Maynilad.. Hay Nako..

Thursday, April 10, 2014

I have a love-hate relationship with Maynilad.  I love them because I NEED my water supply, I hate them because they're very disorganized!!  Argh...

How are they disorganized?

Well, yesterday - a HOLIDAY, I got a call from our guard early in the morning.  He informed me that there were Maynilad contractors outside and they were going to change all the meters to new ones.  Since they will change the meters, we will not have water for an hour or so.  Of course, I couldn't say no right?  After while, I got another call again telling me that they will need to remove the grills protecting the meters (our water meter was stolen last year).  I refused to have them take out because it was just the meters that will be replaced!  So, I went to the gate to inspect and argue my point.  When I got to the gate, they told me that they will also be replacing the tubes.  I was irritated, I told them why not tell the whole tale - that the meter AND the tubes will be replaced so that I would know the whole story, instead of giving me the details in bits!  Argh..  So there, I agreed for them to take out the grills provided that they will put it back themselves.

It didn't end there!  When they took out the three (3) meters, I was told by the main Maynilad contractor that one of the meters was defective.  Of course I argued otherwise.  He then said it was because the meter was still in '0'.  I told him that, that particular meter for wasn't being used, that no one uses water on that particular meter.  He looked at me as if I was silly - I then challenged him, to go to their office and to inquire if the meter has moved, or if we have been charged for consuming water on that particular meter.  I then reasoned - that that's specifically why we have 3 meters around!  I was already irritated when he accused this of us.  And right after, he asked to see receipts!  WHAT THE HELL FOR?  He said that he didn't have the account numbers for the other 2 meters.  This was the silliest request ever - I told him, if they just had only ONE (1) account number = 1 meter to replace, why replace all three and claim that they don't have the account numbers?  STUPID if you ask me, and he was stumped and became quiet.

Hay nako, Maynilad.  If you knew that there will be replacement of meters and tubes, don't you think you can inform us ahead of time so we can expect the 'down time'?  and not surprise us suddenly of these changes?  You demand right there and there to have our meters replaced without informing us!  What kind of customer service is that??

Also, along Del Monte Street - you have been doing repair works ALL YEAR ROUND, destroying the perfectly good asphalt on the street and digging like crazy causing traffic and so many inconveniences to us!  Do you even know what you are doing?  Because it seems like you do not - I mean repairing the same things over and over?  Isn't that costly on your part?

Is it because of contractor kickbacks??


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