BioPha Organic Shower Gel

Tuesday, April 01, 2014

My kids have skin asthma/Eczema thus, I need to be careful with the products that I use on them.  For soaps, I've tried so many soap, shower gels and the like - I am currently using Dove Baby on them because its the only one that I found that is okay with their skin.

Last weekend, we were at Bohol - I brought with me a BioPha Organic, a soap free Shower Gel to use on myself.  But while I was bathing Kailee, I had this idea on using it on her.  Just to try and see what happens.  And so I did.  And it was wonderful!  Kailee didn't itch, nor did she have rashes or dry patches after her shower.  She slept through the night without scratching.  I initially thought maybe it was just a first timer's luck, so on her next bath - I would try it again.

So the next day, before going on our tour - I used it on Kailee.  And I was amazed because she never felt any itch the whole day!  She was so well behaved and did not complain of itchiness!  She didn't scratch at all - she felt really comfortable despite the heat!  The shower gel helped ease her eczema!

I'm so happy that I finally found an alternative to my usual soap that is eco-friendly and gentle!  It took me more than 3 months to try it on her.  It was only last weekend that I had the guts to try it on her!  Another great thing about this particular shower gel is that you don't need so much to use on the body!  A little goes a long long way!

Try it to believe!  I am a believer because I use it too on myself too!!

BioPha is exclusively distributed by The Souq Organics

The Souq Organics Boutique
Unit B, Bellitudi Lifestyle Strip
G/F, 79 Katipunan Ext. White Plains, QC
Tel. 421-5745

Also available in Landmark Department Store and PCX

P.S.  I met Em Sulit of The Souq Organics at a #SoMom event last year.  Turns out we both had booths at the first ever Mercato Centrale!  Time flies!!!  Congratulations on the success of your business Em!! :)


  1. I like organic and that's good it works for your baby.It's not really fun when our kids get dry skin. Our girls using Dove soap as recommended by their pedia and it works great for them and then they use Aveeno lotion.

  2. Hi Gladys! Its so not fun at all! And I worry about them all the time!! My Pedia derma is very practical, she tells me to use whatever works for the kids. She doesn't recommend brands at all because as she said, those branded ones do not mean that they're really hiyang with the kid's skin. I've also tried Aveeno and Mustela, but they work for like a week? And then after, the skin's all dry again. Sigh..

    Thanks for dropping by and reading!!

    Love, Didi

  3. Hi, I use some Biopha products too and I'd like to mention that although Biopha uses organic ingredients in their products ( roughly 10 to 12 % ), there are never really fully organic products. The presentation of their products can be a bit misleading ( at first sight ) I admit. Over here in Europe it is sold in supermarkets, and quite cheap ( I bought mine for about 2,75 euros ( at a reduction price ), compared to some of the prices I see online. Nevertheless, quite satisfied with their products, except for the off-putting smell of the Bodymilk with Argan Oil, yuck.

    1. I think when people see the word Organic - they're already sold on it. To be honest, Organic is very much misrepresented, even with veggies! Thanks for the info ha! I appreciate it very much! :)

      Bodymilk +Argan Oil? I can't imagine that smell..

      Thanks for dropping by my blog!

      Love, Didi