Milky Way's Ginomis

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

What is Ginomis exactly?

Its a Pinoy dessert that has pinipig, coconut, tapioca (sago), panutsa ice cream (specially made by Milky Way for their Ginomis), coconut and crushed ice.  This is my Panget's favorite so whenever we're in Greenhills - I make sure that he gets to eat this.  Ginomis is only available in Greenhills and the Pasay Road branches of Milky Way.

Its such a wonderful dessert that lifts you up.  I've tried other versions and this is still the best there is!!  Try it and enjoy the wonderful taste!  Its so very perfect for the Summer!!

Oh, and they have the BEST Halo Halo in town!  Its quite pricey but believe me - it's so worth it!! :)

Milky Way 
Pasay Road, Makati

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