  I had to separate the orders to make sure that they went to the correct person (me and my Panget's order).  In less than 5 minutes, our orders arrived.  Look at that beauty!!

As usual, we weren't disappointed.  Selene declared that it was the best that she has tried!  I am so happy that she loved it!  I would have been killed (or die of guilt) if it didn't pass her standards!

Ichiran also has instant ramens - I bought these last year and they were so good!  So this trip, I made sure to bring home some!

So for those going to Japan - please make sure to try Ichiran Ramen!  They have branches all over Japan!  Ichiran also opened their first branch outside of Japan last year - that particular outlet is located along Jaffe Road in Causeway Bay, Hong Kong.  The best part about Ichiran is that they're open 24/7.  Yes - 24 freaking ours!  No need to worry if you'll be able to make it on time because it'll be open anytime you go!

Didi Reviews: Trukid's Happy Face & Body Lotion

Wednesday, May 14, 2014

My next door neighbor Vanessa has been my supplier of Kailee and Connor's baby wipes.  Whenever I needed to replenish my stash - I would just text her and she will send my orders immediately.  I would then ask my helper or guard to bring over the payment to her.  It was only recently that I learned that she also distributes organic baby stuffs!

She sent me this Trukid All Natural Happy Face & Body Lotion to try.

It was perfect timing because we were on our way to Osaka.  The packaging is very handy and I love the fact that you can turn the pump in one way so there'll be no accidental spills.  Since it is a Face and Body lotion, it was all in one!  I tried this on my hands and found it really nice because the lotion gets absorbed easily too!  There is no greasy feeling.  I love the very light scent too!

When we got to Osaka, it was a bit cold (weather became cool during the last 2 days) - and the weather made Kailee's skin very dry.  When we arrived in Osaka, the wind and weather made Kailee's cheeks red and dry, she was scratching non-stop.  So that night, I applied Trukid's lotion on her body and face.  I applied it liberally.  And when she woke up the next day, the signs of dryness was gone.  No more redness in the face and no more dry scaly patches in the body.  So everyday, I would apply this lotion on her face and body twice a day - once before bedtime and another time before we left for the day.  I also brought with me a small container with Trukid's lotion, just in case her skin dries up again during the day - but, I never got to use it!  Hahaha...

For the six days that I used Trukid's Happy Face & Body Lotion - there was no rashes whatsoever.  I was so happy that Kailee's skin was softer and she wasn't scratching as much.  Her face, especially her cheeks were not dry.  Since I also have sensitive skin - I tried using it as a moisturizer on my face for a couple of days - and I must say, it really works!

Since we came back - Kailee has been using it and I'm happy to report that her skin is very soft and she rarely scratches!  So even in this hot weather, this product still works!!

I have been looking for a good product for the face AND body for Kailee - and I have found it!  Thank you neighbor Vanessa for this product!  Thank you for brining this to the Philippines!!  Its very rare to find a product that is for both the face and the body!  Glad you found this Vanessa!  Good job!

Here's the back label:

FYI - Kailee has very sensitive skin (she has Eczema / Atopic Dermatitis) so her skin can't just take any brand of lotion.  We've tried so many brands like J&J's, Aveeno, Mustela, Human Nature - they all make her skin itch.  They will work for a day but the next day, she will be scratching like crazy and rashes will appear.

TruKid products are available in Rustan's and Babyland.
The price for this particular variant is P450.00
Vanessa B. +639177959980

Osaka Diaries: Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M Restaurant

Tuesday, May 06, 2014

I want to be honest.  I've only eaten Wagyu beef ONCE.  Yes, only ONCE - and it was never repeated - why?  Because it was too darn expensive.  When I went to Tokyo last year, it never dawned on me to have a Wagyu meal.  It was only when I got back to Manila, that I realized - I was already in Japan, it was semi stupid of me not to remember!  Well, I blame the epidurals that I've had!  Haha..

So last week, we were in Osaka.  A friend of mine had told me to try this place called Matsusakagyu Yakiniku M Restaurant.  She said it wasn't to be missed.  A few days after, I get a text message from my Panget informing me that we should also have a meal at that particular restaurant.  Apparently, one of his basketball friends recommended it too.  Then a few days before we left, I saw on my wedding photog's FB feed that he went there too.  I messaged him and he also HIGHLY recommended that we eat there.

I called Kuni-San late in the afternoon, it was a sudden decision to eat there last Monday.  I knew it was last minute and I was prepared that he would refuse our reservation - but instead, he welcome us.  He told us to meet at the corner of the Starbucks along Dotonbori.  And he was prompt! :)  He led us to his popular restaurant.  The walk was very nice and scenic!  Hahaha.. We passed through alleys that I won't normally pass through!

When we reached M Restaurant, we were led into a small booth that fit all 5 of us (3adults and 2 kids) perfectly!  Within minutes, we were introduced the menu - it was so refereshing to hear english being spoken.  It's as if they read our minds!  Our lovely lady server explained to us each meat and pointed at the pictures.  There were sets being served and she recommended this to us.  My Panget didn't skip a beat and immediately ordered the all meat set (without the dessert and soup) he declared that he'd like to appreciate the meat instead of having dessert, appetizers and soups!  Hahaha.. GUTOM.

In less than a minute, the meats were showcased, and look at the marvelous marbling:

Kuni-San explained to us one by one what the meats were - which parts the certain cuts were taken from.  He then started to grill the meat for us - and we tasted it.  It was LOVE at first bite, I mean LITERALLY.  I was bowled over - I mean seriously bowled over!  My Panget was the same.  We looked at each other after biting into the meat - we agreed that it was the BEST beef that we have tasted in our lives.  It just got better from there.  Every single beef piece tasted oh so wonderful.  There was a perfect combination the meat and fat.  We appreciated the marbling very much - it was simply perfect, the taste, the texture and the service.

The kids LOVED it too!  Alleya, my goddaughter was enjoying the meats so much she was telling her mom to hurry in cutting up the meats!  Haha..  It was a sight to see her enjoy the dinner, most especially the beef!  Kailee enjoyed the dinner too!!  She said she liked the meats!  Yes, we're starting them young, Hahahaha!!  Kuni-San was nice enough to give the kids a scoop of yummy vanilla ice cream each!  Look how happy the kids are!

Be prepared to spend on this restaurant, but I assure you - it is WORTH it.  Like they say - When in Rome, do what the Romans, do - and we did just that!  Thank you Kuni-San and Matsusakagyu Yakiniku Restaurant!  We had our BEST meal in Osaka in your restaurant!  Thank you for sharing your dishes to us and making our bellies very happy!!

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Monday, May 05, 2014

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