Beating Impetigo Contagiosa

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Since Kailee and Connor have Skin Athsma/Eczema, its quite a normal sight to see rashes on their skins from time to time.  I've tried so many lotions, foreign brands, local brands, eco friendly brands, natural brands and nothing has worked to completely eliminate the skin asthma.  I've accepted the fact that to treat the rashes, I needed to put medicine/steroids on them, but just for a short while.  When the rashes disappear, I immediately stop with the medicines.

Two weekends ago, while we were in Bohol - I noticed that Kailee had this small red dot on her thigh, it looked like an insect bite, so I dismissed it and put a natural remedy.  Whenever I caught her scratching it, I would tell her to stop. Before she went to sleep, I put a mild steroid cream - Synalar 10 on her.  The next day, it looked a bit better and so I stopped.

When we got back to Manila - the rash looked a bit bad.  I gathered that Kailee must have scratched it, so much that it got worse.  So I just dismissed it and put on the cream.  The following day, gosh - the once medium-ish red dot was so much worse!  It looked like Kailee's skin got burned because it the skin was peeling off!  And the size of the rash, it went from a 5cents coin to 2inch diameter scab!  It looked so bad that I had to bring her to our Pedia Derma, Dra. Rowena Francisco the next day.

When we went to Dra. Rowena, she noticed immediately the small scabs on the back, and arm.  Then when I showed her Kailee's right thigh, she immedaitely told me that it was caused by bacteria already.  She immediately diagnosed Impetigo Contigiosa and began showing me pictures of it it in her medical book!  They looked really scary to be honest.  Dra. also mentioned that this was contagious especially if there's skin to skin contact.  So better that we isolate Kailee with Connor or to wash hands every after contact with Kailee.  And that as much as she would like to just use a topical anti-biotic, the rash was too big already and it was spreading.  She told us to take oral antibiotics already.  She said that after 48hours of taking anti-biotics, Kailee won't be contagious anymore.  We started her antibiotics right away.

To dry up the scars - we were instructed to mix a teaspoon of clean salt in two glasses of water.  To dip a flattened cotton (enough to cover the whole area of the scab), wring it (take out the excess salt water solution) and place it on the scab for 5 minutes.  We needed to do this three (3) times a day for 7 days as well.

Today, her scabs have dried up.  We've completed our seven (7) days of antibiotics.  Thank goodness for the antibiotics and the salt water solution!

So what is Impetigo Contigiosa?

Impetigo is a skin infection that occurs most commonly in children and babies. Because impetigo primarily affects school-aged children, it's often called school sores. Most cases of impetigo occur during warmer weather.

You can check these sites out for references:
Mayo Clinic

Our pedia derma said that Impetigo Contigiosa usually happens when its summer time, more specifically humid and warm climates.  She has seen quite a number of patients with Impetigo Contigiosa since March of this year.  She reassured us that its quite normal and that we have nothing to fear because its treatable.

Thank you Dra. Rowena!

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  1. hi! why did you switch to dr rowena from dr carlos paguio?